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fries and burger and also i didnt sleep again last night and i found that i get rly into the idea of cooking from the hours of 3am to 9am.

today i made:
pancakes (3:25)
spaghetti (5:50)
burger and fries (9:30)

between each cooking experience i returned to bed thinking “ok, time for bed for real now.” only to be back at it again within a matter of hours.

i actually went to the store to buy fresh onions, lettuce, and potatoes + buns for the burger. i just want to sleep man.

venus placements: where u go wrong in your love life (poem)

aries: you are bloodlust and explosive stardust, your need for raw emotion and high energy is more important to you than your need for genuine security and cozy duvet blanketed love that tucks you in every night.. you’re looking for fire when you only need heat

taurus: you are grandeur bogoise decadence in the form of a lavish meal at a five star restaurant, where you wear your finest jewels and gown, sit pretty and appear only mildly amused as your truest inner princess rightfully deserves to be pampered, it is typically you doing the pampering, quit kneeling to the feet of your lover and make them bow to you for a change

gemini: you are a hot miami summer’s night car chase, in the fastest sleekest brightest Lamborghini.. your lover is able to outsmart you only by a fifth of a millisecond, as they use the back alleyway to beat you at your own route, pulling up in tesla model you’ve yet to see – you are so enthralled by the chase you are blind to what is under the hood

cancer: you are disneyland fireworks, chocolate malt milkshakes in glass mason jars and pretty umbrella fixtures that peak out in an aesthetic that gives you hope for your future, you crave a love that nurtures and humbles you, you need so badly to feel wanted and find a love as authentic as the fairy tale you reread every night before bed, but you’ve never heard of grimm’s fairy tales and that’s a trouble in itself 

leo: you want “you are the only person in this world i could ever imagine a life with, i want nothing but you, i need nothing but you” but you are willing to accept complete unadulterated adoration from anyone willing to drown you in it, even if your intuition usually screams that this line has been said before, it’s okay as long as you feel appreciated, but maybe you see appreciation in the form of danger and gifts, and there’s no love in that. 

virgo: you are so in love with the idea of what you want and who you are that you don’t see what is actually happening in front of you, you play jester to your peers and yourself - more focused on the intellectual integrity of a person versus the morality and there is fault to that

libra: you give and you give and you give until there is nothing left for them to take from you and that is usually when you convince yourself that it is only fair you pour yourself into a cracked jar until all of your substance has leaked onto the counter, because there was something you saw in that person nobody else did, and you were promised they weren’t going to let you pour out but

scorpio: you are at war with your need to love so fiercely it could destroy you, and your need to guard yourself from the pain that your past lovers subjected you to and you carry all of them around like ghosts that won’t let you fully sleep at night, but this new person is better and more promising but every time they go to kiss you, you flinch because the only physical contact you’ve told yourself is possible is a fist 

sagittarius: you are a train ride that lulls you into melancholy as the whirring and smoke engine relax you, taking you into unchartered territory, different shades of trees show through your window and you’re so fixed on the getting there, you never actually stop to exit the train, eventually try to get off and explore your new destination, versus anticipating your next.

capricorn: you need routine kisses on the cheek after breakfast, and mandatory phone call check ins in the afternoon, you need monetary insurance in the form of a ring that sits nice and pretty on your finger reminding you of how this is what you need and what you want – but you’re so skeptical if any of these things becomes irregular or unreliable you lose sight of what you love about a person if they can’t nullify the ocean of your insecurities, you must learn to trust in order to love.. you cannot let people into your bed, and mistake that for your heart.

aquarius: you need substance and raw agave sweet purity of a person’s soul, you are searching for an innocence you no longer can see in yourself, but you’re jaded and you wish on stars for people that will never love you instead of people that actually could

pisces: you need soft kisses and plush pillows and for someone to take you into the forest and host a picnic for two, where you can discuss your eclectic taste in indie records nobody else has discovered but the two of you, and you are so levelheaded and calm that you forget your anger is unforgiving and if they wrong you just once you cut their head off and leave them their on the checkered blanket in the woven straw basket, maybe try to be more patient

El Paso native Khalid, alongside announcing a debut album, has revealed a sensational taste from the record. Saved’s R&B soul carries a gentle island breeze, but it aches tenderly and exquisitely, riding on Khalid’s silky smooth vocals. Saved leaves me sighing even as I sway to its deep rumbling groove. Khalid’s debut album is due out on March 3rd. Expect it to make quite an impact. 

