taste matters

Tropical Gothic
  • There is an umbrella in your drink. You do not remember asking for one. When you return from the bathroom, there are two umbrellas in your drink. 
  • You ask the bartender for a whisky on the rocks. He makes you a pina colada. You do not question it. There is an umbrella in your drink
  • The iguanas sit idly in front of your house. Ruminating. Every day they are there. Watching. Waiting.
  • You go on a boat trip around several small islands. The boat stops several times at several different docks where the same smiling faces greet you. You go to the beachside bars and look at the local wildlife. You return to the boat to find it is departing on a tour of several islands. You go to beachside bars. There is an umbrella in your drink
  • You visit the man who makes shaved ice cream cones. He smiles as he pours raspberry syrup on your cone. The taste is cloying. No matter where you go, you hear him scraping the ice.
  • A family of four goes scuba diving for the first time. Their smiling faces swallowed up by the endless blue of ocean. they never return. The next day a family of four goes scuba diving for the first time. When they return they do not smile.
  • You go to the beach. The sands stretch before you, and no matter how far you walk, you never reach the ocean.
  • One night you find a swarm of baby turtles heading for the ocean. Just before they reach the sea they stop and stare at you, unblinking, before one of them opens it’s mouth and cries like a child. Nobody else seems to notice, and the turtles disappear into the foam.
  • A man sells you a shell necklace. You thank him and put the necklace on. The next morning, it is gone, and you notice a large group of hermit crabs with similar-looking shells.
  • You find a lone food truck at the beach. It’s wheels rusted away, leaving concrete blocks. Old salsa plays on a hissing radio, decades old. “We only accept the currency of the sea,” she says. You hand her the shells you collected. She hands you mashed plantain stuffed with shrimp and octopus. They wriggle still.
  • There is a tsunami warning. You ask the bartender what that means. He smiles and makes you a cocktail. Later that day you see an umbrella swept away by the ocean.

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Phrases with CUESTIÓN in Spanish

BEWARE! Cuestión doesn’t mean question! It’s more like problem/matter/issue:)

arrojar luz sobre una cuestión - to shed light on an issue

(el) asunto en cuestión - matter in hand

una cuestión compleja - a complex issue

una cuestión de gusto - a matter of taste

una cuestión delicada - a delicate issue/matter

una cuestión de piel - skin deep

una cuestión de tiempo - a matter of time

una cuestión política - a political issue

el nudo/quid/fondo de la cuestión - the heart of the matter

en cuestión - in question

en cuestión de - regarding

en cuestión de segundos - in a matter of seconds

otra cuestión - another point

por una cuestión personal - for personal reasons

ser cuestión de suerte - to be a matter of chance

ser cuestión de vida o muerte - be a matter of life or death

tratar cuestiones importantes - cover/discuss important points/problems

(Basically all from Word Reference)

i keep trying to memorize every detail of the moments i live in. in the soreness of my legs from standing so long at a concert, the chill of the night, the patterns of a tablecloth, the oily texture in my mouth after eating fried bananas. i keep trying to memorize the feelings, the quiet contentedness, the laughter, the excitement. i keep trying to memorize the people, their smiles, the way they speak, what makes them laugh. i’m constantly on the cusp of the next part of my life and that’s just so.. strange. but it makes it so much easier to find happiness no matter what’s happening to me, in a way? because i’m already kind of looking at life with those rose-colored glasses of nostalgia, simply because i know these are times i’ll never be able to live again, and these are people i might not always have, and that makes it so much easier to appreciate everything i might miss later. 

Edible Magickal Flowers and Folk Lore

The culinary use of flowers dates back thousands of years to the Chinese, Greeks and Romans. Many cultures use flowers in their traditional cooking, medicine, and magick.

 Adding flowers to your food can be a nice way to add color, flavor and a little magickal whimsy. Some are spicy, and some herbaceous, while others are floral and fragrant. The range is surprising. Flower petals can be used in salads and as garnish for desserts, but they also inspire magickal creative uses as well. Use them to make floral spirit water for rituals, as a medicinal tea, or add to a healing spell or love potion….  the possibilities are endless.


