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London brewery uses your DNA to make  beer based on your personal taste preferences

  • Meantime Brewery partnered with personal genetics service 23andMe to create Meantime Bespoke.
  • It’s a service designed to “assess hereditary variations in your oral taste receptors (the TAS2R38 gene) to reveal the genetic variants that could explain personal preferences towards specific flavor profiles within beer such as sweetness and bitterness,” the brewery website explains.
  • In other words, the service may be able to detect your penchant for fruity flavors and determine that you scrunch your nose at bitterness.
  • Using a sample of your saliva, 23andMe will analyze your personal taste receptors and produce a report.
  • More specifically, the DNA service tests for an individual’s sensitivity to a chemical called propylthiouracil, which is similar to the bitter compounds found in certain dark beers, coffee and raw broccoli.  Read more

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A recent study tried to explain the divide in Eastern and Western culinary philosophy though some nifty data crunching. Researchers from the Indian Institute for Technology in Jodhpur looked up the ingredient lists for more than 2,000 Indian recipes. They then analyzed the chemical components of these ingredients, looking at the compounds that, when combined, give foods their taste.

They concluded that what makes Indian cuisine so exquisite is its tendency to bring together lots of different ingredients with flavor molecules that don’t overlap.

That’s quite different from how Western cuisine works — previous research has shown that it relies on pairing ingredients that, at the molecular level, share lots of similar flavor compounds.

Why the difference? The answer, it turns out, has just as much to do with economics, politics and religion as it does taste.

How Snobbery Helped Take The Spice Out Of European Cooking

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Why is it you think Carson Of Venus isnt as Popular as John Carter of mars?

The short version is this: timing.

Popularity isn’t just a question of quality, but of timing, of being the right work at the right time. A bookshelf has a funny way of smushing time together; a Carson of Venus novel written in 1939 and a John Carter of Mars novel written 25 years before seem like the same kind of story when put side by side, but they were written decades apart, in totally different worlds.

John Carter of Mars was written in the early 1910s, when science fiction stories were often just reskinned westerns and swashbucklers. Carson of Venus was written over 25+ years later, in 1939, when tastes changed and science fiction moved on to tell different kinds of stories. Carson of Venus was almost a nostalgia piece, a deliberate throwback; it sounds strange to think of nostalgia being a thing at all in the late 30s/early 1940s, but there you go.

To understand why the reaction was different, you have to understand why the Carson of Venus novels were written at all. The reason that the Carson of Venus novels and later Barsoom books exist is due to Amazing Stories editor and Edgar Rice Burroughs superfan Raymond Palmer, who once he got actual power as an editor, was such a fanboy that he used his authority as a publisher to ask Edgar Rice Burroughs to write more Barsoom stories and create a new series for Amazing Stories. Now, the amazing thing is that this wasn’t some power move for new readers, since John Carter style planetary romances were starting to fall out of fashion in the late 1930s (more on that later). The reason they got ERB back to write more John Carter and create a new series is that Barsoom Superfan Raymond Palmer wanted to see more Edgar Rice Burroughs planet romance stories.

In the early part of this century, scifi was all about adventure stories that were reskinned Westerns and swashbucklers. John Carter of Mars fit right in, and emblemized the entire trend. Come the 1930s, however, the most influential writer was Stanley G. Weinbaum, who wrote a Martian Odyssey, with non-anthropomorphized and inhuman to the point of incomprehensible Martians, deliberately as a reaction to Burroughs’ hot babe girl martians. Even in the Burroughs-style Sword & Planet romance yarn, tastes had moved to writers like Leigh Brackett, who’s take on Mars was as an eerie nightmare landscape of bat-winged hordes assembling for battle, crumbling, labyrinthine cities, and hard, pragmatic miners and desperados. The straight good vs. evil yarn was out of style.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that Carson of Venus was a low seller. Far from it – ERB was the best selling novelist of the entire 1920s and had tons of name value a decade later. Amazing Stories was the top selling science fiction pulp of its era, easily outselling Astounding Science Fiction, and the ERB stories were the top selling issues (at least until the Shaver Mystery in the mid-1940s that preceded the later mass hysteria over UFOs…but that’s a topic too bizarre to go into here). Saying that Amazing outsold Astounding won’t help you understand significant developments though. It’s a little like saying that Marvel Comics, until the 1970s, were outsold by DC Comics (DC books were viewed as quaint and old fashioned even in the 1960s). Yeah…but look what they were doing! Look who ended up being more influential.

Personally, I like the Carson of Venus books very very much, not just because they are so romantic, adventurous and wildly creative, with worlds of immortality, swordfights, pirates, and evil fishmen, but also because you can tell at that point in his life, Burroughs was getting tired of the formula he himself created and so he decided to have fun with it all. Burroughs’s most underrated attribute was his wonderful sense of humor. Compared to John Carter, Carson of Venus seems like a big goof; he screws up and ignores obvious things, like when he built a rocket and missed the Moon. For a guy who likes genteel gentlemen-athlete heroes, the overbred Amtorian aristocrats laugh at Carson, saying that his ancestry is unimpressive and that his bloodstream germs make him a menace to all life on Venus.