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“Gorillaz returns after six years with the apocalyptic “Hallelujah Money” video, the first taste of their new record which is coming later this year. The band has issued this song on the eve of the Inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump to serve as commentary on a politically-charged, historical moment.”


“For your information, my stepdad is a mechanic down in North Carolina and, as far as I know, alive and well. But I was born in the backseat of a bus.”

“You’re joking.” I honestly couldn’t tell.

“Am not. It made the newspapers and everything. I was the Miracle Bus Boy for the first three years of my life, and now I’m—”

“’Trying to make a livin’ and doin’ the best I can’?” I finished. 

He laughed, the tips of his ears tinged with a faint pink.

It’s Liam’s birthday today so I made him a lil diddly because I love my Miracle Bus Boy and his puppy-like tendencies.

Victorian Gothic- Etiquette for Servants

(A vague continuation of this post.)

  • Should the interestingly pale, foreign gentleman your master is entertaining announce he does not drink…. wine, it is etiquette to send up a selection of port, brandy, and sherry, preferably via the most anaemic-looking maidservant.
  • When one is perusing the papers, it is considered polite to read out loud about any mysterious disappearances in as carrying a voice as one can muster. This will endear you immensely to any plucky young governesses or cryptic maids that may be on staff.
  • Discreetly cover eyeholes in paintings if your master is entertaining a pretty female guest. This will save much embarrassment later on.
  • It considered sporting to leave something that may easily be forged into a makeshift weapon in every room, or at the very least to make certain the curtains billow in a sufficiently dramatic fashion.
  • If young ladies of the household have mysterious paramours who speak in tongues and come from places unknown- do not panic! Whilst at first glance one may mistake them for Catholics, if they have horns, hooves, or recoil from the Good Book, it is quite probable that they are simply demons and should be treated with all due respect.
  • When leaving candles in a secret passageway, be sure to take them out of the packaging first- one cannot explore catacombs in the knowledge that one’s light comes four for a penny from Leeds. Having candles pre-dribbled for purposes of ambiance is a nice touch, but not required.
  • During the Ritual, (which varies from family to family, but tends to involve dark robes and ominous chanting) keep snickering to a minimum. If you’ve lasted longer than a month, your employers will tend to look the other way- finding servants who are incurious about muffled screams and mysterious stains is not as easy as it once was.
mike hanlon as a poc

a/n: okay so, as a black female, i really wanted to add on some headcanons for mike as the only black male and poc in the losers club. i know he’s a human guy just like anyone else, but african americans have culture too so hope this doesn’t offend anyone! i think most of the headcanons can overlap but if i’m talking specifically abt book/movie mike or a modern day mike i’ll clarify. i haven’t read the book yet so if smth is wrong sorry!

  • sunday dinners were always a thing for the hanlons. i haven’t read the book but it seemed like mike was close to his parents from what i’m getting
  • one time mike invited all the losers over for sunday dinner and they got to taste soul food for the first time
  • mike’s mom made a huge feast for the losers and even made them plates to go home so their parents could try it, etc.
  • richie is the loser who tends to come over a lot for sunday dinners after that bc u kno.. his fam sucks. and the hanlons welcome him w/ open arms
  • personally i imagine mike to have the most diverse music taste
  • he liked rock n roll just like the other losers (and punk rock n the 80s)
  • when he’s with his fam there’s a lot of smooth jazz going on but also a lot of r&b
  • the jackson 5 and michael jackson was a household staple
  • there was a lot of motown too
  • and i think who he talked abt that the most with was ben because ben also has a very diverse music taste. whenever a motown record came out ben would just rush over to mike’s and is like ‘let’s play this smokey robinson song 12 times’
  • in modern day he would listen to a lot of soft rock but also a lot of r&b/hip-hop too. lauryn hill is his hero and he argues that her album is the best hip hop album to date
  • as much as his parents love the other losers and the fact that they took him in as a friend, they tell him to be careful
  • bc he’s the only poc and they can get away with stuff that he wouldn’t be able to get away with
  • but in all honesty mike wouldn’t be super worried bc he knows that his friends got his back. shit, they saved him from bowers when they didn’t have to
  • i think mike relates with bev the most tbh.
  • when they’re out together i think mike and bev gets the most shit from other people bc of their race and gender, and they just kinda hold hands and collectively tell said ppl to fuck off (hahaha and then eddie comes in with some choice words and mike just finds it amazing bc eddie rlly won’t tolerate that kinda hate)
  • when mike develops feelings for bill and stan, and vice versa, he’s incredibly scared to tell his parents that they’re his new boyfriends
  • bc in a lot of black families homophobia is rampant and he already knows that his race + his sexuality is a bad combination
  • but stan and bill are so patient with him and give him cuddles and kisses and tells him to only say something when he’s ready and that they’ll be there with him if he wants them to
  • when he does tell his parents it’s not looking good at first. his mom cries and his dad has some denial over the whole thing
  • and it makes mike so sad that he cries when he’s alone with the losers (and they comfort him ofc bc they all fucking love mike with their whole hearts (esp his boyfriends))
  • but eventually his parents come around because they love him and want him to be happy!!
  • they just, ofc, tell him to be careful

