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Here are the claims: Oranges taste better in the shower. Eating oranges in the shower will make you happy. The shower orange experience could turn your entire life around.

Thousands of Reddit users have been finding out for themselves. And they have chronicled their adventures on the subreddit /r/ShowerOrange/.

To sort fact from fiction, White House Correspondent Scott Horsley, Science Editor Geoff Brumfiel and All-Around-Genius Sam Sanders stepped into shower stalls at NPR’s Washington, D.C., headquarters. (We wanted a diversity of expertise and opinions on the matter.) Then, they ate some oranges. Here’s what they learned.

Do Showers Make Oranges Taste Better? NPR Investigates

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Scientists invented a synthetic tongue that can taste whiskey better than any human

  • The robots may soon take one of the best jobs of them all: whiskey taste-testing.
  • Scientists recently designed a set of sensors, playfully called a “tongue,” that can analyze the chemical composition of whiskey and tell us about its age, country of origin and malt status.
  • The sensors are made of glowing solutions that change brightness when drops of whiskey are added to them. The result ultimately indicates different properties of the liquor — which may be noticeable to a whiskey master, but without the chemical certainty. Read more (6/9/17)

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Scientists discover a sixth sense on the tongue—for water
New study in mice sheds light on how animals stay hydrated Learn more: http://scim.ag/2qyhpSE

Viewed under a microscope, your tongue is an alien landscape, studded by fringed and bumpy buds that sense five basic tastes: salty, sour, sweet, bitter, and umami. But mammalian taste buds may have an additional sixth sense—for water, a new study suggests. The finding could help explain how animals can tell water from other fluids, and it adds new fodder to a centuries-old debate: Does water have a taste of its own, or is it a mere vehicle for other flavors?

What do listening to music, hitting a baseball and solving a complex math problem have in common? They all activate less gray matter than drinking wine.

According to Yale neuroscientist Gordon Shepherd, the flavor of wine “engages more of our brain than any other human behavior.” The apparently simple act of sipping Merlot involves a complex interplay of air and liquid controlled by coordinated movements of the the tongue, jaw, diaphragm and throat. Inside the mouth, molecules in wine stimulate thousands of taste and odor receptors, sending a flavor signal to the brain that triggers massive cognitive computation involving pattern recognition, memory, value judgment, emotion and of course, pleasure.

Whereas most wine writers tend to focus on the various elements that go into the wine itself — the grape, the oak, terroir, the winemaker — Shepherd’s subject is the drinker. He explores biomechanics, physiology and neuroscience to describe a journey that begins as wine passes the lips and ends with a lingering “finish” that can last for minutes.

The Taste Of Wine Isn’t All In Your Head, But Your Brain Sure Helps

Illustration: Alex Reynolds/NPR

A recent study tried to explain the divide in Eastern and Western culinary philosophy though some nifty data crunching. Researchers from the Indian Institute for Technology in Jodhpur looked up the ingredient lists for more than 2,000 Indian recipes. They then analyzed the chemical components of these ingredients, looking at the compounds that, when combined, give foods their taste.

They concluded that what makes Indian cuisine so exquisite is its tendency to bring together lots of different ingredients with flavor molecules that don’t overlap.

That’s quite different from how Western cuisine works — previous research has shown that it relies on pairing ingredients that, at the molecular level, share lots of similar flavor compounds.

Why the difference? The answer, it turns out, has just as much to do with economics, politics and religion as it does taste.

How Snobbery Helped Take The Spice Out Of European Cooking

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Why is it you think Carson Of Venus isnt as Popular as John Carter of mars?

The short version is this: timing.

Popularity isn’t just a question of quality, but of timing, of being the right work at the right time. A bookshelf has a funny way of smushing time together; a Carson of Venus novel written in 1939 and a John Carter of Mars novel written 25 years before seem like the same kind of story when put side by side, but they were written decades apart, in totally different worlds.

John Carter of Mars was written in the early 1910s, when science fiction stories were often just reskinned westerns and swashbucklers. Carson of Venus was written over 25+ years later, in 1939, when tastes changed and science fiction moved on to tell different kinds of stories. Carson of Venus was almost a nostalgia piece, a deliberate throwback; it sounds strange to think of nostalgia being a thing at all in the late 30s/early 1940s, but there you go.

To understand why the reaction was different, you have to understand why the Carson of Venus novels were written at all. The reason that the Carson of Venus novels and later Barsoom books exist is due to Amazing Stories editor and Edgar Rice Burroughs superfan Raymond Palmer, who once he got actual power as an editor, was such a fanboy that he used his authority as a publisher to ask Edgar Rice Burroughs to write more Barsoom stories and create a new series for Amazing Stories. Now, the amazing thing is that this wasn’t some power move for new readers, since John Carter style planetary romances were starting to fall out of fashion in the late 1930s (more on that later). The reason they got ERB back to write more John Carter and create a new series is that Barsoom Superfan Raymond Palmer wanted to see more Edgar Rice Burroughs planet romance stories.

