“I think all of these [narrative, rhythm and cinematic style] are produced by fear: the fear of incompetence when you are on the set with a camera and the whole crew, when you are questioning your technical knowledge and ability. In such moments of doubt and fear you challenge yourself and that makes you grow and mature.

After making your film you can sit back, watch it as a spectator, and judge your ability in expressing your story or its content. It takes a while for one’s gaze to become a style, however. I don’t think anyone can predetermine a specific style before actually experiencing an artistic medium. As for my sense of rhythm, I’ve never been a fan of commercial cinema with its fast pace and its excitement. My own life doesn’t have a very fast rhythm, I live slowly and my films reflect my life’s pace and rhythm.

— Abbas Kiarostami

Still from Like Someone in Love (2012, dir. Abbas Kiarostami)

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