  •        Not all flowers are edible (those listed below are safe for consumption) - As lovely as eating flowers can be, some can also be a little … deadly, so only eat flowers you know to be consumable — if you are uncertain, consult a reference book on edible flowers and plants. (Always refer to the botanical name when verifying whether a flower is safe to eat.)
  •       Just because a flower is edible doesn’t mean it will taste good. Some will be more to your liking than others – it’s all a matter of taste. Keep in mind that the stamen, pistil and sepal of some blossoms are bitter and can contain pollen that may detract from the true flavor of the flower. Consuming only the petals will further heighten the appeal factor.
  •       Eat flowers you have grown yourself, or know to be safe for consumption. Flowers from the florist or nursery have probably been treated with pesticides or other chemicals.
  •       Do not eat roadside flowers or those picked in public parks. Both may have been treated with pesticide or herbicide, and roadside flowers may be polluted by car exhaust.
  •      Eat only the petals, and remove pistils and stamens before eating.
  •      If you suffer from allergies, introduce edible flowers gradually, as they may exacerbate allergies.
  •     To keep flowers fresh, place them on moist paper towels and refrigerate in an airtight container. Some will last up to 10 days this way. Ice water can revitalize limp flowers.

1, Allium
All blossoms from the allium family (leeks, chives, garlic, garlic chives) are edible and flavorful.  Flavors run the gamut from delicate leek to robust garlic. Every part of these plants is edible. Garlic is masculine in nature and associated with the planet Mars, the element fire and the sign Aries. It is sacred to Hecate and is a suitable offering to her left at a crossroads.  Garlic has antibiotic properties, but should not be used directly on wounds or in poultices or salves because it can be irritating to the skin and may inhibit blood clotting.

2. Angelica
Depending on the variety, flowers range from pale lavender-blue to deep rose and have a licorice-like flavor. Believed to have originated in Syria, angelica is now found just about everywhere. In ancient times it was used to ward off the plague and evil and as a cure for poison and… well, just about everything else. Angelica is associated with the angels Michael and Gabriel. It is aligned with the sun and the element of fire and sacred to Venus. Angelica tea is useful for colic, gas, indigestion, hepatitis, heartburn, nausea, ulcers and various other digestive ailments.

3. Anise Hyssop
Both flowers and leaves have a subtle anise or licorice flavor. Anise is one of the oldest known plants that were grown for both culinary and medicinal use. Anise is associated with the element of air, the God Apollo, the planets Mercury and Jupiter, and the astrological sign Gemini. Anise is also considered masculine.

4. Basil
Blossoms come in a variety of colors, from white to pink to lavender; flavor is similar to the leaves, but milder. The word Basil comes from the Greeks, meaning “King”.  Basil is sacred to Vishnu, Tulasi and Erzulie, masculine in nature, and associated with the element of fire and the planet Mars. Basil helps steady the mind, brings happiness, love, peace, and money and protects against insanity.

5. Calendula / Marigold
A great flower for eating, calendula blossoms are peppery, tangy, and spicy — and their vibrant golden color adds a dash of magick to any dish. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all loved calendula and used it for culinary and healing purposes. During the medieval period it was considered a cure for just about everything.  Marigold is associated with the Sun. Calendula symbolizes love and constancy.  It is great for wedding bouquets and decorations. It is the traditional “he loves me, he loves me not” flower and is useful for love potions. Dried petals can be strewn to consecrate an area or burned in consecration incense. They are also a good addition to dream pillows.

6. Carnations
Petals are sweet, once trimmed away from the base. The blossoms taste like their sweet, perfumed aroma.  In ancient Rome, carnations were known as “Jove’s Flower” as a tribute to their beloved king of the gods, Jupiter.  Carnations are masculine, associated with the Sun and Jupiter, and with the element fire.  Those things that fall under the rule of Jupiter are ideal for use in magickal applications related to luck, money, good fortune, status, legal matters, fertility, friendship, ambition, career, success and protection. The flowers can be used to lend strength in healing applications. The practitioner can also use carnation essential oils to increase health and vigor.

