anonymous asked:

I love kakos industries, the black tapes, wolf 359, the penumbra podcast, ars paradoxica and the bright sessions. any recs?

Well your taste is already pretty awesome. I only see a couple of gaps:

Eos 10 - Essentially Scrubs in space, following the many misadventures of a group of medical professionals (and others) on a space station in the distant future. Surprisingly emotionally touching at times, including a pretty nice handling of issues surrounding addiction, and featuring the most charming (alleged) terrorist the galaxy has ever seen.

Wooden Overcoats - An extremely British comedy about rival funeral homes. Contains highly realistic dummies, naughty movies, burials at sea, and, just maybe, a serial murderer. I’ve heard it compared favorably to Cabin Pressure, if that’s a recommendation that means anything to you.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour - An oldie but a goodie, this podcast archive of the long-running LA stage show bills itself as “a new-time podcast in the style of old-time radio.” Features a variety of rotating segments such as “The Cross-Time Adventures of Colonel Tick-Tock,” “Captain Laserbeam,” and “Jefferson Reid, Ace American,” and two ‘anchor’ segments, “Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars” and “Beyond Belief.” TAH really has something for everyone, and is never short on wit, humor, and amazing guest stars to round out its stellar main cast. (Seriously. Everyone you’ve ever heard of has been on this show.) Finished for the most part, archive contains 200+ episodes including a lot of behind-the-scenes content. Once crossed over with Welcome to Night Vale if you’re a fan.

And of course, speaking of WtNV, if you haven’t checked out Night Vale Presents’s other podcasts, Alice Isn’t Dead and Within the Wires, there’s a few more options for you. Couldn’t get into WiW myself, but I quite liked Alice.

Fellow denizens of podcast hell, what say you? Any recommendations?

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