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Warajevo, a DOS-based ZX Spectrum emulator produced by a pair of enthusiasts in, as the name suggests, the city of Sarajevo throughout the course of the Bosnian War. The story of its development is worth a read - I can’t think of any other emulators that were developed in wartime conditions…

The program was developed in horrible conditions. The grenades fell everywhere, there was little electrical power (at one time even the hospitals didn’t have power for two months!). When we had electricity it was only for 2-3 hours during the night. However, we did not quit and caught every moment when the electricity was on to develop the program. Zeljko worked at home on his 80286/12 MHz, 1.44" floppy, 40 Mb hard disc, Hercules card and Citizen 180D printer. He used TASM assembler. It was very interesting waiting for days of electricity. Samir worked mainly in army camp barack on 80286/16 MHz, 5,25" + 1.44" floppy, 2400 bps modem, VGA mono monitor, WITHOUT HARD DISC because it crashed. The power generator in the army camp was an improvised generator, with a voltage that varied from 150 V to 300 V! It was in fact car engine without carburator, connected to natural gas pipeline. This car engine was tied with shunted electromotor giving about 30 kW for 100 rooms.

It was often situation that when one user switch caffe aparat on, Samir’s computer resets itself. UPS? What is this??? As you can expect, such ‘stable’ voltage distroyed Samir’s hard disc…

As Zeljko has real Spectrum 128, we made cable for transfering Spectrum software using RS232. During times when we was free of army activities, Samir visited the last Spectrum software pirate in Sarajevo and borrowed casettes. But, this pirate was located in one of the most dangerous places in the city, practically on the first front line. He had to use a river bed (instead of streets) for moving, to skip continous sniper’s fire. So, Samir risked his life to bring up Spectrum software!

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“Oh joy, another weirdo in spandex. You might’ve noticed how my suit accents my buns so I’m happy for you to keep staring so long as you don’t interrupt. I’m about to earn myself a hefty payday and I’d rather not miss out on this one because some asshole got his moral compass aligned to lawful good.

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It’s incredible to look back on my Amazing Spider-Man Trilogy with @megsuperphoto. It was so much fun to create these suits as well as capture these images telling our own story. #amazingspiderman #TASM #TASM2 #peterparker #benreilly #scarletspider #clonesaga #cosplay #craftyourfandom #menvscosplay #marvel #andrewgarfield #alterego