7. Chamomile
Small and daisy like, the flowers have a sweet flavor and are often used in tea. Ragweed sufferers may be allergic to chamomile.  The Romans used Chamomile for incense.  Chamomile was used in ancient Egypt for fevers and was dedicated to their Sun God Ra.  Chamomile is associated with the sun, Leo and the element of water. It helps cleanse and invigorate the throat chakra (5th). It is associated with various Sun Gods, including Cernunnos, Lugh and others.  It is used in spells for money, peace, love, tranquility and purification.

8. Chrysanthemum / Mum
A little bitter, mums come in a rainbow of colors and a range of flavors range from peppery to pungent. Use only the petals. In Celtic folklore, chrysanthemums in the garden were considered a meeting place for the faeries. Chrysanthemum is masculine in nature and resonates with the energy of the Sun and the element of fire.  Chrysanthemum has been used for burial rituals and is a suitable decoration for Samhain and for ancestral altars.  The dried flower heads of chrysanthemum can be burned during house blessings ceremonies. 

9. Dandelion
The bright yellow flowers should be gathered as soon as they open. Remove the green bits from the base of the flower before using. These can be added to wines, vinegar or jellies. The name dandelion comes from the French, “dent de lion” which means “tooth of the lion”.  The dandelion is masculine in action and associated with the planet Jupiter, the element of air and both Pisces and Sagittarius. It is also associated with any solar deity, Hecate, Brigid and Belenos.  A tea of the flowers and leaves may be consumed to increase psychic ability, while pouring boiling water over a bowlful of roots will aid in calling spirits.   You can also make a wish and blow the seeds off a dandelion head.

10. Lavender
Sweet, spicy, and perfumed, the flowers are a great addition to both savory and sweet dishes. Some of the earliest recorded uses of lavender are by the Roman soldiers who used the wild-growing plant to perfume their bathwater and wash their clothes. Lavender is masculine in action and associated with Mercury. It is also associated with the element of air and the astrological sign Virgo. It may be used as an asperging herb (to sprinkle water for purification purposes) and dried lavender sticks or wands can be burnt like incense. It is also useful in spells to sharpen the mind, to encourage or strengthen pure love and to encourage fertility. The scent of lavender is relaxing and uplifting all at once making it a great aromatherapy for stressed out or depressed individuals. Try adding some lavender oil to your bath or add it to mild oil for a relaxing massage at the end of a hard day. Stuffing a pillow with lavender buds may help insomniacs relax and fall asleep and soothes headaches.

11.  Oregano
The flowers are a pretty, subtle version of the leaf. Oregano is ruled by Venus and the element of air and associated with Aphrodite. It is used in spells for happiness, tranquility, luck, health, protection and letting go of a loved one. It can also be used in spells to deepen existing love. When worn on the head during sleep, it is said to promote psychic dreams. Oregano symbolizes joy. Use it for rituals celebrating joyful occasions, or in spells to bring joy into one’s life.

12.  Rose
Remove the white, bitter base and the remaining petals have a strongly perfumed flavor perfect for floating in drinks or scattering across desserts, and for a variety of jams. All roses are edible, with flavor more pronounced in darker varieties. From the time of Solomon, the rose has been the flower most closely linked with love. The rose was sacred to Venus, the Roman goddess of love, and was connected to her messenger, Cupid. Roses have been cultivated for over 5,000 years. Roses are associated with Aphrodite, Adonis and Eros. Rosewater is a protective agent worn on clothes. Rose petals can be added to charms against the evil eye.

