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A short post on the most underrepresented eye color in fiction and the most common eye color in the world.

Shades of Brown

  • Gold
  • Amber
  • Russet
  • Tawny
  • Fawn
  • Copper
  • Chestnut
  • Rust
  • Sepia
  • Umber
  • Copper
  • Caramel
  • Ebony
  • Inky black

Things that are Shades of Brown

  • Whiskey/beer (gold)
  • Wood (range from light brown to black)
  • Chocolate (mid to dark brown)
  • Coffee (pale gold to black)
  • Henna (reddish brown)
  • Bronze (light brown)
  • Afternoon sunlight (gold)
  • Obsidian (black)
  • Animals (and their eyes)
  • Earth (wet earth = dark brown, red clay = reddish brown, wet sand = light brown)
  • Ink (black)
  • Topaz gemstone (orange to dark brown)
  • Leather (mid to dark brown)

Brown Associations

  • Autumn or winter: Brown, an earth tone, is closely associated with dead plants, which are brown and not very romantic. You can link this to the smell of woodsmoke, bark, or new snow; the taste of frost or hot chocolate; the sight of bare branches and southward-flying birds; the touch of warm sweaters or rake handles; the sound of crunching leaves or fire crackling.
  • Earth: Again, brown is an earth tone. You can link this to petrichor, the smell of flowers, animals, or water; the taste of crisp cold air or freshwater; the sight of fresh soil, stones, bark, or a low-slung, comfortable cabin; the touch of rain, leather, dirt, or fur; the sound of birds calling, rain falling, plants rustling
  • Alcohol: Most liquor is gold or brown. You can link this to the smell of alcohol and a well-packed bar; the taste of ice, glass, garnish, and alcohol; the sight of a polished bar, a half-empty glass/mug, and the shotgun resting below the bar; the touch of a mild buzz, an arm through yours, or the mild jostling as you find a barstool; and the sound of barroom buzz, a pool table, jazz music, and pouring drinks.
  • Animals: Many animals - predator and prey - have brown or golden eyes. You can link this to the smell of (wet) fur; the taste of cold wind, blood, or plants; the sight of moving branches, unblinking eyes, feathers shining in the sun, and fur ruffling in the breeze; the touch of the ground beneath your bare feet, branches whipping along beside you, and the weather; and the sounds of panting/breathing, or soft footfalls or wing beats.
  • Material: Brown is a tactile color, bringing with it the touch of copper or velvet or hemp or satin in addition to the hue. You can link this to the smell of metal, wet fabric, or hemp; the taste of blood (sometimes described as coppery) or champagne at a luxurious event; the sight of a richly decorated bed, a burnished weapon or set of buttons, or a lovely gown; the touch of cold metal, soft velvet, or course fur; and the sounds of rubbing fur, rustling fabric, and chiming metal.
  • Blackness: This is for all the very dark-eyed people out there who appear not to have irises at all. You can link this to the smell of a cold night or of rock; the taste of regret, lies, or red wine; the sight of raven’s wings, obsidian, flickering shadows, mourners at a funeral, coals, and endless pits; the sensation of being about to fall into a hole, the secret thrill of illicit behavior, nothingness, warmth, or compelling mystery; and the sounds of murmured conversations, rustling feathers, and drowsiness.
  • Old Things: When I think of brown, I think of all of the above, yes, but I also think of old houses and antiques. Maybe because old houses tend to use wood paneling and because paper yellows as it ages? You can link this to the smell of old books, white-out, India ink, mildew, wood polish, and paper; the taste of musty paper, dust, and history; the sight of fireplaces, antique globes, solemn old portraits, overflowing bookshelves, and overstuffed, tatty armchairs; the feeling of a comfortable chair, paper between your fingers, warmth, and familiarity; and the sounds of a crackling fire, an old house settling after a storm, turning pages, and a scratching pen.
  • Warmth: The brown found in brown eyes is a warm, comforting color. You can link this to the smell of warm earth and a full house; the taste of hot summer days; the sight of dust motes swirling in the air, golden sunlight arcing across the ground at morning or dusk, and wood in the fireplace; the feeling of mild warmth from sunlight filtering through treetops; and the sounds of birds singing or quiet conversation.

