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What are the most important skills an astronaut should have m?

First of all, the basic requirement is a bachelor’s degree in a STEM field, and 3 years of experience (which can also be substituted for by an advanced degree). Other than that, operational experience (things with a technical/active/hands on nature like flying airplanes, SCUBA diving, taking things apart and putting them back together, basic fix-it skills, etc. etc.) is very important, as this is an integral aspect of every day of a space mission.  What we call “expeditionary skills” are also essential, basically the types of things you try to instill in your children, like how to play nicely with others, self care, team care, etc.  I like to think about this on the lines of a camping trip and who you would like to have along with you …someone that is competent and can take good care of themselves and their equipment, someone that contributes to the team and helps with group tasks, someone that is good natured and pleasant to be around, etc., someone fun!  These things are increasingly important now that we are regularly doing long duration missions (typical International Space Station mission is 6 months).  Experience living in extreme/remote/isolated environments with small teams is also useful, as it is similar to what we experience as astronauts.     

How to make a functional school without mod (V2.0.)

A few months ago I’ve made an article about how to have a functional school without mod. I’ll do it again with more indications and tips from my gameplay experience. While you’re reading this, keep in mind the game has an usual limitation of 20 sims per community lot for performance purpose. If you want more students in your school, you’ll need mods. As a cc-free player, I don’t use these so I’ll just show you my way.

First of all, you’ll need to create groups of pupils with an age restriction (>> for kids only). The best option is to create up to 4 groups with 6 kids in each. I encourage you to pick group leaders from different households. If you don’t, you decrease your chance to have groups showing up while you’re playing… Except if all the leaders are in the household you want to play with. But when kids turn into teens, the leadership goes most likely to a younger relative (siblings, cousins…), so please don’t forget that.

The reason why you better chose leaders from different households is because the game system works on rotation : not the same households are “active” during your game. Also, do not put all the siblings in the same group if you’re not controling it. There’s high chance none of them show up to make room for others. So if you have triplets, place them in 2 or 3 differents groups ! Same for twins or cousins who live at the same place :)

When you’ve chose the leaders, add 5 kids in their group. You must pick for them a favorite location : chose the school you’ve downloaded.

Now, time to assign them tasks. Pick wisely: you only have 5 options. Know that the order you put them is important ! First task is the one they’ll do automatically ; Second task is the one they’ll most likely do ; Third task is the one they’ll do during breaks ; Fourth task is the one they’ll do if there’s too much other sims somewhere ; Fifth task is what they’ll do if they do not have other choices. And last but not least, the group will behave the way the community lot is set up if they don’t have any options left.

For example, if in your school there’s no jungle gym and your first task is to play with playground equipements, the kids group will try to play with toys (if it’s your task number 2). If there’s no toys left, they’ll try to chose option 3, and then option 4 etc. The group system works like a staircases.

Because you’ve made 4 groups and there’s 4 aspirations for kids (now), chose tasks according to this. Make a “creativity” group, a “social” group, a “motor” group and a “mental” group. In my game, all the groups have something in common (task 2 : do their homework). And the other tasks are “custom” for each. This way, kids won’t go in the same room instantly but walk around and do different stuff.

Task suggestions :

  • Mental group : 1. Play with computer. 2. Do homework. 3….
  • Social group : 1. Be nice to… 2. Do homework. 3…
  • Creativity group : 1. Paint. 2. Do homework. 3….
  • Motor group : 1. Play with playground equipements. 2. Do homework….

Because my school is set as a library, all the groups can possibly chose to read and browse the web. The option 5 can be a task opposite to their trait, for example the creativity group can play basketball. There’s multiple way to do it so go with your flow !

You can also set up group for teachers (up to 3, max). Assign them the school as their favorite location and tasks. If you have City Living EP, chose “make speech” as an option. A few kids will actuall listen to them ;)

If you want to go extra, you can also make a cook group (up to 2, max), assigned them uniforms, the school as favorite location and task (cook / clean). Chose sims with low cooking skill so they can do basic reciepes and not gourmet meals. ;) Same for a janitor (you can make a group of only 1 sims !). 

With all that, everytime you load your game you’ve really high chances to meet pupils, teachers and cooks, janitor. Since I’ve create this system I always have people in my school and everything works smooth ! Keep in mind that random townies can still show up in your school (because it’s a library, you know…) but they’ll leave if more groups come, to make room for them. 

