taste my happy people

ineptshieldmaid replied to your postme, just as my GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP!! reminder…

WAIT have you only just read this? I read it recently and was like ‘wow i bet fahye loved this when she read it’


look, I am lucky enough to be surrounded by people who know my tastes and who are very happy to throw recommendations my way, which also means that I am at all times staggering under the weight of a list of things which sound AMAZING and UP MY ALLEY but which I cannot…read…all at once…

at the moment my to-read list has about 60 books–and some of these are SERIES of books–on it, and it doesn’t even include the list of unread books on my shelves or on my kindle or beside my bed. which is probably another 40 or so, easy. 

which one gets read next is determined by a strange alchemy of availability, mood, guilt, the library system, and whether I just want to curl up and coddle my brain cells by rereading a discworld or jane austen book instead.

Curious. But who do y'all ship me with.

Im short, with short hair. Im mean but in that joking way, if I love you, I love you with my entire heart and I will protect you with my entire heart and soul. I have trouble saying I love you though, I can’t do it irl. I get bored easily, my music taste fluctuates and I just want people to be happy and love and care for each other. I worry about plants more than I worry about the human race sometimes and I just want to live in the forests.

gleek-runner  asked:

Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers. (Positivity is cool)

Five things? Okay.
1. My Patience
2. My Hair
3. My ability to make people happy
4. My taste in media
5. My sense of humor

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