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For the “nausea” square on my hurt/comfort bingo card. Thanks to the anon who suggested Dick. The idea for this hit me a few days ago but I’ve only just had a chance to write it because I had essays due. But it’s still Halloween somewhere in the world right?

Summary: Young Dick eats too much candy his first Halloween at the Manor.

Warnings for nausea and vomiting if that’s something you don’t like, but nothing graphic.

Another bowl of treats joins the plate of bat-shaped cookies on the table set up just inside the front door. Wayne Manor, Dick has learnt, is a sort of pilgrimage destination for kids on Halloween. Alfred not only buys the top quality standard Halloween candy from the store, but goes all out making homemade treats. Ghostly meringues, marshmallow witches, mini candy apples, little cakes shaped like pumpkins. There are even a few healthier alternatives but Dick’s eyes drift right over them and land on the bowl of homemade peanut butter cups.

A quick glance around shows that Alfred and Bruce are still in the bowels of the Manor preparing for the night, so Dick’s hand darts forward and quickly snatches one of the candies. Alfred has made a mountain of Halloween treats, surely they won’t notice one missing. He bites into the chocolate and peanut butter creation with relish. Alfred had let him try one just after he’d made them and Dick has been craving more ever since. He’s sure there must be witchcraft involved because they’re so much better than the store bought ones.

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C: I think black men to often seek validation from everyone else but ourselves. You can look at any space, and see that that group is constantly say validation isn’t needed to prove self worth. But were constantly looking for someone else to validate that were are beautiful when toxic masculinity won’t even allow us to validate ourselves. I feel like we don’t need anybody to validate us. Not white men not white women not black women not women of color, nobody. Nobody is more disunited than black men. Nobody. We separate ourselves through sexuality, music taste, coast, city, directional region, neighborhood, block, gender, religious practices, and who we date. I would love to see that us to come together.

I know I’m behind the curve, but I’m finally getting in to what I affectionally refer to as soup. This one is Morally Compromised. Like actually, that’s it’s name.

My biggest complaint with NE IPAs is that they’re supposed to be fruity and juicy, but 90% of the ones I’ve tried taste no different than west coast IPAs. They just look like heartburn. Too many breweries jumped on the bandwagon before they understood what they were doing.

This isn’t Ellison’s first attempt, but in my opinion; it’s the first they’ve gotten right.

Sea Asparagus (or Sea Beans)

I was out on nelson island, walking along with a friend (he farms oysters and basically lives out here) and he picks up a handful of this stuff off the rocks near the ocean. Explaining what it is, he stuffed the handful into his mouth unceremoniously. 

See, this is sea asparagus, and it is delicious. As a deer-kin I love the fact that you can eat it raw and still enjoy the taste. I’m sure water and coast-dwelling kin will also enjoy it! It’s a succulent-like plant, It has a salty taste, and a small string in the middle (that I usually spit out). You can eat it raw, or cook it like me! (It’s also very good when the meaty part is shredded and put on inari, a japanese soybean pocket.)


4 oz (or roughly 113 grams) of sea asparagus

45 ml of butter

A pot of salt water (preferably from a clean ocean source) big enough to fit the sea asparagus with the water barely visible (and allowance for the butter)

A small pan or bowl 

A strainer

Bring the salty water to a soft boil (if you are making your own salt water, add only a pinch of salt, the sea asparagus is plenty salty already!)

Place the sea asparagus into the water, turn down the heating element to just above simmering. 

When the flesh of the stalks begins to soften, melt the butter. (If you are using the bowl, please make it microwave safe! Glass or ceramic!)

Remove sea asparagus from heat and pour through strainer. Add butter to taste and serve! 

An alternative is to fry it with a bit of thyme and the butter. I personally prefer the boiling method though!

I personally have found that it goes well with shrimp, oysters, red snapper or muscles! You can use the rest of the butter this way!

Remember! Don’t eat it if you don’t know what it is! This seems like common sense but PLEASE don’t eat anything you are unfamiliar with! 


“Frankly, I don’t know what one makes from cocoa beans. I’m just trying to earn a living.”

Cocoa growers in the Ivory Coast taste chocolate for the first time.