13.  Rosemary
Flowers taste like a milder version of the herb; nice used as a garnish on dishes that incorporate rosemary. The word Rosmarinus is from the Latin meaning “dew of the sea”.  Rosemary is also associated with Aphrodite and appears in many ancient images of Her. Rosemary was used to ward off evil spirits and nightmares. The wood was used to make musical instruments. Rosemary is male in nature and ruled by Leo, the element fire and the sun (or Moon, depending who you ask).  It’s sacred to Hebe, Aphrodite and the Virgin Mary. Rosemary can be used in spells for fidelity and remembrance as well as to dispel jealousy. Rosemary is useful for ritual baths, and for making sacred herbal water for ritual cleansing, blessing and purification. Bathing in rosemary will enhance your memory.  

14. Sage
Blossoms have a subtle flavor similar to the leaves. Sage is a hardy perennial of the mint family.  The Romans regarded sage quite highly and much sacrifice and ceremony was associated with its harvest. They believed it stimulated the brain and memory and used it to clean their teeth. Sage is masculine in nature and associated the element of air and the planet Jupiter. Sage is sacred to the Greek Zeus and Roman Jupiter. It is also a symbol of the Virgin Mary. Sage is used in magical workings for immortality, longevity, wisdom, protection and the granting of wishes. Sage is also believed to help alleviate sorrow of the death of a loved one.

15. Sunflower
Petals can be eaten, and the bud can be steamed like an artichoke. Sunflower is associated with the sun and all solar deities. Its essence helps balance the first chakra and also helps with confidence in leadership roles. Sunflower oil can be used as carrier oil for healing oils used in massages and ointments.

16. Violets
Another famous edible flower, violets are floral, sweet and beautiful as garnishes. Use the flowers in salads and to garnish desserts and drinks. In Roman mythology, violets were said to be lesser goddesses who once dared to rival the beauty of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty.  Violets are affiliated with the planet Venus or Pluto and are associated with the nymphs of ancient Greek myths.  Violets are also associated with death and rebirth through the story of Attis. Violets are useful in love spells and may be carried as an amulet to increase one’s luck in love. Try combining them with lavender for an enhanced effect.

 Sources:  HerbalRiot, Cheralyndarcey, Witches of the Craft, Inspirationforthespirit,  Witchipedia 

Mock up the courage

Bucky x reader

Notes: fluff, just pure fluff. 

A/N: Bucky is tired and needy and just wants to cuddle. (who. fuckin’. wouldn’t?!)

Originally posted by sebastianobrien

If there was ever something more adorable than Bucky being tired or in any way not feeling well, you’d never seen it. Now, the serum made sure he was never not feeling well, but it didn’t help exhaustion after a week long mission with only 2 hours of sleep a day.

This is why he came stumbling into your floor, somehow overriding every security protocol with his left over spy-skills, calling out your name at two in the morning.

Actually, it was more like a drawn out whine.

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It’s a Matter of Taste

This is my submission for the third prompt of the Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-thon - Taste. Oliver asks Felicity to pretend to be his girlfriend for Queen Consolidate Board retreat. Also available on AO3.  Thanks to @almondblossomme for proofing!

He could do this, he could totally do this. Oliver paced back and forth in his office. He had no fear staring down the bad guys as the Arrow but asking Felicity Smoak to be his fake girlfriend for a cottage weekend, THAT terrified him.

“So, when are going to tell me what’s going on?” Felicity stood in the door of his office. “Oliver, I could see you pacing for the last five minutes. Your walls are glass.”

“I have to ask you something and you aren’t going to like it.”


“So, if you could not use your loud voice I’d appreciate it.”

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Espresso Yourself

Request: Bucky Barnes hating coffee but going to a coffee shop everyday because the reader works there- @marvelgoateecollection 

Word Count: 1619

A/N: so i wrote joie de vivre and that was more of a sassy bucky and reader fic so this one is just bucky being cute and sam being a shit but floofy

Bucky Barnes wasn’t one to go into coffee shops of any kind, whether they were part of a chain or an independent business. They were always filled with hipsters and people in suits who constantly hogged the electrical outlets and occupied all the comfy seats. If he ever went into one of those coffee shops he could never fully relax and that’s all he wanted to do after his morning run before heading back to the chaos of his life.