In the early part of this century, scifi was all about adventure stories that were reskinned Westerns and swashbucklers. John Carter of Mars fit right in, and emblemized the entire trend. Come the 1930s, however, the most influential writer was Stanley G. Weinbaum, who wrote a Martian Odyssey, with non-anthropomorphized and inhuman to the point of incomprehensible Martians, deliberately as a reaction to Burroughs’ hot babe girl martians. Even in the Burroughs-style Sword & Planet romance yarn, tastes had moved to writers like Leigh Brackett, who’s take on Mars was as an eerie nightmare landscape of bat-winged hordes assembling for battle, crumbling, labyrinthine cities, and hard, pragmatic miners and desperados. The straight good vs. evil yarn was out of style.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that Carson of Venus was a low seller. Far from it – ERB was the best selling novelist of the entire 1920s and had tons of name value a decade later. Amazing Stories was the top selling science fiction pulp of its era, easily outselling Astounding Science Fiction, and the ERB stories were the top selling issues (at least until the Shaver Mystery in the mid-1940s that preceded the later mass hysteria over UFOs…but that’s a topic too bizarre to go into here). Saying that Amazing outsold Astounding won’t help you understand significant developments though. It’s a little like saying that Marvel Comics, until the 1970s, were outsold by DC Comics (DC books were viewed as quaint and old fashioned even in the 1960s). Yeah…but look what they were doing! Look who ended up being more influential.

Personally, I like the Carson of Venus books very very much, not just because they are so romantic, adventurous and wildly creative, with worlds of immortality, swordfights, pirates, and evil fishmen, but also because you can tell at that point in his life, Burroughs was getting tired of the formula he himself created and so he decided to have fun with it all. Burroughs’s most underrated attribute was his wonderful sense of humor. Compared to John Carter, Carson of Venus seems like a big goof; he screws up and ignores obvious things, like when he built a rocket and missed the Moon. For a guy who likes genteel gentlemen-athlete heroes, the overbred Amtorian aristocrats laugh at Carson, saying that his ancestry is unimpressive and that his bloodstream germs make him a menace to all life on Venus.

I think this is why people today don’t respond to the Amtor/Carson stories; people read ERB stories to feel awesome and powerful, and Carson of Napier doesn’t deliver on that well. It’s no coincidence ERB’s life story until he started writing was as a guy who was often unemployed and had trouble taking care of his family (he wrote John Carter of Mars and Tarzan on the back of letterhead from failed businesses). His stories are Walter Mitty hallucinations where Walter Mitty doesn’t wake up. They’re based on the appeal of pure, concentrated daydreams.

Science VS. Reality

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Pairing: If I continue it there will definitely be Mad Sweeney X Reader, for now I was only having a bit of fun in the world of American Gods

Word Count: 1800

Warnings: You being a little shit of a know-it-all

-Part 1- -Part 2- -Part 3-

Growing up in an age with science on the rise, your grandmothers stories are sweet but you know they’re just that, stories. You humor the idea from time to time only to notice a certain pattern and like any true scientist, begin to experiment with it.

Your grandmother Essie was a strange one. Still telling these fanciful tales to scare your siblings and cousins, or leaving out food for the rats every night. Your father never did anything to sway her into the current times, maybe because she was too aged to try but it still bothered you. Science was clearly the wave of the future, its was useful, efficient, and could be so much more magical than little tales simply because it was real. You could see it, touch it, taste it, science was tangible and as magical as it was explainable.

“he might crawl into your mouth and make his home in your belly, for that great eater will take all the good out of your supper, so no matter how much you eat after, you’ll never be satisfied, never, never, never-” Elizabeth started to sob at the story and you rolled your eyes. Your aunt quickly grabbed your cousin and pulling her away, the other kids dispersed feeling too uneasy to stick around. Grandma Essie looked positively distraught, her lip trembling to see the blanket empty of a captive audience. In your pampered youth you didn’t care to acknowledge that with any comfort.

“Why can’t you just barf him up?”

She flinched up to find you still by her side, sighing in exasperation. “Of course a little shit like you would-”

“Or just eat really gross things until-”

“He’s magical! He cares none for what you eat nor your pryin’ to get him out! He’ll be bound to your stomach as you’re bound to keep him in there!”

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I can't breath.

Hello, love bugs!!
Warnings - fluff l, swears.
Dan x Reader

Hi! I’m sick rn and was wondering if you could do a “Dan taking care of you when you’re sick”?-anonymous.

I went out of order of requests for you anon. Only because your sick and I have a sweet spot for mothering people back to health. Hope this helps a little.

