taste of runaway

static on the line, i hear it all the time

anonymous asked:

Whats that song you and Danny where dancing to in your snap chat? You have great taste in music.

Runaway (U & I) by Galantis. Get on dat.

am i your wound?
here is what i will not do:
open with a rush,
admit your fingers
pressed enough. your hands bloom
burnt at the knuckles.

we’re too much
like stoplights, flushed skin.
your mother’s voice nicks
like broken brick.
you don’t have to follow her
into hospital rooms;
you know how to draw blood
without a needle.

you think we will survive another snow.
i am more like fall, like fall-
ing with a last blazing hurrah
of sugar and scarlet.

i’m still left in your hair like a leaf.
november still tastes like runaway.

—  past peak - p.f.