Sam had other plans that morning, stating that he needed coffee and it couldn’t be any brand of coffee it had to a specific kind from a specific shop. Bucky grunted as he followed Sam down a quiet little side street.

“Tada!” Sam exclaimed as he stood in front of the shop, hands up in the air to show off the sign of the store.

“Espresso Yourself?” Bucky questioned, raising an eyebrow at the stupid pun. Sam just nodded excitedly and walked in, not even bothering to look back to see if Bucky was behind him.

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10 Ways To Say I Love You

Title: 10 Ways To Say I Love You

Summary: Dean says “I love you” every single day. He just doesn’t do it with words.

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader

Word count: 1248

Warnings: light smut(very light, trust me guys). Fluff, fluff, fluff and fluff.

Author’s Notes: So I was supposed to be working on the second part to “The Promise” (and I’m almost done, guys, I swear) but after a conversation I had with @ravengirl94 last night, this baby happened. It’s entirely written from Dean’s POV (I guess I like doing that *winks*) and it’s in present tense. Frankly, I’ve never done anything like this before but I enjoyed working on it. I hope you all like it. <3 

Originally posted by supernaturalfreewill

Dean doesn’t like bombasts and balderdashes. He’s never been particularly good with words and has, at times, trouble expressing his feelings. He has, however, a heart that loves overwhelmingly and cares deeply, a heart that bleeds and burns but only grows and flourishes with love for the ones he considers family.

Dean doesn’t usually say I love you. Not because he doesn’t feel it or because he’s embarrassed by the sentiment but because he’s afraid. He’s terrified that the moment he speaks these words the ones he cares about will be taken away from him.

But he does love. He loves Sam. He loves Cas. He loves Y/N, the girl with the bright smile and the Y/E/C eyes that came bursting into his life and made a wonderful mess out of it. And he tells her that much. In fact, he whispers those three words to her every day with his actions.

Dean says I love you with the way he looks at her, soft and intense, green orbs always searching for her in the almost empty rooms of the bunker or in a room full of people. He says it with the way his eyes twinkle when she smiles at him, with the way he always gravitates towards her and everything else just fades away because she’s the only thing that really matters.

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anonymous asked:

how do you make the sparkles fall behind the image? like only on the background

hey, love! so i’ve been asked this a lot, and i finally have a day off so below is how i end up with something like this: 

(the psd used in this example can be found here)(i save my sparkle gif from here) (this is more to show how to remove the gif from over the model, a tutorial for how to use the gif in the first place can be found here)

this might get a bit wordy since i can never manage to keep things short, and since this is a little bit more complicated than the usual ‘sparkle’ effect, i’ve added a few pictures along the way to help but please feel free to ask any questions!

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Diabolik lovers ‘’5th Anniversary book ‘’ [Reiji’s interview] ~translation|traducción~

Thanks to @bittersweet-faerietale  for having helped me with this translation!

  • 1. Right now, what is your favorite thing?

Let me see… …Ahh, long ago I bought a new set of cups. I did not like the manufacturer’s brand, but its design caught my attention.So I ended up buying it anyway. Recently I have been using them constantly.

  • 2. What kind of fashion are you into lately?

Recently I open my shirt’s collar  but not excessively, I let it look in a casual way. There are not many styles to choose from.

  • 3. What habits do you have that you’ll do without realizing?

I did not realize I had any, but recently I discovered it. Apparently I have a habit of opening and closing my pocket watch when I’m bored.I want to fix it as soon as possible.

  • 4. How do you spend your days-off?

If other problems are not occurring, then I enjoy my tea, and I polish my  tableware collection. I also read a great deal.And lastly, as needed, I also cook and clean. Well, it is better to do it when there are problems though… (huh?)

  • 5. What do you wear to sleep?

I am still looking for pajamas to sleep in. I exchange them according to the season that we are in, I like them to be soft to the touch and I select the ones that are solid colors.

