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I was hanging out with a really cute and perfect guy friend of mine and he didn't know I was on my period. He asked me out, and of course I said yes. 10 minutes later, I had crippling cramps. He realized he asked me out at the worst time possible and took me home to snuggle on the couch. When our anniversary came up, he said "fuck fucking. We're just gunna watch a movie." He ended up dumping me and asking me out a week after my cycle.

aww he sounds perfect but im not clear about the dumping part?? he dumped you so he could date you at a time when you aren’t on you period so your anniversary comes at a time when you dont have your period? no he sounds even more perfect!

Send me your period stories on anon! I’m on mine and need a laugh.

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idk if this counts as a period story but i usually wear pads, and pads prevent you from leaking the blood out, right? so i used pads even after my period was over cuz then i dont have to rush to the bathroom. i can just pee right there ;)

that’s like, the same as wearing a diaper

Lol, no more period stories, but you can talk to me: anon or not. i dont bite. most of the time