taste like haven

I’m hovering 1-2 pounds from having lost 20 pounds… it’s because I tried fruit and now I’m slightly addicted bc it tastes like candy since I haven’t had any added sugar in 2 months. Well in 2 days will be the actual 2 month date.
Maybe I’ll magically hit that goal by then.

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A blurb or an imagine i dont mind, for when Dan and you are at vidcon and phils somewhere else but you and dan r in his hotel room, you kiss for the first time, and when your leaving the room you bump into a ton of utubers and have to explain yourself 😂

-you, dan and phil are all at a vip youtuber party and its around 10pm

-phil stays at the party

-dan walks with you back to the room while you guys continue your conversation

-“oh! i left my charger in your hotel room.”
you say remembering because you were in the boys’ rooms getting ready with others.
“that’s okay, we’ll just stop by my room first.” dan said with a bit of slurring, the both of you did have a fair amount of drinks. free open bar.

-you’re both very giggly

-he opens the door to his room

-you grab your charger and stall for time asking to go to the bathroom
“of course!” he smiles kindly

-you finally finish and fix up your makeup a bit

-dan took off his jacket and he smirks back at you

-low key checking out you and your outfit

-no words spoken and none is needed as he comes over under the threshold

-he puts a hand on your cheek and you tilt you held back

-your lips collide with each other’s and his mouth tastes like a sweet haven with a dose of alcohol (most likely vodka)

-you kiss for like 4 seconds and then pull back, both of you red

-you giggle as does dan and look like guilt happy little children

-“we just kissed!” you yell whisper
dan nods excitedly, eyes strung, “i know! i like it let’s do it again.”
“okay.” you say like a toddler

-you’re both still tipsy and kiss or per say make out

-“let’s go back to my room, before phil comes back.” you take dan’s hand and lead him out

-while walking in the hallway to your room, you see all your youtuber friends and phil

-“hey guys!” “hi y/n!!!” your friends say while you and dan look at each nervously

-“why are you both so red?”
“ummmm,” you stall. “i don’t know… weird. dan and i need to go do something. bye guys!!!”

-quickly the both of you run out and dan quickly says “bye phil,” before whispering “i might not be back tonight.”

-the two of you run off to your shenanigans leaving your youtube friends entirely confused

-dan did not come back to his room that night

Something I desperately need is for Adrien to be terrible at cooking (since people have cooked for him all his life) and when he starts dating Marinette he tries super hard to impress her by inviting her to eat a home cooked meal. Marinette gets super excited, chinese, piano, fencing, modeling and cooking?? So when she goes over and sees the messy (and not so tasty) food he puts in front of her she’s disappointed but notices all the little burns around his hands and can’t help but appreciate how hard he worked for her. She smiles and suggests that he should come over she’ll teach him some new recipes.