“I’m back from the store and I have the supplies. I actually opened the tissues to find the softest ones.” The tissues are tossed from the bag into Dan’s bed as he continues rummaging through the grocery bag. “I couldn’t remember if you wanted mucus cough syrup or nonmucus so we now have both. Next, I got a package thing to make some soup. My mother always made me soup so I will do the same and channel my mother helping powers.” Dan looks up from his bag or tricks to look at you. “No offense babe but you look like absolute shit. I wasn’t gone for more than half an hour. I’m starting to think it’s because when I left the lights weren’t on and I couldn’t fill see the damage.“

You finally feel like you can get a word in after the tornado of Dan’s sick supplies. You loved him and were so thankful for him leaving the house on a Saturday morning no less but he was being mean. “First of all, these are the softest tissues, ” you say taking one from the box and blowing your nose. “Secondly, I said no mucus I even texted you. But that’s okay. Lastly, fuck off. Am I supposed to look like I’m going to the ball? ” saying those few things honestly took your breath away from you. Stupid people on the tube sharing germs and shit.

“I’m going to chalk up your sass level from just being sick,” Dan says as he reads the bottle instructions for how much syrup to give you to hopefully knock you out and finally have a nap.

“I’m sorry who’s the sick one again?” The last time Dan was sick you honestly considered running for the hills never to return. He’s a grown ass man but when sick he is the literal definition of man flu.

“Here drink this and tell me if it tastes gross. It’s for science.” The little cup is in your hand before you can protest that you’re a grown woman who can pour herself some cough medicine. You decided not to push any further and take the shot as if it was something fun like vodka and not cherry flavored bull shit.

“That’s my girl! Something about you and tiny cups. You could have savored the flavor.” You hand Dan the little cup again giving him the look of death.

“When you leave the room next time I am so coughing on your pillow. ”

“Not a chance of me getting sick. After tour and Vidcon and all that jazz, I have a .2% of getting sick. Catch up to my level of immunity.” Dan puts his bag of goodies on the floor beside the bed making room for himself in the bed of sickness.

“In a moment of weakness, I do have to say thank you for going down to the shop to get me all this crap and for taking care of my sick ass.” Once Dan was settled in bed you place your head on his shoulder while reaching for his hand under the covers.

“You’re welcome. But just remember this for when I get sick and you’re ready to ship me away to my mother.”

“I would kiss you right now if I wouldn’t infect you.” You say with a sigh.

“Seconds ago you were threatening me. Make up your mind my love.” Dan’s now rubbing his thumb up and down your knuckles in a soothing repetition making you feel safe and finally sleepy.

“I have a sick brain. I’m allowed to be confused and confusing. It’s your job to nod your head and say yes dear. That’s what my dad would do to my mum.”

“Nope. Even when you’re sick and as you put it this morning. Literally dying. I have to call you out on your bull shit. I still love you, though.” You barely heard the last of what Dan was saying as you let the medicine and relaxation of cuddling with Dan take you away to finally a somewhat restful sleep.

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I'm glad you guys have so much love for Edge. I'm sure there are plenty of monsters out there that wouldn't feel comfortable being with Edge. Mostly due to misplaced fear, but even so... Edge is a lucky guy having loved ones like you. Especially after this revelation he will really need to know you support him.

* Cupcake is showing the posts to Edge

Cupcake: …And that’s the long and short of it, really. You’re still the same monster we’ve always known and loved, and knowing this doesn’t change that.

Bitter: Yeah - you’re stuck with us lovin’ you an’ everythin’ about you, includin’ that sexy purr an’ those badass back spikes. So get used to it, old man~

Edge: …I dunno what the hell I did to deserve you two, but… heh… I guess I’ll try an’ get used to it, since there ain’t no goin’ back to my timeline…

* Cupcake and Bitter seem to be sharing ‘A Look’

Bitter: W-well, eheh… seein’ as… since you’re stuck here anyways, how about sealin’ the deal with a good old-fashioned legally bindin’ contract?? That is, eh… heh… y’know…

Cupcake: Fine then, I’ll say it - I know it’s been an unspoken promise for the longest time, but Edge… will you marry us?

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Oh god, Cupcake. You need to look at Edge's post.


Yes. Exactly. This doesn’t change our feelings about him at all - what he had to do to survive in that environment is a terrible tragedy-

- And given the circumstances, I could see myself resorting to equally extreme measures. Like whenever Papyrus and the CORE come up… I’ve said before, I would willingly throw myself into the heart of that infernal machine before I let it take him. And I still mean it today.

Exactly. Edge might’a been of a higher social standing than I was back in ‘Fell, but he suffered just as much as I fuckin’ did. You can’t fix his shit with some Green Magic an’ a good meal.

…. I just wish the stubborn bastard had told one’a us sooner…