  • 6. What do you definitely do before sleeping?

Of course I drink a cup of flavored tea. If the taste is too strong then I would not sleep, so I dilute it a bit. And recently I also put petals in it before drinking.

  • 7. What part of your body you like the best?

I have not thought about it. But just for answering, I would say that it is my hand. It is the part that I look the most, the one that I dedicate myself to use, and the part that I take more care of.

  • 8. What do you like the most of your room?

What I like most obviously is my tableware collection. Waking up and seeing what you like is the most relaxing of all. [In love with my tableware collection cough]

  • 9. Tell us one memorable impression that you have of your brothers.

…Long ago Kanato go out the castle and went astray. I occasionally went outside and incidentally found him.I do not know if he had been tired or what, but obediently he listened to what I said and returned with me to the castle.Now that I think about it, this was the first and last time Kanato was obedient.

  • 10. What you think of KarlHeinz?

I respect my father. Reigning the great Makai for sure was not an easy job. I also think others things about him … … But I do not think it is time to tell it.

  • 11. Where would you go on a date?

In particular I do not have any wish like that, but maybe I would go to the aquarium. The image of a dark and quiet place is formed in my mind.Where there are not many people. So the ‘maid’ would feel comfortable.

  • 12. What does a girl do to make your heart skip a beat?

I like it when she is about to cry and desperately tries to hide it so that I won’t notice it.I keep testing her until she can not endure it anymore and she breaks in tears.

  • 13. How does her blood taste?

No matter what kind of blood it isn’t sufficient to satisfy me like her blood will…. …It is to that degree of delicious. No matter what words I would select, I can not express that flavor.

  • 14. From which body part do you like to suck her blood?

From the usual place: her neck. It is the easiest place to drink blood.

  • 15. What does her existence mean to you?

I do not think it’s something you should dare to ask people… …Let me see… she interests me. She causes too many problems, but that is also part of her charm.She is too careless, I would like that she were a little more cautious.Surely she must think that I am annoying to be telling her this but..

En español abajo~

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taken from the book  ‘ the gay science ’  by friedrich nietzsche

❛ their whole nature fails to persuade ❜
❛ they have never remained silence about any of their good deeds ❜
❛ he always carries a biscuit for cerberus ❜
❛ either we have no dreams or our dreams are interesting ❜
❛ let those who have ears, hear ❜
❛ before the effect one believes in different causes than one does afterward ❜
❛ anyone with a very loud voice is almost incapable of thinking subtleties ❜
❛ the purpose of punishment is to improve those who punish ❜
❛ the sacrificial animal does not share the spectators’ ideas about sacrifice ❜
❛ our eyes are also intended for hearing ❜
❛ the mistrustful speak empathetically ❜
❛ how can one constantly admire without constantly feeling contempt? ❜
❛ is that not a blasphemy against your ideal? ❜
❛ in applause there is always a kind of noise ❜
❛ they are running away from people ❜
❛ one hears only those questions for which one is able to find answers ❜
❛ they know how to make things simpler than they are ❜
❛ this is by all means a matter of taste, nothing more ❜
❛ i’d sooner have people steal from me than be surrounded by scarecrows & hungry looks ❜
❛ thoughts are the shadows of our feelings ❜
❛ all voices sound different in solitude ❜
❛ who has had the most convincing eloquence so far? ❜
❛ i spoil the taste of their party for everyone ❜
❛ some people need open enemies ❜
❛ they are in a bad way ❜
❛ we are always only in our own company ❜
❛ in a moment they will be ready with a lie ❜
❛ in the end one finds more than one might have wished ❜
❛ why not be defeated some time too? ❜
❛ all is lost if we fall ❜
❛ you have no idea what you are living through ❜
❛ to have a virtue one must really wish to have it in its most brutal form ❜
❛ happiness is not nearly so contagious a disease ❜
❛ even one’s thoughts cannot reproduce entirely in words ❜
❛ there is no selflessness in my soul ❜
❛ you are beyond all embarrassment ❜
❛ i do not want to have people imitate my example ❜
❛ no victor believes in chance ❜
❛ what we do is never understood ❜
❛ those who have greatness are cruel to their virtues ❜
❛ with a great goal one is superior even to justice ❜
❛ you shall become the person you are ❜
❛ what do you love in others? ❜
❛ i still live, i still think ❜
❛ we were friends and have become estranged ❜
❛ few people have faith in themselves ❜
❛ there is yet another world to be discovered — and more than one ❜
❛ at the very bottom of my soul i feel grateful to all my misery ❜
❛ i have given a name to my pain ❜
❛ one must learn to love ❜

