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Oh my gosh, you say he's a softie and immediately I'm like bestill my freaking heart I love tough guys who could break you but they get all blush and stuffs around people they really like like oh my gosh I'm mELTING ❤❤❤👌👌👌👌 Domestic life scenes are what I love with the soft morning cuddles and having coffee together like 💯💯

You’ve just described my entire religion like oh man. ‘Tough guys who can break you but they’re soft around people they care about’ are just so good. Too good. And Domestic life scenes are like my kink and life source I swear to god I’m SO WEAK

Guys…guys…my mom has fallen in love with Jensen Ackles. I’m so proud.

Me: *mentions supernatural*

Mom: Oh yea I saw one of them on tv this morning. Um what’s his name..um..

Me: What’s he look like?

Mom: He’s tall and gorgeous.

Me: *starts naming off the cast*

Mom: Go pull up the first one you said.

Me: *looks up Jared*

Mom: *points at Jensen* That one! Ooh he’s just pretty. Wait..are those two trying to kiss?

Me: They just actin up.

Me: *looks up Whipping Post* You’ll enjoy this..

John Carpenter loves Sonic the Hedgehog: 'I even like the one where he turns into a werewolf'
This is not a story I ever expected to write.

John Carpenter is /ourguy/

What do you call it when people change the gendered words and narrator’s pronouns in songs, even when they mess up the rhyme in the process?