Notes :

  • A kid can be in multiple groups (ex. motor + creativity). You won’t get any negative effects. His/her chance to actually show up is only higher than others kids.
  • If the cook team don’t show up and you still want your sims to eat for a possible lunch break : click on the hoven’s kitchen and call for a caterer. He or she will usually make up to 3 or 4 differents group meals. Put each plates on different lunch tables and call to meal. All the groups should pick a plate, sit and chat to each others. The only “bad” effect with the caterer option, is that they’ll most likely make gourmet meals…
  • You can chose an option to make cooks shout at children faces. Go to social >> Be mean to… >> Chose a group or a life state.
  • To increase your chance of groups interacting, make the option 4 “be nice to / be funny to / be mean to… >> this group”
  • Adult can automatically teach kids some skill (piano, violin, painting, basketball etc.) if they see kids use these objects. For this, your adult need to be level 10. If your teachers have 10 at one skill, they’ll most likeky try to teach to a kid something…
  • If you want them to be in a private school, assigned them a uniform. Please, note that the sims need to be in their everyday wear to turn into their uniform clothes. They can “lose” their uniform if they turn into their sport wears (for example, if they use the basketball hoop). If so, go talk to them and chose the interaction : “show me your… >> everyday outfits” Then the sims will get his uniform back.
  • To go further… You have the possibility to make smaller group for extra activities like drawing, basketball etc. and assigned them uniforms, lock the doors and only them will go there.
  • If you want to avoid townies break in during class, put all the computers somewhere else. Same for the bookshelves !


How to Schedule Your Study Time

I’ve been asked multiple times to make a post about how to schedule your study time, so here it is! This is a little bit different of a schedule because it’s over mid-semester break (Easter break for most), but it still works.

Step 1: Write down everything you need to do.

Get out a piece of notebook paper or open a new document on your computer and unleash your brain’s to-do list. Write everything down from classes, work, events, and extracurriculars to your work outs, meals, showers, and sleep. Nothing is too small to be written on the list, so if you need to remember to shave your legs, write that down!!

Step 2: Assign each task an estimated amount of time it’ll take to complete.

This part is really crucial for me because it takes my organization a step further to help me achieve my studying and planning goals. It also gives me a reality check – sometimes I’m so ambitious I try to bite off more than I can chew. If I know from the beginning that I most likely won’t achieve everything I need to do, I won’t be as disappointed come the end of my planning and studying. It also tells me I probably need to pick it up during the week and stop procrastinating…

Step 3: Open up Excel, create a table on another computer program, or grab a piece of paper.

Next we’ll make the calendar with a readout of our obligations. I generally use Excel or a piece of paper, but I find that excel works best because I can edit future events easier if I didn’t quite complete a task I planned for.

Have the first column for times, then a column following for each day you want to plan. It helps to have the time column skinnier with the days’ columns wider so text can fit in easily. I leave two rows per hour (therefore one line is equal to one half hour) so I can plan for events or tasks that won’t be taking up whole hours.

Step 4: Designate a color for each of your scheduled categories.

These colors are the same as in my planner:

  • Purple: Anatomy & Physiology
  • Pink: Genetics
  • Blue: Beverage Management
  • Orange: Economics
  • Red: Work
  • Green: Extracurriculars
  • Black: Personal (showers, meals, sleep, relaxation, etc.)
  • Yellow: Travel

I enter in all of my class, work, event, and extracurricular times first – things I can’t miss. These are important to put into your schedule first because you can easily schedule studying around them. 

Step 5: Once all of your obligations are plugged into your schedule, it’s time to fill in your studying.

This is where the required times for your tasks help a great deal! It’s easy to spot an hour block here or there and plug in a 45 minute or hour task… something that may be a little hard for some when they’re just going through their day and have a block. I know whenever I get an hour block I try to nap or rest as much as possible, but this frequently puts me behind. :(

Also, it may help you to pull out your planner and see what exams, quizzes, or assignments are coming up soon. You should rank these at a higher priority and complete these sooner rather than later to ensure you complete them.

I also group lesser tasks; for example, on Thursday night at 11:00 PM I grouped two homework assignments because they really shouldn’t take that long and they’re on the computer at the same time, etc. It’s just easier for me to get them done at the same time. Just like if you need to go to a few different stores, try to go to them all in one trip. It’ll save you time, money, and gas!

Step 6: As you’re adding tasks to your schedule, make sure you’re crossing them off your list you made. You don’t want to miss anything or add something twice!