i felt like i had a thousand more but i’ll add when they come back. FEEL FREE TO ADD TO THIS THIS IS IMPORTANT.

This record is about the human race and the way it’s in transition. There’s even a word for it . . . transhumanism. It was originally called Transformer because Jamie and I really liked the idea of us mutating but my daughter, who has been the taste police for this record, brutally said, ‘That’s not cool’.
I didn’t want an uncool name. I want to try and connect with my daughter’s generation. Jamie got a bit upset about that but then I came up with Humanz, which seemed to be a good progression.
—  Damon Albarn discussing Humanz (The Sun, 27/04/2017)

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Refering to your tags on the winwin gif: if you find a list of books sicheng mentioned would you post it here on tumblr too? I'm really curious what genre of books he reads :) thank you in advance :D 🐤💖🐦

Hello anon sorry for the late response~ I was waiting for a user to get back to me about the book list because they said they’ll post it but it’s taking a while so I decided to do some digging on my own.

Most of them are chinese books (will write briefly about the chinese books, the rest can be found on google haha~), there goes the list:

1. 171014澳门《皮囊》蔡崇达 
    171014 Macau《Pí Náng》Cai Chong Da

Genre: Short story/Realistic fiction/Fiction narrative(?)

This book is a series of 14 prose put together with an ambiguous genre/style.

This generally talks about life and the relationship/how one approaches problems surrounding their family, friends and religion/god while exploring the answers to life. Writing style and tone is said to be a bit harsh, depending on your preference. Recommended by quite a number of famous celebrities.

**Mostly known for its touching plot but also criticised for it’s lacking writing style.

2. 170712签售 《白夜行》东野圭吾 
    170712 Fansign 《Journey Under The Midnight Sun》Keigo Higashino 

Genre: Mystery 

3. 170622直播 《浮生六记》沈复 
    170622 Live 《Six Records of a Floating Life》Shen Fu

Genre: Autobiography with a touch of historical elements/Literature

Title is a direct reference to one of Li Bai’s poems《春夜宴从弟桃李园序》“夫天地者,万物之逆旅也;光阴者,百代之过客也。而浮生若梦,为欢几何?” Which basically means that everyone/everything in this world is fleeting. Only 4 of the 6 records were published, the other 2 were found but were claimed to be fraudulent (lol).

**This book has an english version (and also in a couple of other languages if im not wrong). Its a really good book so do search it if you want to! 

Winwin finished the book in 3 hours and he was so touched by it that he cried 3 times reading this on the plane~ 

4. 170220签售 《摆渡人》克莱尔•麦克福尔 
    170220 Fansign《Ferryman》Claire Mcfall

Genre: Fiction/Young adult fiction

5. 170209无限的房 《手捧空花盆的孩子》赵华昌 
    170209 Limitless Room 《The Empty Pot》Demi

Genre: Fable

**This one is a classic haha im sure most people will know this story.

6. 时间不明:《活着》余华
  《To Live》Yu Hua

Genre: Fiction novel, Historical

A life story through countless of war, the Great Leap Forward, cultural revolution and other social changes.