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so Nen has weird effects on water and we see with Palm that it also works on coffee and I kinda wish there were more instances in HxH of people accidentally (or intentionally) affecting liquids with their auras

like Leorio decks Ging in the face and in the background the contents of all the Zodiacs’ water bottles turn sunset-orange

the footsteps Melody leaves behind when running in the rain are pastel green for just a split second before they wash away

Kurapika insists that they’re feeling fine but Gon notices little particles of iron starting to swirl around in their glass

Illumi says Killua loves him and suddenly all the drinks in the bar taste like sour candy courtesy of Hisoka

Chrollo gets the news that two of his best friends are dead and all the liquid around him vanishes, down to the very last drop


I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a Payday before, but when I was in San Diego this past summer and saw they’d introduced a special “Flavor of Texas BBQ” version of the candy bar, I just had to try it out. I was curious how they added in the BBQ flavor, maybe mix sauce into the caramel? But no, they added BBQ powder onto the peanuts. Pretty smart as you immediately tasted the flavor when you bit in. An interesting experiment, but not one that will make me rush out and buy another Payday anytime soon.

When they said they were sending you back to your people, sending you home, you thought they meant Earth. But then you hear the Commander’s voice. You see the Hephaestus coming to fetch you. And you realise almost all of your people are on that ship. Maybe Minkowski and Hera and Lovelace are the closest thing you know to ‘home’ anyway.

You need to get back to them, to tell them what you’ve seen and heard. Your mind is buzzing with things you don’t understand. But soon you’ll see the smartest people you know again. Maybe they’ll be able to make sense of it.

You can’t wait to laugh with them about how absurd it all is, that you’re the first human ever to speak with these aliens. Somehow Douglas Eiffel, certified screw-up, became ambassador of mankind. Minkowski will love that.

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red-moon10  asked:

Can you give me some suggestions for Birdflash fanfics?

Yes I can!! 

A Legit Excuse for Non-Porn by inabathrobe 

Wally knows that it’s hard to be fifteen, but this is ridiculous. (Teen.)

Untitled by Asterglow

Dick manages to talk Wally into something he never thought he would do. (Explicit.)

Dick and Wally’s Bogus Journey by pupeez4eva

“OH MY GOD, UNCLE BARRY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH BATMAN?!” -In which Flash!Wally and Batman!Dick travel to the past, misunderstandings ensue, and the team in thoroughly freaked out. (Teen.)

Mainline by Kazyre

When Wally doesn’t show up at the cave one day for training, Dick immediately knows something happened to his best friend. The League is called in to help once they do find him. As well as the entire speedster family. (Mature.)

Nowhere I Won’t Find You by et2brute

“No, the math is perfect,” he says. “But I need to rebuild Bart’s time machine.” Wally vanishes. Dick finds this entirely unacceptable. Fix-it fic for Endgame, and basically the fact that we’ve been robbed of a Wally-comes-back arc in a season that will never be made. (Explicit.)

Till Then by kingburu

Timetraveling feels like a kitten nibbling at your skin. First, it starts with your belly button. The sensation travels circularly until it engulfs your entire stomach, and you feel a faint taste of a Snicker’s bar in the back of your mouth even though you haven’t had one. You chew on your teeth like peanuts and it feels like you’re breathing in Jell-O. Then—you watch your body disappear and feel it reappear on the surface of another ground before standing in a new atmosphere with bare freckled hands that cover your ‘nads. (Mature.)

Safe and Sound by kingburu

Post-Endgame, Nightwing finds Kid Flash at Mount Justice. (Mature.)

That One Time in a Coffin in a Truck on the Gotham Bridge by xTammyVx

“Why in the name of everything ever are you not wearing a cup?!” Robin finally spluttered.

