taste pilots grill

A list of Special Food and drink items around the park this Halloween.

Menu items include:

  • Blue cheese and onion marmalade burger – Hungry Bear
  • Korean BBQ skewer – Bengal BBQ, but only on Halloween
  • Buffalo chicken flatbread – Village Haus
  • “Cobweb”-topped (Swiss cheese, grilled onions, and mushrooms) burger or grilled chicken sandwich – Taste Pilots Grill
  • Turkey pot pie soup – Pacific Wharf Cafe
  • Monsters U Burger – cheeseburger topped with burger sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and grilled onions, served with french fries covered in Parmesan ranch (blue) “ooze” – Tomorrowland Terrace
  • Macaroni and cheese pizza – Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port
  • Pork tamales – Rancho del Zocalo
  • Drinks include:

    • Raspberry magnolia lemonade – Mint Julep Bar
    • Mango habanero lime iced tea – Golden Horseshoe
    • Tropical habanero punch – Royal Street Verandah
    • Caramel apple smoothie – Schmoozies
    • Desserts include:

      • Apple pie funnel cake – Hungry Bear
      • Pumpkin beignetes – Cafe Orleans and Mint Julep Bar
      • Banana fritters – Royal Street Verandah
      • Ice cream nachos – Golden Horseshoe
      • Pumpkin twist – Cozy Cones and Maurice’s Treats