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idk if you've already gotten an ask like this but-time travel au sid who keeps falling in love with children from different time eras and geno's like "no sid we can't take this baby from 1600s they will think wee witches sid. what would we even do with it?" and sid, looking at a lil baby at church is like "we would love it. we stole ghenghis khan, geno, we can take a baby" and geno is jsut progressively more exasperated and the Sid NO's get more urgent bc sid is determined to get a baby

They meet a little girl from the 1850s who ends up helping them on a case involving her neglectful uncle, who’s some sort of illegal goods smuggler, and when they’re about to go back to their time, the little girl kind of grabs on the Sidney and whispers, “When are you coming back?”

“I don’t think we will be coming back, love,” Sidney says, very quietly.

“Sid, we have to go,” Geno says urgently, but he’s got a soft spot for the girl as well. “Meredith have to go home–”

“What home, Zhenya?” Sidney snaps. “Her uncle’s been arrested. Her aunt could care less if she returned. It’s no place for a seven year old. She has no childhood there.”

Geno checks his watch. Fifty seconds left. “Sidney…”

“Zhenya, I’m sorry, I can’t–I promised you I wouldn’t do this, but I can’t leave her like this–”

“Sidney, it going to rain soon,” Geno says. “We take her home. Our home.”

“–and I know it was in the training that I–wait.” Sidney gapes. “You want to–truly?”

“I can’t leave her, either,” Geno admits, then turns to Meredith kneeling as well. “You want to stay here with your aunt, or come home with us? Sidney and I, we take care of you. Be new family.”

Meredith’s eyes are wide. “I want to go home with you. Please.”

It feels right, when Meredith takes both of their hands as they travel back to HQ. 

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venus in the 8th?

venus in 8th - These individuals can have a very seductive feel to them, it can feel as though they’re drawing you in. They can be very intense lovers and jealousy can be a big factor. They’d need someone who can ‘stand’ or even enjoy their deep way of loving and sometimes ‘dark’ taste 

31 Days of October With Patrick Stump

October 1st: You’re woken up with a kiss and the words “It’s the first of Halloween!”. He spends the rest of the day asking you which songs would fit in a Halloween playlist. He also creates a list of Halloween movies to watch.

October 2nd: Once he gets back from a meeting with the guys, he asks you what you’re going to be for Halloween. When you tell him you don’t have any plans to be anything, he immediately goes through all the people you could be. You finally decide on Wendy Darling after he agrees to be Peter Pan.

October 3rd: You have a lazy day and just lie in bed together. He softly talks about pumpkin spice flavored coffee while playing with your hair. You remind him that he takes his coffee black, holding back giggles. He rolls his eyes but smiles, reminding you that you take creamer. He then spends the next hour trying to convince you to get up and buy the two of you coffee, but you shut him up with a kiss before cuddling into his chest.

October 4th: You wake up to an otherwise empty bed. You can hear Patrick singing from the kitchen, so you sleepily drag yourself out of bed to him. He hands you a large paper cup of coffee. You take a drink and you’re overloaded with the taste of pumpkin spice. You glance up at Patrick and he has a giant smile on his face. He’s so proud of himself for getting you to “drink Halloween”. You just shake your head and call him a dweeb while smiling.

October 5th: Patrick has to be at the studio, so you spend the day shopping. You make sure to buy some pumpkin spice creamer, although you’d never admit to him that you really liked it. Patrick gets home late and the two of you go to bed immediately after he takes a shower.

October 6th: Patrick is off to the studio before you wake up. As you make yourself breakfast you notice a note taped to the fridge. “I see you liked the pumpkin spice :) -Pumpkin Stump”

October 7th: Patrick has a day off. You spend it teasing him with “pumpkin stump”. Every time you kiss, he reminds you that you taste like pumpkin spice.

October 8th: Patrick has a sick day. You two watch Ghostbusters and ignore Pete’s calls.

October 9th: He goes back to the studio again. He calls at lunch to tell you he won’t be back until after midnight because he missed a day. You listen to his Halloween playlist and clean.

October 10th: You wake up and Patrick is passed out next to you, with his clothes from yesterday still on. You leave a note saying you’re going to the store and kiss his cheek before you leave. When you get back he’s still in the same position and looks even more exhausted. You make him pumpkin pancakes and try to be as quiet as you can. When he wakes up he doesn’t say much, but he’s happy about the pancakes. “You’re getting into the Halloween spirit”.

October 11th: Twenty days early, Patrick buys supplies to make your costumes. Patrick pokes himself while sewing multiple times, but his hat and suit came out pretty well. Your dress, however, barely looked like a dress. Patrick loves it.

October 12th: Patrick has to be at the studio, so you join him. Pete complains about Patrick’s sick day, but also asks you about your costumes. When you tell him you and Patrick are going to be Peter Pan and Wendy, Pete laughs and jokes about being Tinker Bell, AKA, “Peter Pan’s side chick”.

October 13th: As soon as you wake up, Patrick is telling you to get dressed so you two can leave. You agree, but he won’t tell you where you’re going no matter how much you beg. It takes about an hour, but you finally reach a pumpkin patch. You roll your eyes, but he drags you through all the attractions, like the pumpkin weighing contest and the mazes. You even start to get in the Halloween mood. Even though you’d never admit that to him. You take home three pumpkins, one for him, one for you, and one to share.

October 14th: Yet again, Patrick is at work. He tries to text you throughout the day with messages like “Watch Theodore” (what he named his pumpkin).