This is pretty self-explanatory but also important! Make sure you’re adding everything and not missing anything. 

Step 7: Make sure to schedule enough sleep during your night as well as time to eat/relax.

This is the most important step of them all! Without recharging your smart little brain and body, how are you going to have the fuel to move on? Also, try snacking on fruits and veggies and drinking water when you’re studying. I’m one to love candy when I’m studying and it’s hard to say “no” to my precious chocolate and skittles, but I know they’ll just bring my metabolism and energy down. Drinking a lot of water helps too because that means more bathroom breaks – which means more study breaks! ;)

I hope you found this post helpful. If you’d like to see other posts about my studying tips and tricks, please share this post and leave me a message about what I can improve or what you’d like some advice on. Happy studying! – grxeek

A Dutch study asked two groups to complete a stressful task. Afterwards, one group gardened for 30 minutes, while the other group read indoors. Not only did the gardening group report better moods than the reading group, they also had measurably lower cortisol levels. Cortisol, “the stress hormone”, may influence more than just mood: chronically elevated cortisol levels have been linked to everything from immune function to obesity to memory and learning problems and heart disease.

Dazatsu Week Day 3 (Mafia AU)

Akutagawa couldn’t understand Dazai.  

This didn’t mean he wasn’t grateful to the guy. The older man saved him and his sister from dying on the streets from both thugs and starvation…not that they actually needed it. Akutagawa and Gin could perfectly handle things on their own. It’s just that they have a much more stable income and residence now thanks to the Armed Detective Agency. It didn’t hurt that Dazai’s now kind of mentoring him on how to control and use his ability properly.

But Akutagawa just didn’t get the brunet man. He always had this carefree mask on him. He seemed to know and understand too much, and wouldn’t open up about anything about his past (not that Akutagawa ever tried to pry).

All Akutagawa knew that he was a suicidal maniac that wasted too many bandages, had a ridiculously useful power to nullify any ability, is a huge flirt, and was unhealthily obsessed with songs about double suicide.

But the strangest part about him, despite all the proclamations and attempts and songs and jokes about suicide, is that Dazai refuses to die.

It was the strangest thought about the older man, but it was the only thing that made sense.

“Hey,” Akutagawa says one day while walking back home from a mission. “Why aren’t you dead already?”

He and Dazai just took care of an uprising gang made up of some ability users that was stirring a little bit too much trouble in the back alleys of Yokohama. It was a complete cakewalk with Akutagawa’s Rashoumon and Dazai’s No Longer Human that it was almost laughable.

Now they were walking back to the agency’s building for a job well done and reports to deliver, with the sun setting over the horizon and painting the sky in colors Akutagawa gained a new appreciation for.

“Oi! That’s mean of you to say, Akutagawa!” Dazai grabbed his heart in fake hurt with that mysterious smile of his, never once looking at him as he stared up at the sky. “That really hurts you know! How can you say that to your senpai?”

“With all your ranting about double suicide, it even makes me wonder,” he coughed a bit into his hand before continuing, “Despite what you say, you’re barely trying to kill yourself. There are a lot of incidents here and there, but none of them serious enough for you to die for sure. And if you really wanted to commit double suicide with someone, you would search up some suicide partner on the internet instead of asking any random girl available.”

“But are there any beautiful women online who’d commit double suicide with me?” Dazai asked dramatically.

“You’d be bound to find one,” Akutagawa pointed out.


“You should be dead right now,” the sickly man looked at him. “But you’re not. So why?”

His mentor let out a long suffering sigh and had this look on his face Akutagawa couldn’t really figure out. “I’m waiting for someone.”

Dazai didn’t explain any further so Akutagawa didn’t attempt to pry any further. That answer was the more than anything he had got so far, so it was enough right now. Akutagawa thought he understood Dazai a bit better now.

Though he wished he could understand why Dazai always stared at the yellow-purple sunset with this wistful look on his face.

The first thing he saw was a flash of bright sunset colored eyes.

Akutagawa was barely able to throw up a shield using Rashoumon in time to block a giant bundle of white fur and sharp teeth and claws ramming into him.

He stared at the sharp claws and impassive eyes that flashed red of the tiger that launched at him and quickly threw the beast back.

He couldn’t believe that a fucking white tiger tried to attack him in broad daylight.

