You and Harry are secretly dating and both get asked about each other in interviews (part 2)

Request:Can you do a story, where both y/n and Harry are famous, and just started dating, but decides to keep it a secret. And then they both get asked really hard questions about it in interviews, and both y/n and Harry end up admitting the truth? 

Part 1 is here

A/N: I had fun writing these two! This one is from Your POV. Please let me know what you think.

Enjoy x


“Please welcome,The Elizas!”

I followed Mia and Tasmina onto the stage,taking a seat on the end of the sofa after hugging the interviewer. 

“So,ladies,you’ve just finished your second world tour. How was it? Better than the last?”

“Oh it was incredible!I don’t think we can really compare the two because they were both just so special for us and to see people from all these different countries singing every word of our songs back to us is amazing.” Mia gushed away. 

“The new album,Precision, is amazing I have to say. What was it like playing some of those songs live for the first time?" 

"We got more creative with this album so they were so fun to play live and we’re happy that the fans loved them!” I nodded along to Tasmina’s comment.

“You just mentioned about being more creative,is that in reference to you writing a couple of songs with Harry from One Direction for this album?How did that come about?” I felt my cheeks start to burn slightly,like they always did when I heard Harry’s name being mentioned. I’d definitely fallen for him and I wanted everyone to know but we’d both agreed to make our year long relationship official soon,after promo had wrapped up.

“It’s quite a nice story actually!” Mia jumped in. “We first came into contact with the boys at the beginning of last year because we did a cover of one of their songs on the radio and Niall really liked Y/N’s guitar arrangement.” I sat smiling at the memory of it all,remembering how happy I was at the time. “ So when we bumped into the boys at the Brits last year Niall invinted us round to just jam about really,didn’t he?”

I chuckled. “Yeah,it was pretty surreal. When we went round to his house Harry was there and he said he was a huge fan of one of the songs I’d wrote from the first album so we just decided to write some songs together.”

“They hid away in a studio in LA making sweet music together.” Tasmina’s comment made the whole audience cheer and jeer. I instantly covered my face with my hands and shook my head hysterically.

“Well no we’re on the topic,the boys were actually on my show last week.” I knew this because Harry had texted me straight afterwards saying that he thought he’d done a good job dismissing the rumours.

“Harry was adamant in trying to convince me that you’re just close friends. Is that the case?”

Probably a bit too enthusiastically,I repeated Harry’s comment. “We’re just close friends." 

"Would you like to be more than that?”

I stared down into my lap, ignoring Mia and Tasmina’s knowing looks. 

“I like what we have at the moment.” It wasn’t a lie.


“No Words is your latest single and I have to say,I LOVE it." 

All three of us flashed the interviewer,Amy, our biggest grins.

"For those of you who haven’t heard it yet I’ll play it for you shortly.” Amy spoke down the microphone to the radio listeners.

“I sent a tweet out earlier asking your fans if they had any questions for you and I got loads of responses but the majority were asking the same thing." 

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mia and Tasmina to my left looking at me with a smirk across their faces, so I just smiled nervously. I knew that since there were photos of me and Harry together in LA,we’d wrote a few songs together and Harry had said something in an interview earlier that week about us that I was going to get asked a lot of questions about him,but I was so nervous because I didn’t want to slip up.

"The fans want to know who the song No Words was written about?I presume they want to know that because it’s such a sentimental love song. I suppose I should ask firstly,who wrote the song?Was it all three of you?” The two other girls pointed at me and I smiled to myself.

“Yeah,I wrote it.” I confessed. “It’s just about that initial meeting between you and someone and feeling a connection straight away but not really knowing what to say.”

“Is that from personal experience?Like,did you write that about someone particularly?”

I remember writing the song in LA last year, one day where Harry hadn’t come into the studio because he was busy with something else. It took me twenty minutes to get the overall message of the song down; I really,really liked him. When I played it for him on the guitar-just me and him in the room- he’d kissed me for the first time,marking the start of our relationship. Thinking of that night always made me smile.

“Yes,yes it was about someone.” I hesistated slightly.

“I think when Harry and Liam from One Direction were on the breakfast show last week they said they enjoyed your performance in Paris last month. What’s it like knowing you have the world’s biggest boy band as fans?”

“I think Y/N would know more about that than we do.” Mia winked at me,causing my cheeks to instantly flush with red.

“Was that a confirmation of the rumours that you and Harry are lovebirds?” The interviewer was asking eagerly,her eyes wide open. I smiled to myself.

“Um…we’re just friends.”

“Okay. So if I was to ask you each who you favourite member of One Direction is and why,would you say?”

“Niall!” Tasmina blurted out. “He’s so adorable.”

“Yeah,I think I’ll agree."Said Mia. "I can’t believe we just declared that on national radio!” Mia and Tasmina burst out into laughter whilst I swiveled round on my chair.

“I’ll say Harry…because he’s my boyfriend.”

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Hi tasmina! Who are ur tumblr friends? because it has been a while i've been on here and still hadn't found some... i'm lonely

wow omg this anon is so innocent and precious??? hey there cutie !! ahhh you are so cute, i was once you anon ;; __ ;; and tbh i still am in a sense. luckily, i one day managed to join a squad so i made lots of friends there like most ppl i met on here are from there. i would tag all of them if i could but there is a lot of ppl honestly, but there’s @dibidibidismynameisjhope, @unholyhobi, @smartnamjoon, @ktyung, @miniyoong, @datfuckingdamnjoon, @irresponsiblereader, @namjooniejoon​, @bibjinbap, @bts-kills-meh, there’s a lot of people in this squad who are amazing !! of course i have my irl friends also who use tumblr but not as much as i do. 

i hope you find it easier to reach out to others to talk to them !! i still have the worst time messaging ppl T ____ T sjadfwhdiucbew but i get really proud of myself when i do and that’s important okay ~ ~ also, i know my friends wouldn’t mind at all if u dropped a message + i would rlly love to talk to u cutie !! please message me any time u want to ^~^ have a nice day ilysm 💖✨⭐️🌙🌸🌙⭐️✨💖