We copied a move — size and frame and footstep for footstep — from Buster Keaton, where he grabs a moving car. I studied it frame by frame and realized how he did it and emulated that exactly,” - Andy Armstrong

ok but does anyone else feel really bad for andrew garfield? it was literally his dream to play spiderman since he was a child and it’s not his fault they remade it too soon and sony did a shitty job. he was so excited to be in this movie that he showed up to comic con in a regular spiderman costume. and now he’s probably getting recast and he’s probably really upset about that, no matter how much you think the tasm movies were unnecessary or not-so-great.




Gwen Stacy’s first & real last lines

↳ “They were pretty clear that that’s what they wanted — the kind of Gwen that they wanted — at my first audition, that she was going to be his equal and that she was going to be a modern woman.” - Emma Stone