tasted slightly different


i like to use dmmd as my main example for a thing i call ‘character anime’, basically when creators have a ton of gr8 ocs they like and look cool and want to put them all into one story, creating the plot around that afterwards. what you get is a weird thing where the designs dont really go together or look like they should belong in the same show. they try to ground it in some solid reality and it just feels more disjointed. obviously this is what could only turn out of dmmd given it was some doujin game or whatever made into a show, so every character has to appeal to a slightly different taste while still being bishie samefaced.

now obviously there is a place for that kind of thing and it can be done right by being self aware and embracing itself (think overwatch), but i watched some dmmd to try undertanding it and just….its not a good show… the only good thing to come out of it was that goddamn cake


Delicious dinner! :D Sweet potato “mac n cheese” with steamed broccoli and lots of cracked black pepper.

The sauce is steamed sweet potato blended with cashew butter (usually when I make mac n cheese I soak and blend cashews, this gives a slightly different taste but is way easier!), nutritional yeast, smoked paprika, lemon juice, a pinch of salt and some oat mylk to thin it out. :)

Look, I’m sorry y'all but if you truly want this fandom to be a safe place for everyone ypu need to stop harrasing every other person who has even a slightly different taste than you. Stop harrasing sherlolly shippers. Stop harrasing toplockers. Stop harrasing Mary fans. Stop harrasing every other shippers that aren’t johnlockers. Let people have what makes them happy, it really isn’t affecting you in any way if they create the art they want.

“If you’re really fighting for equality, then why is it called ‘feminism’? Call yourself humanists or egalitarians if you want people to take you seriously!”

I bet you were the kind of kid that would cry and cry if your mom accidentally cut your sandwich length-wise instead of diagonally. Were those triangles really worth pissing yourself until she remade the whole thing?