“We were just supposed to be doing a speech and waving at some cameras! I didn’t think that we’d be getting kidnapped and shoved in a coffin!” the speedster replied in a low wail. (Explicit.)

Grappling by Shinigami’s Death Angel

How Dick and Wally came together, in three stages, as there is just no easy way to fall in love. (Mature.)

Training by BubbleFairy03

A first date with Zatanna just around the corner, Robin confesses to Wally that he’s never kissed anyone before, and asks for some pointers. It’s like they say, actions speak louder than words, and kisses teach better than mere pointers… (Teen.)

Firsts by RedRobinR

Best friends have a lot of firsts. These best friends ended up sharing some questionable ones, though. (Teen.)

Care to Explain by RedRobinR

“Care to explain why the hell you are making out with /Richard Grayson/ the minute Robin’s back is turned?” The team finds out Robin’s secret I.D. in a rather surprising manner. (Teen.)

Dick Grayson is H- by GeneratorCat

The team discusses a certain celebrity. (Gen.)

Okay seriously, about Eclipsa…. I honestly feel like the way she acted needs to be talked about a little bit, because it was interesting

She was so gentle with Moon. She sympathized with her. She asked her if she was certain that she wanted the spell before it was given. Now, that all could have been ways to coax Moon into believing she’s not so bad. It could have been a very effective way of essentially killing two birds with one stone; she’s queen of Mewni, too, so why shouldn’t she want the war to be over before she’s freed? Less work for her in the long run. 

However. I do not think that this is the case. With Eclipsa’s known reputation, it very well could be, but until we see more of her, I’m going to have to say that I do not think Eclipsa is truly a villain. 

I’m going to further analyze her under the cut, so if you’re interested to see what I have to say, then feel free to keep reading. 

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Because the fauna and flora are different, it follows that food is different. Humans are still more or less humans though and still like their sugary salty and umami tastes, so the culinary conclusions they draw are similar but made out of different stuff. For example, Verdamt has very American approach to food with their love of heavy grease and salt, but because they don’t have cows to make their burgers, they have to use a meat they do have… like dragon.

“Dragon” was once used to refer to a varied category of animals, but presently its main association is the cattle analog widely farmed in Tartra. (Their larger wilder relatives, closer to the kind of creature you might dub a “dragon”, are rarely seen and their range on the continent has shrunk to the point where they’re all but extinct.) They’re highly omnivorous and can grow large and fat on just about any food source as long as you have enough of it—a good meat and milk source if you’re keen on putting up with the danger of herding a bunch of massive lobster rhinos. Smaller creatures in the dragon category called cockatrices similarly fill a poultry niche.

(side note: most non-Verdamt countries domesticated things a little more… easy to domesticate. Verdamt just looked at all the towering lumbering dragons in their territory and was like “h/o lemme get my fork.” Sam’s family are also dragon farmers by trade and tradition…)

However, dragon meat is only available in places where they’re actively being farmed or places with enough money to be worth importing to. Cockatrices are easier to keep and therefore more accessible, but less viable/efficient as a staple protein source. So, even though farming is a thing there’s still a lot of supplementary hunting for edible bushmeat.

Luckily, almost everything on the planet is hardy so the farming of fruit and veggies and fungi doesn’t have so many hurdles. Genuine food scarcity is mostly a problem in settlements without an established farming or trading presence. Man-made food scarcity still exists as it does in the real world, though…

Processed food is a big thing too, VERY big. It’s much more widely available and accessible than anything fresh. Food expectations are kind of low because of it, and there are some pretty weird and unpleasant social ideas about food and under what circumstances do you deserve to eat a real food and not some shitty tasting astronaut nutrient bar… not that Sam gives a fuck she’ll just eat an entire dragon.

(I wanted to draw more of the actual FOOD instead of just the livestock but I’m running out of the time I allot myself for each of these posts… trust me though you’ll see it later because I do like drawing food)

Fanfiction Masterpost

A list of all my fics and their locations. Updated June 20, 2017

Multi-Chapters and Oneshots

I totally forgot to mention that these are all in the same universe. They have been reordered chronologically. 