Me: Man I’ve got work to finish and a bunch of cosplay to finish and packing and cleaning all by thursday! Where am I ever gonna get the energy?

Bad Idea Fairy: You should make Mabel Juice again!

Me: No I’ll just drink coffee or something like that I don’t want that much sugar–

Bad Idea Fairy:  Y̴̟̥͙̦͎̥̓̉Ỏ̢̠͇͇͚̺̈́̌̓ͭ̽U̯͔̰̺̱̹̇ ̦̦̮̣̉̓̋̂͑S̝͕̬͖̟͙̻ͩͪͩ̅Ḫ̲̬̱̽͐ͣ͑͛̒O͇͔̖̼̰̾̋͆̑̈̾͢U̫̭͎̩͕͓͊̍̽̄̎̚̚L̶̥̥̲̩̩̮̆D̥͎͔̆̓̄̎ ̷͎͉̫̫̜̩̬̂ͮͤ̋͋ͧ̂M̤͔̏͐̄A̴̯̼̎ K̅ͦͫͧ͏͔̫̹Eͬ̃͏̛̪͍ ̜̟͓̳͚̜̺͕͇͆͌̑́͑̓ͣ͒ͮ̕Mͤͪ̾͏̙͕̫̜͔A̛͚͉͇̖͑ͩ̈́̎͋̇̀B̙͚͙̗͖̬̘̊̅ͣ͘È̸̷̪̦̞̳̹̫̙̏̾ͬ͛ͧL̝̘͇͍̞͐͛̒͢ ̸͍͕͗͒̌ͤ̐͢J͒ͪ̅̽ͧ̊͂ͮ͏̭̳̱̻̳U͎̯͈̮̞͇̲̬̅̓̋ͨ̕ I̸̼͕͉̖̯̓̑ͥ̍ͧ̎̔͑ͭ̍ͥ̈́͋͋̈́̀̀͟͝͞C̴̶̼̤̥̗͉͇̜̠̼̱̮̰̪̗̹̭͎̜̥̈́ͮ̿͒ͫ́ͧͫ̐̍̉̀̕͡Eͫ̄͊͒̾ͧ͋ͭ́͘̕͡͞͏͖͎̟̙̞͚̞̙̲̻͇̯̹̭ ̢̤̠͈̳̈́̊̈́͒̈́̋͢͜A̡̧ͪͭͣ̏̕͏̶͈̗͙̲̪̗G̡̣̜̰̬̓̅̊̅ͪ͌͐͛̃̇̊̽̓͋͐͆̍́̚͝A̴̡̬̫̬̼͔̱͉̬̠͎͔̠̦̥̗̖͎̥̎ͥ͆ͣ͛ͪ̄̀͘͞I̵̸̡̛̘͖̲͉͓̭̥̣͕͑̃ͧ̌͂̈̏̀͆̄̈͌̋̚͞Ņ̴̥̟̼̟̻̟̩̣̻͗͒̋̌͐͒͊̀́͞!̣̼͔͚̰̱͖̺̲̺͈̫͉̤̽̾̆̄̋ͬ̈́͆ͪͬͤ̒ͨ͌͘͝!͂̅̎ͭ́̄̑̋̅̄̀͒͐͗͆̒͟͏҉̫̖̣͇͈͕̲̗