heaven has no taste

Hal Oszan as Crowley in Good Omens

…The Devil hardly ever made anyone do anything. He didn’t have to. That was what some humans found hard to understand. Hell wasn’t a major reservoir of evil, any more than Heaven, in Crowley’s opinion, was a fountain of goodness; they were just sides in the great cosmic chess game. Where you found the real McCoy, the real grace and the real heart-stopping evil, was right inside the human mind.

Boyfriend Namjoon means
  • long intellectual conversations
  • where really you pretend to know what he’s talking about
  • he takes you out for dinner and then you guys go get ice cream
  • movies nights with him are a routine thing
    • he makes the popcorn burns the popcorn
    • you have to make a new bag
  • you laugh at the movie and don’t notice that he’s just watching you
  • he loves the way your eyes tightly close when you laugh
    • and your smile makes his heart flutter
  • halfway through the movie you fall asleep in his arms
  • “baby are you-”
  • he just smiles as he picks you up and carries you into bed
  • he loves to text you throughout the day to let you know he’s thinking of you
  • “babe I saw this bird, and i thought of you”
  • “why?”
  • “cause it was cute and had the sweetest voice, like you”
  • he always likes to pick out your outfits, and you don’t mind because he has good taste
  • he’ll the type to tell you to get dressed up for a dinner date
  • then he shows up at your place with take out
  • and then you two just sit on the floor of your place
    • him in a suit, you in a dress
  • eating from the takeout bins, acting as if this is the norm
    • because with him it really is
    • and you love that about him, how random he can be

Here are some random Kuroo headcanons because I love him and because I’m always thinking about him

  • Even though he loves cats he adores dogs as well and had one while growing up
  • He has a very fast metabolism that it’s scary like he needs to eat something every two hours
  • He likes the smell of coffee but doesn’t really care for the taste
  • He’s always warm so if he says he’s cold it must be really cold outside or he’s sick
  • Speaking of being sick he’s one of those people who carry around a package of cough drops and when his throat starts to feel better he still has them anyway because he likes how they taste and basically uses them as candy
  • Watching and listening to storms is one of his favorite things like if a storm is coming he’d go outside into the garage and watch it come in and if it’s a night storm he’ll listen to it while laying in bed or will go into the living room to watch it
  • Okay he’s probably some weather nerd let’s be real
  • A random talent he has is forging his parents signatures because when he needs them to sign something he forgets to bring it home or ask them and it has happened so much that he just does it himself a minute before he turns it in
  • We all know that this boy doesn’t wear kneepads and it’s probably because he lands on his feet like a cat but there have been times where he’s had huge black and blue and purple bruises on his knees from diving and the only thing he said about them was “i think they’re pretty knarly”
  • The only time he wears jeans is if he’s going out but other than that he wears sweatpants, track pants, or shorts so he only has like 3 pairs of jeans
  • He doesn’t like people to know when he’s sad but Kenma is very observant and notices and has him spill the beans
  • He loves to watch conspiracy videos and discuss them
  • Don’t take him down a candle aisle because he will smell every single candle
  • He’s an only child
  • He’s really close with Kenma’s family and it got to the point where he goes to family get togethers with them and everyone knows who he is
  • He still has his baby blanket and one of his first ever stuff animals and they’re kept in safe spots because he doesn’t want anything to happen to them
  • One of his favorite animals is a capybara and he has no idea why he just thinks they’re pretty cool
  • He could have the hottest sauce ever and it wouldn’t bother him
  • Classical music relaxes him so he listens to it while studying

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