taste of les

hc: les amis kind of vaguely assume that enjolras is pretty healthy because he doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, he’s pretty lean, when they see him eat it’s healthy stuff, drinks loads of water, has nice skin, and god he always has so much energy ?? how does he do it ?? but in reality he pours red bull in his coffee when no one’s looking, sleeps a maximum of like 4 hours a night if at all, has absolutely horrifying blood pressure, jfc someone please stop him before he has a caffeine induced heart attack please 

newsies as cheesy teen movie cliches
  • Jack: the classic "shallow headed" jock who secretly has deep and smart philosophies, like adult level thoughts that really don't make sense to the average 16 year old
  • Davey: that one super nerdy guy who follows the female main character around with a camera (you'd be surprised how many teen movies have this character) and wins the girl by persistent filming
  • Kath: " hi, I'm Katherine. I'm not your average teenaged girl who worries about popularity and mascara. [camera zooms in on popular girls] yeah, I'm definitely not like them. I actually have brains. [camera zooms in on superior music taste and multiple flannels]"
  • Les: the main characters younger brother who asks all of her friends out. like every single one.
  • Specs: the guy that's super nerdy who decides he needs to become a super cool jock in order to impress the girl he likes, when in reality the girl doesn't care, and she actually likes his sweater vest collection or whatever
  • Spot: literally everyone owes him a favor. he never explains why.
  • Race: the angry one
  • Romeo: the guy who sends out a mass text to every girl in school asking them to prom. they all decline. he watches supernatural and eats Cheetos instead. he was too cool for those high school girls anyways. he starts asking out college girls.
French Idioms (Part I)

il était grand temps - it’s about time

à son bon plaisir - according to one’s whim

Chacun son goût. - There’s no accounting for taste. 

sur tous les tableaux - across the board

les voies de fait - acts of violence

une cause naturelle - an act of God

en flagrant délit - in the act

Il a doublé ses torts d’un affront. - He added insult to injury.

donner du ______ - to address as _______

il n’y a pas à dire - I/you have to admit

n’empêche que - one has to admit

après coup - after the fact

à son corps défendant - against one’s will

*cue music*

“To protect this fool from assassination!”

“To unite all peoples within our nation!”

“To ensure he has a spare set of gloves!”

“To extend our reach to the ranks above!”



“Team Royai snaps off at the speed of light!”

“Surrender now or prepare to burn bright bright bright!”

…………..*wags tail*

Just a small, insufficient token of my appreciation for my now 100+(!!??likeseriouslywth?) followers.You guys all have been so sweet and encouraging and  honestly I’m still trying to process it. Soooo here-have my top favorite pair goofing off dressed up as my first favorite pair! XDD I’m pretty sure James was my first crush as a kid. Ah, the nineties…