Tom Holland’s Spider Man Suit!

Ladies & Gentlemen, boys & girls. Our new Spider Man for Marvel’s Captain America 3: Civil War has been cast. By looking at the internet it is straight away clear that there have been many mixed emotions about this casting & by which direction Marvel has taken with this new Spider Man (referring to the Miles>Peter dilemma)  
All this aside there is nothing that can be done about it & Marvel has clearly made their decision.
So straight to the next question at hand, after everyone has gotten over the casting & the Miles>Peter situation. What is the new suit going to look like?Because lets face it, there isn’t much that can be done costume wise to set this new Spidey suit apart from the previous costumes.
…Or is there?

The Amazing Spider Man 2 suit was pretty much exactly the same as the Toby Maguire trilogy Spider Man suit, apart from the rounder eyes & the web shooters. Even the Spiders have all looked fairly similar

So what differences can be made to set Tom Holland’s costume apart from these past two Spidey suits?

Well for 1. The Webbing Pattern. 

The webbing between Toby Maguire’s suit & Andrew Garfield’s suit is a little too perfect for a teenage high school kid without the money or time to go around fixing it up to perfection every time the suit gets ripped. 

For Tom Holland’s suit, the webbing should look like Peter simply just printed it on. It shouldn’t look perfect. It should look faded in areas, overlapping, tangled & a bit all over the place to actually show that this was made by a teenager in his room.
Like so below…

2. The Spider symbol on the back AND the front. 

Again like in all the previous movies the Spider symbol is a little too perfect for a poor teenage kid with no time on his hands. It should look like he just sketched it up & printed it on. No insane detail. Just a clear, easy Spider that is simple to draw.
I think the original front & back Spider symbols from the first comics are the perfect symbols to use to set this new Spider Man apart from the rest.
Like so below…

Front ^

Back ^

Clearly they’re both very different from the past two Spider symbols used by the past two actors. The symbols I have shown are simple, easy to draw, clear that they’re both Spidey symbols & best of all they’re original.

3. Costume fabric, colour & condition

The new suit should consist of the original colours & design of the previous suits. The colours being Red, Blue & Black (Black for the webbing) & the design being the same as Toby Maguire’s design & Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spider Man 2 design.
Nothing complex like The hand, fingers & wrist area of The Amazing Spider Man 1 costume. Not complaining but it just didn’t look like something a teenager with minimal money & time would make

Obviously Spider Man’s suit is not bullet proof or knife proof. It is simply made of any flexible, stretchy fabric Peter can afford. So why not make it that way. Make the suit from something that looks cheap & affordable. Nothing detailed perfectly that looks expensive. 

Also the suit should be slightly covered by stitches from where the suit has been cut / ripped in previous battles, with stitching over the cuts / rips to show how Peter handles tears in the costume.

Doing these would show Peter doesn’t posses the money to simply go fix it to perfection or remake a whole new costume every time it gets torn up a little. It shows that he would have to make do, sew it up & continue on with what he’s got.

4. The Eyes & Web Shooters.

The only expensive looking parts of the costume should be the eyes & web shooters. The Amazing Spider Man 1′s web shooters mixed with The Amazing Spider Man 2′s eyes are perfect. 

The Amazing Spider Man 1 web shooters ^
With the flickering, glitchy light & the rotating gears gives the web shooters that perfect “home made” look. The only difference I believe between this web shooter look & Tom Holland’s web shooters should be the size difference between the web canisters. The web canisters in TASM1 are quite small & even though it is fiction, I believe that the canisters should be designed larger to make it more believable & realistic that it would hold more webbing.

Spider Man’s eyes ^

Tom Holland’s Spider Man costume eyes should be round & large like in The Amazing Spider Man 2. 
Rather than the eyes Toby Maguire’s costume had, Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spider Man 2 eyes which were rounder & larger gave off a much friendlier vibe than Toby Maguire’s eyes which were sharp & slim, giving off a more aggressive look.

5. Something New

And finally to add something new to Tom Holland’s costume that no Spidey has had before to set this new Spider Man far apart from the rest.

Webbing under the arms.

The first Spider Man comic, Spider Man had webbing going from underneath his arms to the side of his rib cage. No other cinematic Spider Man representation has had the webbing under the arms in the costume. Having a new Spider Man actor & in need to make a new suit set apart from the rest, now is the best time to take advantage of this new look for the costume to put Tom Holland’s Spidey suit apart from every other.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this :) I’d love to hear them!
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New/old pic of Andrew on the set of TASM1 going over his lines back in 2011.

Andrew Garfield going over his lines in The Amazing Spider-Man (2011) 💬This awesome corporate-style Lab was custom built on Sony Sound Stage. #DEBSYNERGY brought in plenty of contributors of lab instrumentation and lab products that were requested by #setdressing to the HUGE savings of $500,000! We were not privy to the fact that an EVIL GIANT LIZARD was going to trash the entire set!! In the end, NO INSTRUMENTS WERE HARMED DURING THE MAKING OF THIS MOVIE…However, I cannot say the same for my $40k lab glassware.

*Sigh.* Why wasn’t this in the movie?

Spidey Luke imagine

Summary: Spiderman, A.K.A, Luke Hemmings is a popular superhero. He gives people hope and saves them. But, he never told his identity to no one. He’s Luke Hemmings in real life, but Spider man in the real world. *Inspired by TASM1 & TAMS2* SORRY I WRITE TOO  MUCH WITH SPIDER MAN, I’LL STOP

Word Count: 847

Requested: No

“It seems like there was an outbreak this morning of a prisoner. We’ll keep in details in a few minutes," 

"You gotta be joking me. Oh and here comes Spidey!” you dramatically gestured and sighed of annoyance. “Oh c'mon he’s the towns hero! Without him, we’ll all be dead.” Y/F/N chuckled, as you sarcastically made a joke. “You know it could be some nerd, or some girl with a voice as a guy!” you shrugged as you grabbed water out of the fridge. Taking a gulp Y/F/N interrupted, “You never know. Maybe he’d be a cute guy.. I love Spiderman, but give him a break.” you scoffed. Your lips snarled, as how this web guy was so famous. Famouser than, oh how you can say celebrities.  