Akutagawa made his cloak flare up as intimidatingly as possible, trying to scare away the tiger but the tiger only strutted around him gracefully, looking a bit curious as it never took its red eyes off of him.

And the tiger pounced.

The two of them clashed, again and again, large feline claws against blood thirsty space eating cloth. And yet, the tiger was able to keep up with him.
In fact, it was slowly becoming stronger and faster, as if playing around with him and testing what Akutagawa could do; that was worrying.

Akutagawa knew he couldn’t keep up much more and tried to finish off the beast with a single blow as it leaped at him.

And the white tiger ripped through Rashoumon.

Akutagawa gasped as he felt the wind get knocked out of him and onto the ground, coughing uncontrollably as he stared at the tiger.

He stared at it disbelievingly as it readied itself. This tiger was no ordinary beast.

He put all his effort and strength into one last attack and the beast leaped at him.


Akutagawa felt his power dispel oh so familiarly as he saw the telltale sign of Dazai using his ability on him…and the tiger?

He saw Dazai’s back facing as the huge tiger dispelled into…a boy around his age?

Dazai caught the boy and held him gently to his chest as he floated down gently like something out of a fairytale.

Akutagawa felt annoyed. The last time Dazai caught a guy in his arms was when Akutagawa fell that one time and Dazai caught him before just tossing him aside casually as he said ‘I make it no hobby to embrace men.’ What the fuck was this then?

“Atsushi?” Dazai’s voice was filled with so much emotion that Akutagawa couldn’t believe his own ears.

“D…D-Dazai-san…?” the boy’s voice (he assumed at least), was hoarse and quiet as if he hasn’t used it in years.

Akutagawa couldn’t help but stare awkwardly at the two’s touching reunion as he questioned his sanity and reality itself.

When Dazai kissed the top of the boy’s head, Akutagawa couldn’t help but gag out loud.

Their little bubble of cuddly teary reunions was popped and the boy hugged the brunet tightly, presumably embarrassed, and Dazai just looked nonchalant.

“What?” Dazai raised an eyebrow at Akutagawa.

“Oh I’m so sorry,” the exasperated man’s voice was dripping with sarcasm, “But can someone explain what the fuck is going on?”

“Language, Akutagawa,” Dazai chided, keeping a light tone, “What’s there to explain? I’m just having a touching reunion with my partner.”

“Who just tried to kill me a minute ago!” Akutagawa growled.

Wait, partner?

“Oh I’m sure he didn’t know you were my subordinate,” Dazai waved it off, “It’s been years after all. But it’s all a misunderstanding, right Atsushi-kun?”

The boy peeked above Dazai’s shoulder almost shyly, before standing up and bowing slightly.

He had pale skin, almost as pale as Akutagawa’s. His hair was silver with a black streak through them and in a ridiculous choppy and uneven hairstyle. He wore ripped up black dress shirt rolled up to the sleeves, black scraped up pants, black dress shoes and for some reason thought it was a good idea to pair suspenders and a stupidly long belt that almost looked like a tail.
Though the most notable detail about the boy, (Atsushi, Akutagawa remembered what Dazai called him), was his eyes. His eyes were a bright yellow-purple color, so reminiscent of the sunset Dazai always stared so faithfully at before they flickered to a deep bloody red.

“Akutagawa, this is Atsushi-kun, my partner!” Dazai introduced them cheerfully, "Atsushi-kun, this is my new subordinate, Akutagawa!“

“Subordinate…?” Akutagawa swore ‘Atsushi-kun’ growled darkly while somehow maintaining a stoic face.

“Yep!” Dazai nodded, before taking a teasing tone of voice, “Can you take it? My new subordinate is much better than you~!”

Akutagawa swore he was going to kill Dazai as he somehow held his ground against Atsushi’s murderous glare.

“So get along, you two, okay?” the brunet smiled cheerfully and gestured to them.

Akutagawa sighed and stepped forward towards Dazai’s partner. “Er…nice to meet you…’

Atsushi leaned in with this scary look in his eyes, with his voice dark and dripping with this emotion that screamed jealousy.


The sickly man glared back. No way was he going to be intimidated by his mentor’s partner.

“Bring it on, jinko.”


The Chinese Onyx Dias are a special forces group tasked with mass crime elimination and suppression. Mainly they focus on organized vandal groups and anarchists, such groups are commonplace due to the ease of living and scarcity of majority employment. While China is one of the few nations to still maintain a prewar government system even strong patriotism was not able to stave off mass unrest after the post war mass automation. 

