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#something about this photo just satisfies my teen wolf/tasm feels.#holland roden as mary jane watson#dylan o'brien as peter parker/spiderman#it literally looks like he just saved her life#but in doing so he revealed his true identity#and peter is like ‘fuck. okay. we’ll talk about this later right now lets just get you somewhere safe.’#and mary jane is too shocked over the fact she almost died and that he’s spiderman so she doesn’t argue and just falls weakly into him#I LITERALLY JUST CANT#LKDJKF

“I wish I could be like him…”

We need to talk about this for a second.. This scene alone shows something about Max Dillon. It shows how obsessed he is. It shows how disturbed and mentally abused the man has been even before his accident. So much so that he’s even remaking newspaper headlines to match his fantasy. 

He wants SO much to be seen, to be noticed, to be a hero. And when his hero seems to forget him, when his fantasy breaks and he fears he has to return to his reality of being ignored, being forgotten, being unnoticed… he snaps. That is what triggers his villainy. A deeply disturbed man who was invisible to the world suddenly being granted great power… and feeling no responsibility to anyone but himself.