I think this is why people today don’t respond to the Amtor/Carson stories; people read ERB stories to feel awesome and powerful, and Carson of Napier doesn’t deliver on that well. It’s no coincidence ERB’s life story until he started writing was as a guy who was often unemployed and had trouble taking care of his family (he wrote John Carter of Mars and Tarzan on the back of letterhead from failed businesses). His stories are Walter Mitty hallucinations where Walter Mitty doesn’t wake up. They’re based on the appeal of pure, concentrated daydreams.

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Not bad, not bad at all. Maybe next time some fruit puns? I find those a-peel-ing. So this question is for you and Bitter. What is your favorite type of cereal?

Well if you want banana puns, I’ve got a bunch! But as far as cereal goes, I’m rather boring, I’m afraid. Dad would make me whole milk oatmeal on cold mornings, with a generous spoonful of honey on the bottom of the bowl, and that’s a tradition I’ve kept until today!

An’ as for me, I ain’t that picky, but I like the sweet cereals that Sans picks out at the grocery store. There ain’t anythin’ like that in Fell, meant to appeal purely to kids - so I feel like it fills a hole in my soul as well as my stomach. ‘Specially when Dagwood comes over to finish off our ‘cereal dust’ an’ we watch cartoons on TV.

William Newell Hull - Diagram showing the Senses and Mind Functions, “New Light on Psychology”, 1905.

1. The Door of Attention
2. Consciousness
3. The Eye Road to Consciousness
4. The Sense of Smell Road
5. The Sense of Taste Road
6. The Hearing Road
7. The Sense of Touch Road
8. Memory
9. Recollection
10. Phantasy
11. Imagination
12. The Reflective Powers
13. The Will
14. The Spirit

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"Oh, absolutely! There's always hope. c: Nothing's set in stone, after all. And you know that we'll all do our best to help if anything does happen. <3"

Yeah, exaclty - so quit worryin’ yourself sick, Nerdburger, an’ come to dinner already! Wingdin sent me back here ‘cause she thought ya’d up an’ died!

Well, I suppose between my family and all of you, I really needn’t worry - but as for dinner, you don’t have to tell me twice!

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"Considering that you have made contact with at least some other timelines... are you ever going to tell the Queen/the general public about them? Or is that something that you think is better kept a secret?"

The Royal Family and our immediate family are the only ones who know about the Observator Project and its, eh, consequences so far. It’s just so nobody gets too excited about us breaking the barrier, you know? Or moving into another timeline to live on their Surface… which could cause all kinds of problems…

Yeah, I got an official cover story - an’ so does Edge, if he ever needs it. But mostly we just tell folks I’m Cupcake’s twin brother, an’ they buy it.

Hah, yes - a single Mote, split into two Soullings, resulting in two almost identical mixed-species monsters. That’s all anyone really needs to know!

Obviously, the food you ate as a kid growing up will influence your tastes for life. But it starts earlier than that. In fact, the foods your mother ate while you were in the womb influence what your favorite foods will be.

The study on this was carried out by researchers from the not-at-all-evil-sounding Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, who had pregnant women drink a bunch of carrot juice while pregnant and then while breastfeeding (with various groups changing up when they drank it). The results? The kids whose mothers were given the carrot juice, regardless of the stage when they were given it, were less grossed out when fed a carrot-flavored cereal one month later.

And in fact, the kids whose mothers had carrot juice during both stages (during pregnancy and during breastfeeding) reportedly couldn’t get enough of the stuff. And this is freaking carrot juice we’re talking about here.

The 5 Weirdest Things That Influence How Your Food Tastes

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I know right!? They did the same thing to Wingdin.

Yes, I know they did. Luckily for them I was in Hotland at the time, dealing with some things that required my signature, or I would have given them a piece of my mind!

And I would’a gone off on ‘em too if Wing hadn’t beat me to it…. but idiots like that oughtta take a long walk off’a Waterfall’s shortest pier. That’d cool ‘em off for a while, at least.

Pangea Human Review

So I spent the night at @kai-ni ’s house and because I am a willing test participant I have offered to sample three of the flavors of Pangea Crested Gecko Diet that she has. And because this is for science I am recording my findings, because it’s only science if you write it down.

Banana and Papaya- Surprisingly this tastes like neither banana nor papaya. It does have a vaguely fruity taste, though it’s mostly masked by this weird chalky-protein-y taste. The aftertaste was pretty atrocious and stuck around for a surprisingly long time before fading.

Watermelon and Mango- The fruit flavor is much more distinct on this one. I can kind of taste the watermelon. The weird aftertaste problem I had with the first one isn’t nearly as prevalent. Still not sure that I’d use the word “pleasant” to describe it, though.