“Probably. It’s just a suit,” Y/F/N cocked her eyebrow as she looked at you. “A suit? I heard he got bitten by a spider and got reflexes, as well as self healing!” she was so amazed by this guy. “Self healing doesn’t exist.” “Thats what you think. Maybe if you knew this guy a little better, you would like him, trust me.” you nodded and smiled. “Oh how I love you Spiderman! Oh kiss me!” you sarcastically said, while doing some gestures and Y/F/N scoffed at your joke. “Oh shut up." 

The tv news went back on. "Spiderman has appeared and came to save our lives once again! How we have such a lucky superhero in our town." 

Luke knocked on the car window.  The prisoner rolled the window down. "Hey there, I’m Spiderman, whatcha doin’ messin’ with the town?” “Look, Spidey, if you want trouble, I’ll give you some trouble!” he yelled. “Whoa calm down your eagerness. Not looking for some trouble, unless you’re gonna destroy this town,” he grabbed his neck. “You shouldn’t have done that!” Luke smirked under his mask. The guy got his hand off the wheel and started to strangle him, but didn’t really affect him. You walked out of the house. Hearing some towns people screaming. You ignored it. 

Luke saw you walking and murmured, “Y/N… Oh shit. Is she dumb enough to walk at this time?" as he saw another bus and the truck, he was previously on, they were heading towards you. One couldn’t stop because of the wheels were broken. And the other, trying to maybe.. hit you? 

As you turned your head to the left and right, you were in big trouble and danger. They were really close to you. As Luke’s vision turned slow, he quickly webbed to building and swung to grab you, and webbed the two cars, to stop. Successfully saving you and the people. He also webbed the prisoner. He let you down. "Be careful there little lady,” he webbed back to the enemy and beaten him, making the police officers getting him to jail. Spiderman, walked to you. Crossing his arms, you knew he was probably glaring at you. 

“What?” “Are you that stupid? You knew the town was in danger from that enemy! And you just decided to walk in the streets?” “I’m not exactly stupid like you.” he seemed like he took it as offense. “You gotta be kiddin’ me right?” he laughed. “You know you sound very familiar.. Do I know you from somewhere?” you asked. “Uh…. Gotta go!” he swung away. “Hey!” you yelled. You were kinda glad he saved you. He sounded so much like Luke Hemmings from school. Luke Hemmings, was your best/close friend. You had a HUGE crush on him. Y/F/N was the only one who knew. You called him.

“Luke? Hey it’s me." 

"Y/N this isn’t a good time..” he gripped on the cars top ledge. “Luke I just- are those.. sirens?” he looked behind the car, seeing some police cars. “Luke…” “No! I’ll be there uh.. 5-10 tops.” “Lu-” then he hung up. “Idiot..” you sighed. As you were typing on your computer, you heard a faint knocked on your window. You turned around seeing a Luke Hemmings. You opened your window. “What are you doing here?” you let him in, grabbing his hand, but he fell on the ground. “Luke are you okay?” you grabbed his arm, lifting him up. He nodded and he sat on your bed. 

“This Spidey guy.. Pretty much the towns hero isn’t he?” Luke chuckled. You looked at him. “I don’t really like him. I mean he saved my life once.. He’s kinda like such a clever guy,” you laughed.  "You should like him though,“ Luke shrugged. "Luke what are you trying to say?” “I’m Spiderman..” you widened your eyes. “You gotta be kidding me right…” he shook his head. He grabbed his suit out of his backpack. Putting it on quickly, he webbed to your wall and crawled. “You’re-You’re really are..” he nodded, taking his mask off. He walked to you. “So what were you saying about me?” he cocked an eyebrow. You chuckled at his joke. “Just kiss me already,” he smiled and kissed your lips.

-Kelly :] x

My Thoughts on The Amazing Spider Man 2,3, and 4!

So for the Amazing Spider Man series here is my prediction of what I think will come about in Spider Man 2,3, and 4. TASM2 will have Rhino, Electro, and Green Goblin as well as hint a Doctor Octopus and Vulture (we saw glimpses of their wings and arms in the trailer). TASM 3 I feel will tie Vulture, Doctor Octopus and a 3rd villian into the mix in my opinion Venom due to the Venom Files in TASM2 trailer and will tie them in with Electro, Rhino and Green Goblin OR maybe have the Lizard come back since we already established his character in the first movie, and finally they could bring in a completely new villian like Kraven or Mysterio. Now here is where my thoughts get split down the middle, TASM4 is in my eyes going to do one of two things. One: Have the Sinister 6 in this one instead of TASM3 having Rhino, Electro, Green Goblin, Vulture, Dr.Ock, and Venom/Lizard/New Villian. OR The Sinister 6 will get defeated in TASM3 EXCEPT for Venom who will come back while to Eddie Brock or whoever they choose to be Venom this time around while he is in jail or perhaps an ASYLUM with none other than Cleatus Cassidy aka Carnage, Carnage is born and TASM4 will be Venom and Carnage Vs Spider Man. Which I prefer having Sinister 6 then Venom and Carnage team up would be a dream come true! Mind you I’d want Carnage in only a rated R version but knowing Marvel that will NEVER happen. But again these are all my thoughts and I realize two things. I really love movies, and have way to much free time on my hands xD