taste space

When I think about destiel, I’m not thinking about smut. (Ok sometimes I admit I’m thinking about smut.) Let me clarify; when I think about the potential of canon Destiel, I’m not thinking about smut.

I’m thinking about Dean, soft smiles and lingering touches, two pillows on his bed, someone wearing his old, favorite broke in Led Zeppelin shirt to bed, snuggles in the middle of the night, bringing coffee in the morning or else, fingers woven together across the front seat. I’m thinking of Dean having something for himself. Something wild and free and wonderful.

I’m thinking about Castiel, and a decision made, one made on his own terms, sweet kisses in the morning and shared showers, fingers in the dirt of his garden, fruits grown to make pies, bee hives in a neat line, I’m thinking of things not tasting like molecules, shared space on memory foam and hand me down jeans that fit just right. I’m thinking of Cas with a home, with another soul whose heart he can call his own.

I’m thinking about Sam, finding peace and joy in the quiet knowledge that the two people he loves best in this world have each other. I’m thinking of hunting trips where he smiles to see them work like the team that they are, with maybe a little something extra. I’m thinking about Sam having to worry less about his brother and having time to explore his place as a Man of Letters. I think of Sam’s soft and sweet smiles as he teaches himself sign language, necessary for the hunts he keeps finding himself on with Eileen.

I think about Team Free Will, out there still kicking ass and taking names, but settled in their hearts. They hunt not to run away from life, but to preserve the beautiful lives they have.

I think about that a lot.


A playlist for those that ship Veronica/J.D., like me. We are all trash. Complete and utter trash. But at least we have good taste in music.

blank space - taylor swift / fight for me - heathers / little red riding hood - amanda seyfried / funhouse - p!nk / need you now - lady antebellum / ex-lover’s lovers - voltaire / crazy kids - ke$ha / i know where you sleep - emilie autumn / please don’t leave me - p!nk / devil’s backbone - the civil wars/ dead girl walking - heathers / poison and wine - the civil wars / liar - emilie autumn / candles - hey monday / off to the races - lana del rey / as long as you’re mine - wicked / curl up and die - relient k / bedroom hymns - florence + the machine / style - taylor swift / our love is god - heathers / drumming song - florence + the machine / kinda outta luck - lana del rey / gravity - sara bareilles / e.t. - katy perry / stuck with you - voltaire / true love - p!nk feat. lily allen / every breath you take - the police / trust me - the devil’s carnival / judas - lady gaga / seventeen - heathers / my bloody valentine - good charlotte / dead! - my chemical romance / toxic - britney spears / i never told you what i do for a living - my chemical romance / criminal - britney spears / nobody needs to know - the last five years / hot - avril lavigne / animals - maroon 5 / we are young - fun. / bad romance - lady gaga / disturbia - rihanna / teenage dream - katy perry / going to hell - the pretty reckless / meant to be yours - heathers / she is the sunlight - trading yesterday


Happy (belated) Gruvia Day!

They go together like strawberry and banana
[Fun Fact: Juvia was supposed to be the banana and Gray the strawberry but I grabbed the wrong marker and started coloring her top pink…so…don’t do traditional art kids]

It take me so much time to work on this one x) I made a lot of work on the color. I wanted to had Kristoff looking at Anna behind the couch, would you like to see that?

I wonder why Elsa is so tired, probably her queen duty. Olaf and his little brother have probably hanging around in Arendelle making, reserve of candy for Halloween (and certainly already eat it ).

The drink in Anna’s hand is a pumpkin spice latte if anyone wonder,  I never taste it but it look so good!

Hope you enjoy it guys!


Rockman Sound Box 2 front and back in a little higher resolution than I’ve been able to find online. Has this really been out for almost a full year?

Never got the pencil board that was given as a preorder bonus, but to be honest, I like the gold background better than plain ol’ white anyhow.

The only problem I have with most of these official soundtracks is that the themes just never loop enough for my taste. I get disc space, and that many people don’t necessarily want 5+ minute tracks. But even for the Game Boy tunes, I need me more than 1:20 of Ballade and 50 second boss themes!

Scanned from: Rockman Sound Box 2, Art by Keisuke Mizuno