October 15th: Patrick comes home from the studio early. He got into a fight with Pete, so you let him vent and play with his hair while you two watch some of the Halloween movies off of his list.

October 16th: Pete comes over to talk to Patrick, who refuses to get out of bed. They talk for a couple of minutes while you sit nervously in the kitchen. Just a couple minutes later, Pete and Patrick come out together, laughing and smiling. You knew they’d make up, but you didn’t know it would happen so quickly. You and Patrick agree to go to Pete’s Halloween party that he’s throwing on the 30th.

October 17th: Patrick is back to work and you decide it’s time to buy Halloween candy. You go a little bit overboard and buy too much, but you’re sure that you and Patrick can finish the left overs.

October 18th: Patrick and you have date night. You ask him about work and he sings you a couple songs off of the album he’s working on. Patrick has to remove Theodore from your bedroom, saying “Theodore is a small child, he needs to stay innocent.”.

October 19th: If Theodore was your child, he was no longer. As soon as Patrick gets home from work, he takes your pumpkins and tells you that he’s ready to make Jack-O-Lanterns. You guys make a huge mess in the kitchen, but your pumpkins look great. You set them next to your front door, and Patrick reminds you that the rest of the house needs to be decorated.

October 20th: Decoration shopping is harder than you thought it’d be. Not because you don’t know what to get, but because Patrick wants everything in the entire store. You finally decide on orange and purple lights and lots and lots of skeleton themed things.

October 21st: You and Patrick put up the decorations. Your house looks like something out of a cheesy horror movie. Patrick is in love. He even suggests that the house stays like this all year.

October 22nd: Fall Out Boy gets a gig a couple cities away, so Patrick has to pack. He hums “Spooky Girlfriend” by Elvis Costello while smiling and winking at you. He’s gone by the end of the night.

October 23rd: Patrick’s gig is today. It’s live on television, so you watch it. His performance is great, and he really looks happy and confident. He calls you afterwards and when you ask him why he was so enthusiastic he tells you it was because he thought of you. And Halloween.

October 24th: Patrick gets home late, sleepy and cuddly. You two lie in bed while he “rests his eyes” and he tells you he has plans for the two of you tomorrow. When you ask him to give you a hint, he says “It’s Halloween related.” You giggle and say “What isn’t?” While he falls asleep.

October 25th: The new location is farther away than the pumpkin patch. Patrick still refuses to tell you what it is. When you arrive, you see that it’s a haunted house. Patrick holds your hand and squeezes it tightly whenever something scary happens. You get a bit freaked out whenever there’s a jump scare, so Patrick holds you.

October 26th: You head to the studio with Patrick again, and it seems that everyone else is just as happy about Halloween. Well, except Andy, who is even more neutral than you. You two sit and giggle at Joe, Pete, and Patrick’s rant about how great Halloween is.

October 27th: You almost go a full day without any reference to Halloween, until your neighbor comes over and compliments your decorations. Patrick and them get into an avid discussion about Halloween while you roll your eyes at them, while smiling at how cute Patrick is when he gets passionate about Halloween.

October 28th: Finally, you admit to Patrick that he’s gotten you into the Halloween spirit. He actually cancels work so you two can bake Halloween themed cupcakes and listen to his Halloween Playlist again.

October 29th: You and Patrick perfect your costumes. You end up resewing most of your dress, while Patrick gets more accessories. Your costumes actually look good together.

October 30th: Pete’s Halloween party is amazing. Everyone has a lot of fun, there’s bobbing for apples, horror movies, really great snacks, and “spooky” music. About half way through, you and Patrick sneak into Pete’s room to make out and talk about how It’s been a really good month.

October 31st: Even though you’re not going anywhere, you and Patrick put your costumes on again. You turn the lights off and light up your Jack-O-Lanterns while playing Patrick’s playlist and watching your favorite scary movies. You guys eat candy and cuddle until kids start showing up. Then, you examine costumes and give out candy as much candy as possible. Seeing so many kids happy really brought up both of your energy. At the end of the night, Patrick and you are lying in bed and he whispers, “I hope every Halloween is as good as this one.”


November 1st: Yet again, you’re woken up with a kiss. The exclamation this time is “It’s the first of Christmas!”


1. Halloween by Dead Kennedys
2. Pet Sematary by Ramones
3. Science Fiction/Double Feature from The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack
4. Frankenstein by New York Dolls
5. Halloween by Misfits
6. Trick or Treat by Groovie Ghoulies
7. T.V. Party by Black Flag
8. Killer by The Hoosiers
9. Dead Souls by Joy Division
10. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) by David Bowie
11. Eep Opp Ork (uh Uh) by The Dickies
12. The Witch Queen of New Orleans by Redbone
13. Post Blue by Placebo
14. Witchcraft by Frank Sinatra
15. Death of a Party by Blur
16. Thriller by Michael Jackson
17. Turn the Lights Off by Tally Hall
18. I Put a Spell on You by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
19. Spooky Girlfriend by Elvis Costello
20. Cemetery Polka by Tom Waits
21. People Are Strange by The Doors
22. Mr. Sandman by The Chordettes
23. Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack
24. House of the Rising Sun by The Animals
25. Kill of the Night by Gin Wingmore
26. Monster Mash by Bobby Morris
27. I Want You by Elvis Costello
28. Mack the Knife by Frank Sinatra
29. Bela Lugosi’s Dead by Bauhaus
30. Hell Broke Luce by Tom Waits