Where We’re Going 
“Roy thought nothing of it in the moment; it seemed entirely natural, instinctual.” Some bonds are so strong that they exist without knowledge or effort; they simply are. Young!Royai, Rated T. Rating and genre are subject to change with the progress of this story.
Tumblr: Link to Ch 21  AO3  FF

Survival of the Stealthiest 
The annual East v. North training exercise takes an interesting turn when General Grumman calls the shots. Forests, paintball guns, and competitive spirits are just the beginning. Rated T for swearing. Team Mustang-centric, mostly platonic.
Tumblr AO3  FF

A Night Out (Can now be considered part of Checks and Balances)
Riza looked at Jean as though he had grown a second head. Now understanding that she didn’t catch his meaning, Jean elaborated. “Mustang’s out on a date tonight with my ex-girlfriend. Which is why we,” Riza found the emphasis unnecessary, “are going to a bar.”
Tumblr AO3 FF

Lack of Credibility 
Sequel to A Night Out. “Breda stood up from his desk and walked over to the coffee pot. ‘You’ve gotta work on your believability. I mean, you started the whole story by saying you and Hawkeye went to a bar together. Alone. No way we’re supposed to believe that.’” Rated T for amount of swearing. Oneshot.
Tumblr AO3  FF

Poor-weather Friends
A regular meeting turns into a bunker situation due to inclement weather. Team Mustang. T for swearing.
Tumblr AO3 FF

Uninvited - NEW!!
Ed can’t find Roy, and the colonel doesn’t make his life any easier when he finally does. 
Tumblr   AO3   FF

“I’m telling you, man; this little baby is my ticket to success.” Havoc flicked his cigarette up and down with his tongue for emphasis. Rated T for a few swears and for the discussion of the use of adult themes in advertising. Oneshot.
Tumblr: TBA AO3  FF

“Mustang heaved a large sigh, shaking his head. ”'Unfortunately, a rebellion is not the only kind of war.’“ Warning: Deals with PTSD. Oneshot, possible Twoshot. Slight Royai. FueryPOV.
Tumblr AO3  FF

Hayate’s Great Escape
“Riza was a patient woman. She corralled a group of man-children into working each day; she kept herself from reprimanding Edward and Alphonse when they came back from a mission with more collateral damage than the government could afford. She spent years underneath the smothering and questions from Maes Hughes and never batted an eye. But this…”
Tumblr AO3 FF

Checks and Balances

A series of fics about Jean and Riza’s friendship. Fics are listed below:

What Friends Are For
Riza discovers that being Jean’s wingwoman is harder than she expected. 
Tumblr AO3 FF

Midnight Intruder 
There’s someone in Riza’s home, and she isn’t thrilled.

Just a Spare 
Riza’s sick, Ed is disappointed, and Jean can’t keep himself together. 
Tumblr A03 FF

No Secrets Between Friends - NEW!
Heymans’ gift turns out to be a curse when he’s unable to figure out the exact nature of Jean and Riza’s relationship. 
Tumblr  AO3  FF


Some of these are nods to the larger universe, but I don’t consider them ‘ canon’

Riza and Roy visit the Elric home for the first time

21 Shots 
Kain turns twenty-one, and the gang decides to give him a taste of the bar life.
Tumblr A03 FF

Riza’s grudge against Roy for leaving culminates in the middle of the desert. Between assaults, gunfire, and insurgents, Riza, Roy, and Maes forge the bonds of comrades in arms. Multi-chapter.

Unwanted Attention
Prompts: “Bring your pretty little butt over here.”; “That guy at the bar keeps staring at you.”; “Will you just shut up for a moment so I can say something nice to you!”

A Little Tied Up at the Moment 
Prompt: “Would you quit moving around?” “It’s not my fault we’re tied up together!” 


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