Pangea with Insects- Surprisingly, this one isn’t terrible. It’s oddly flavorless if anything. The weird kind of protein-y taste is back, which is to be expected I suppose. It isn’t very chalky but not particularly flavorful, which I have to say I’m thankful for.

Now I’m going to eat some gummy bears to get the taste out of my mouth.

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So how is Edge adjusting to Swap going?

Uh, all things considered, it went a lot better than I thought? I mean, y’know what they say about old dogs an’ new tricks, but he’s adjustin’ at his own pace… hell, I’m actually kinda proud of the old bastard.

Yes - things aren’t always easy for him, but he’s making constant progress! Whether’s he’s out and chopping logs and playing with the boys, or he managed to get out of bed with enough encouragement -  big or small, every day is some kind of victory!

H-however, we, eh, don’t push him to talk about his past… but he has been opening up more… and… well…

… His survival all these years has come at unfathomable cost to his physical and mental health. Like Bitter, he had to do what he could to survive-

-An’ unlike me, he didn’t have any choice but to FIGHT. So Edge, eh, has a lot more to forgive himself for - but that’s why we’re here. To give him the home an’ the family he’s always deserved, no matter how long it takes him to accept he deserves it.

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If I may ask, can I have 1, 14, 11, 21, 22? You can ignore this if you want.

Well, the fact I’m reblogging ask lists like this one does rather mean that I intend to answer them, no? It’s perfectly fine.

1: Have you ever skipped class?:

Other than missing class due to illness or otherwise, no. There was this one memorable incident where I overslept, to my horror… only to find out, when I arrived at school, that the class in question had been canceled.

11: Favorite Tumblr?

If I had to choose from the list of those I’m following, I’d say @deluxeloy​. We’re pretty similar in taste for humor, science, fantasy and so forth.

14: Favorite book?

No way in heck I can properly answer that; I like too many books. Some of the books I’ve really enjoyed include the Belgariad, Worm (a web novel, but still), Tales of MU (also a web novel), Harry Potter (of course), Honor Harrington…

21: Tea or coffee?

Neither. I don’t really like the taste of either tea or coffee. Hot chocolate, now that’s where it’s at. That said, I certainly recognize the value of strong coffee if I really, really need to stay alert and awake.

22: Age:

Coincidentally, it is in fact 22.

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Cupcake/Bitter: What do the two of you consider to be a bad day, and what do you consider to be a good day?

Well, a bad day starts when I wake up in the middle’a the night, an’ I gotta take some’a that Sleepin’ Draught to knock me out again. It stops the Night Terrors, but it makes it real hard to get outta bed in the mornin’ - both the stuff itself, and knowin’ I woke up the whole fuckin’ house.

Then I’d probably be late for work - if I don’t just skip it entirely, ‘cause a particularly bad flashback can make my anxiety go nuts, includin’ my Agoraphobia. If I can’t go outside, then I can’t work. An’ feelin’ like I’m useless an’ draggin’ everybody down… it can get into some kinda vicious cycle, unless there’s somethin’ else for me to do.

A-a-and a bad day for me would probably start in a similar way? It’s heartbreaking to watch, knowing Bitter is somewhere else in his head… and there’s nothing we can do about it except hold him tightly, and wait it out. It’s, eh, very hard for me, feeling so helpless to help someone…

[sighs] And it’s especially hard when my duty as Royal Scientist calls, and I have to leave, but he can’t. It’s usually paperwork… so much damn paperwork… and Sans has gone to school upset and worried about his Pops. I’m really, truly thankful for Edge in those times - he’s the foundation, the rock that supports this family, when things fall apart.

Yeah - even a bad day can turn into a good one when we got each other to fall back on, y’know? Edge can keep me company, Wing can bring back a home-made coffee cake from the bakery an’ some fusion food courtesy of Getter, Cupcake an’ Pap pick out a movie from the vendin’ machine at the subway station, an’we can just kick back for the night.

Yes - a relaxing evening is often the start of a better day! A nice warm bath and a good night’s sleep, and we can wake up to fresh cinnamon rolls for breakfast, a cup of tea with a spoonful of honey… 

An’ I call Edge from my work, so he can put a roast in the oven before he picks up Sans from school. That gives us a head-start on dinner, an’ leaves us enough energy to have a lil’ grown-up fun once the kids have gone to bed~

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19. How to win your heart?

I guess just being into the things I’m into? Like similar music taste, a passion for science and nature, loves hiking, loves nerdy stuff like sci-fi/fantasy/anime/larping/attending renaissance fairs/conventions/coslaying/ect. And being a genuine human being, who doesn’t lie, is an empath, a wanderlust, is determined, takes good care of himself/his loved ones, has a good sense of humor… That’s what I can think off of the top of my head right now haha

cecil and carlos’ apartment is decorated to fit both of their tastes - full of science novels/prints and many of obscure vinyls from cecils collection! cecil convinced carlos to let him bring his old coffee table to their new home, and carlos is almost certain that there’s an angry spirit inhabiting it (cecil says it has charm. carlos can’t help but agree).