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dude all my friends and people’s who’s opinions i actually trust (and aren’t just being echoed by shit they’ve read online aka every other ‘review’ ive heard from people who HAVE YET TO SEE IT) are all saying that. sure it might be a little jampacked, but everyone said that about tasm2 and i genuinely liked that movie so y’all bitter people can eat my ass im gonna go have fun and enjoy myself <3333

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Do you know good songs that reminds spider-man to indicate me?

i usually dont listen to songs that remind me of characters so im afraid i cant really help you, sorry! the only song i can think of (that i listen to) is left hand free by alt-j (the song that played when peter was first shown in civil war).

you could try listening to the soundtracks of previous spiderman movies (the soundtrack to tasm2 has some good songs). you should also try googling “peter parker playlist” or something like that bc im sure that a lot of them exist!

like spiderman did not need to be in the main mcu he couldve stayed on the xmen/sony side,he wouldve been in college not in high school AGAIN , aunt may couldve stayed lookin like a sweet old lady and not like she go to the club and drink wine at 10 in the morning, we couldve got a spiderman/deadpool movie but nah yall had to be money hungry and greedy and mad that tasm2 didnt make 129238249 billion and reboot a series that didnt need to be rebooted yet again

also i heard tony stark is gonna be in it and yall really think im gonna stand for that after civil war made me wanna elbow drop him thru a glass table? i think not @omoii were you aware of this foolishness?

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What doyou think about the Ghostbusters stuff that came out over the last feew days? I really want a sequel :(

All of this is speculation at this point, that’s why I’m not really saying anything about it. 

I’m obviously not an expert on this stuff, but I don’t think there will be that big of a loss (a rep at Sony said the 70mil loss calculation was way off), people love to jump the gun with this movie.

It’s a double standard that people don’t want to admit. Independence Day: Resurgence way under performed and you didn’t hear anything about that. Star Trek: Beyond is under performing and no one’s saying anything about that.

I don’t think Ghostbusters is under performing for the kind of movie it is. I just don’t think it should’ve gotten that massive of a budget, that’s why it’s struggling.

Sony is trigger happy. Same thing happened with TASM2.

In the end though, the movie is still in theaters in the U.S; it only just came out in a lot of places; merchandise is selling really well; and if there’s some sort of extended edition (I think there will be, I’m not sure tho) blu ray/ DVD  sales will be really good.

Thing to remember though is that nothing is confirmed yet, no matter how much these articles want you to believe it’s said and done. 

Last we heard from Sony that I know of, they were hopeful for a sequel. They’re not really saying anything now, but until Sony officially announces something, take these articles with a grain of salt. 

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If there is a sequel though, I think it’s a no-brainer that the budget needs to be waaaay smaller.