tasteful design


“What’s all this?” Nieve asked. The house was looking significantly more purple than when she left. 

“I just did a little redecorating is all.” Scotia says, continuing the romantic bassline on his bass. “I thought that carpet would be nicer for little baby feet, and I made a fence, so they’d keep out the garden. And I made this little crib for them.” he paused. “Do you… do you like it?” 

“I love it.” Nieve said, swiftly kissing his lips. “Thank you, it’s very thoughtful. I think someone else likes it too! What’s that, baby?” 

“Oh, you like my taste in interior design?” Scotia put his ear to Nieve’s stomach. “Well, thanks very much! I think we’re going to get along fine.” 

“You’re cute.” 

I love every taako


1) Bryan Fuller ended up wearing a pin badge with the art I did for @darkdreamsofhannigram ’s fic

2) The only picture I’ve found which evidences this also includes the magnificent dong straws (photo used with permission)

3) We are so blessed by this man

Man, Genndy Tartakovsky really does know how to make an animated man attractive. I mean

take Samurai Jack for example (the best example in my opinion 👌👀 )  

he has a great body (drawn and animated very well), a cute face, and absolutely charming character and personality traits (plus good morals)

he’s funny, he’s awkward, he’s kind, he’s respectful, he’s handsome - all of his traits make him (according to me at least) one of the hottest animated guys out there. I’ve been in love with him since I was little lol.

Then there’s Lance from Sym-Bionic Titan

(I’ll admit he was a bit much with his shirt off but) Again, drawn and animated well, interesting personality and character (tho a little broody), and, because of this, also very attractive.

Hell, even Anakin freaking Skywalker is mildy attractive in Genndy’s show Star Wars: Clone Wars (well, maybe not his face, but)

and I’ve never found Anakin attractive in anything else!

lol The point is that, from an animation + personality trait standpoint, Genndy does a damn fine job of making fine men.

I absolutely love how asymmetrical the humanoid digimon are. I love how their clothing is often chaotic, looking like they’ve been pulled from several different outfits (and often literally stitched together from other digimon)

I love that even though they’re humanoid they often have very non-human features, such as out of proportion limbs, or masks covering their faces (suggesting something monstrous could be beneath??), or even machinery and other non-organic objects fused to them

idk. I know the humanoid digimon get a lot of shit, and it’s popular to accuse digimon designs of being overdesigned/cluttered. but for me the chaos is definitely part of the charm. to me they look like these beings that have become too powerful, causing their bodies to mutate, or forcing them to steal data from other digimon, or mutilating themselves with attempted upgrades

even if they appear cluttered at first glance, if you really look at their designs you find so much too. from clever accessories, to recurring elements and references to other digimon. you get the impression it’s all deliberately added

and honestly? it’s so self indulgent too. you can tell all the belts and asymmetry and everything else are entirely the artists #aesthetics. the designs are often just fun because the artist is obviously having fun. and I totally support that