It’s complicated.
The fact that you will never be able to hear that cute little laugh anymore.
Or the way she scratches her adorable little nose.
The kiss that takes your breath away is now just a memory.
The girl you loved with so much passion and spark it could ignite the universe is now dead.
But you know in your heart she would want you to move on
To keep going.
To never loose hope.
Because hope. Hope is what she stood for.

So every time you pull that mask over your cold sleepy eyes remember her.
Remember that cute little laugh.
Remember the way she scratches her nose.
Feel that kiss that takes your breathe away with every inch of your soul.
And when you remember hope, remember her.
Remember what she stood for, what she will always stand for.
It might not be much but it is enough to keep you going.

She died a hero.
Now you drag that heavy heart out of bed and be the hero you once were.
Be the hero she believed in.
Be the hero she died for.
Because it will always be complicated but there will always be hope.

—  be the amazing spider-man because we could all use some hope.

iron man 3 || the amazing spiderman 2

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