The novel explored the countless of deaths and the attitude towards the possibility of death. Known for it’s craft and artistry. Death in the narrative plot takes on a symbolic meaning of life.

7. 时间不明:《白水煮一切》大张伟 
  《Bái Shūi Zhǔ Yí Qiè》Da Zhang Wei / Wowkie Zhang
    * Direct translation means ‘water boils everything’

Genre: Short stories, Autobiography, Comedy

The books covers a wide range of events/stories that happened to himself/his friends, sharing his life experiences and thoughts. A book with a very uplifting mood.

**Da Zhang Wei / Wowkie Zhang is a famous singer/actor/MC in China.

That’s it lol so you can see that Winwin reads books from a variety of genre TuT Truly our king of intellect!

Please let me know if there’s anything missing/inaccurate in the list.


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Lmao please dont use the word edgy like every other anime isnt "edgy". every shounen anime you probably like is "edgy" but just because aku no hana has a mature theme you feel you could classify it as such to take something away from it.

first things first: get off anon if you actually want a have a real discussion.

second, i’ve read PLENTY of mature manga that handled mature themes wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than aku no hana and are not even slightly edgy. are you actually going to try to convince me that the way kasuga and nakamura act is even slightly believable? they are literally 13/14 years old. NOBODY acts like that at that age. if you’ve read any of his other works, you should know by now that oshimi shuuzou is very good at building EDGY and suspenseful situations almost just for the sake of the edge and suspense. literally read any of his other works–almost nothing ever comes to climactic fruition. he is very very very well known for being unable to successfully turn his buildup into anything meaningful.

i never said aku no hana was bad. it’s really not bad. it’s just too preachy and fake-deep for me. i 100000% get the thesis of the manga and the point the mangaka is trying to make all throughout, especially in the first half. but these 13/14 year old kids are literally having full meltdowns on an existential level…. and these existential crises are so ridiculously bad even the most (clinically) insane adults in real life don’t act like that. the way kasuga acts initially is pretty normal and believable, but nakamura??? not even ONCE does the manga build on her character and WHY she acts the way she does. she is literally a plot device wearing glasses. her character exists SOLELY to make kasuga’s life miserable and push him to the edge, and by extension, create more tension and grip for the reader. sure, you get your mini epilogue at the end when she first sees kasuga, but it’s still not an explanation. she feels outcast, she feels alone, she feels suffocated by the mundane. but again–WHY. the manga doesn’t even try to answer this. she has zero motive for her actions and it makes for a boring character and plot progression. 

lastly, my favorite manga are hunter x hunter, vagabond, boku no hero academia, and yokohama kaidashi kikou. please tell me how any of those are edgy. and for the record, vagabond and ykk are a million times more mature than aku no hana without having to use plot device characters and poor storytelling just for the sake of eliciting response from the audience.

Amazing - Part 1

Summary: Jensen and the reader do not get along. After months of driving each other crazy, what happens when Jensen has finally had enough?

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,025

“Camera set! Rolling!”

“Don’t you ever get sick of lettuce, Sammy? I’m surprised you haven’t turned a nice shade of green by now.” Jensen says as he shoves French fries in his mouth.

“Don’t you ever get sick of being a dumb ass?” Jared retorts with his classic bitch face.

“Just for that…I’m serving burgers at your funeral.”

“We don’t have funerals, Dean. At least not the normal kind.”

“Yeah well, I’m gonna throw a normal one just for you. Everyone’s getting a bacon cheeseburger when they pay their respects. I’ll keep a big platter of them next to your casket.” Jensen counters sarcastically.

“Fine! I’ll do the same for you. Except everyone’s getting a salad!” Jared adds defensively.

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Speaking as someone who lived in the midwest in the 1980s, there’s no way in hell Motley Crue and Duran Duran would be played at the same party


Gorillaz - “Hallelujah Money” (feat. Benjamin Clementine)

Gorillaz returns after six years with the apocalyptic “Hallelujah Money” video, the first taste of their new record which is coming later this year. The band has issued this song on the eve of the Inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump to serve as commentary on a politically-charged, historical moment. #wearestillhumanz