With human labor nearly worthless and no greater code of ethics to abide by enforced by a primary world power or alliance most civilized places practice mass suppression and distraction tactics regularly. Either through hyper consumerism or forced activity. 

So I got curious what this film ‘Hidden Figures’ was about, and on IMDB found references to the many outright lies contained within it, one of which pointed me to the Wikipedia entry, which goes into just how unfounded the historical inaccuracies being flogged in the movie actually are:

“The film, set at NASA in 1961, depicts segregated facilities such as the West Area Computing unit, an all-black group of female mathematicians, who were originally required to use separate dining and bathroom facilities. However, in reality, Dorothy Vaughan was promoted to supervisor of West Computing in 1949, becoming the first black supervisor at the NACA and one of the few female supervisors.

In 1958, when the NACA made the transition to NASA, segregated facilities, including the West Computing office, were abolished. Dorothy Vaughan and many of the former West Computers transferred to the new Analysis and Computation Division (ACD), a racially and gender-integrated group.

“Mary Jackson completed her engineering courses and earned a promotion to engineer in 1958, becoming NASA’s first black female engineer. Katherine Johnson was assigned to the Flight Research Division in 1953, a move that soon became permanent. When the Space Task Group was formed in 1958, engineers from the Flight Research Division formed the core of the Group and Katherine moved along with them. She coauthored a research report in 1960, the first time a woman in the Flight Research Division had received credit as an author of a research report.

“In an interview with WHRO-TV, Katherine Johnson played down the feeling of segregation. ‘I didn’t feel the segregation at NASA, because everybody there was doing research. You had a mission and you worked on it, and it was important to you to do your job…and play bridge at lunch. I didn’t feel any segregation.’“

These are all real people, living real lives, full of real, documented events: Why would you want to tell the story of women you presumably admire and then lie about them to this degree? Who benefits from doing so? How does telling a false narrative about the past honor the achievements of those women, or, for that matter, help anyone today?

Future filmmakers, I’ll help you out: it doesn’t at all. Not one little bit.

I Dare You

word count: 4.5k

genre: smut



It was a simple party and everything was going fine until Minhyuk decided it’s time to spice it up. His idea? It ends up making you and your ex-crush Hyungwon get a lot closer than you could’ve ever imagined. 

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See you ‘Round - Cole Fluff

Request:  Maybe cole fluff where the reader is super smart

Warnings: Mild language, fluff

Notes: The procrastination psychology fact is true btw. I like to study a bit of psychology on the side of my studies at school ahah :P


I had my head down, intensely studying in the library of NYU. I wrote down some notes in my notes book that was placed on the right-hand side of the book.

“Whatcha readin’ there?”, I heard a male voice say from beside me. 

“A psychology textbook”, I respond, not bothering to see who the guy was. 

“Psychology huh? That’s intense”

“Yeah it is. But I enjoy it”. Curiosity got the best of me and I decided to look up to see who the guy was. I noticed that I was none other than, Cole Sprouse. 

“Holy shit. Hi”, I laugh. He laughs and says a hello back.

“I didn’t know you studies here”, I stated, curious to find out what course he was studying.

“Yeah, I do. I study archaeology”, Cole smiled. “I better go, my lecture is about to start, but, um, I’ll see you ‘round?”

“Yeah of course”, I smile and wave as he started to walk away.

“Oh, wait. I didn’t catch your name”


“See you ‘round, Y/n”, Cole winks, making me blush.

— 3 Years later —

Cole and I became the best of friends after that day in the library. So much so, that we ended up dating. 

“Ughh, I need to stop procrastinating”, Cole whines from the dining table. “Why do we procrastinate anyway? Like there has to be some psychological logic to it”

“There is actually: it’s because we are emotionally overwhelmed by either a task or a group of tasks, adrenaline is released by your amygdala. Though adrenaline protects you from negative thoughts or self-doubt and it can dull logical thinking. This creates more impulsive brain systems thus, going on facebook and completely avoiding the task”

“Don’t talk dirty to me; talk psychology to me”, Cole smirks, slowly walking over to me, who was sitting on the couch. 

“I love the fact that you’re smarter than me”, he whispers, leaning in for a kiss. 

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Hello, i love your work, and I'm a huge Frederick x Robin shipper! Can I get a kidnap story where Robin is kidnapped and they have to find them, but no one knows they're a couple so Frederick has to remain outwardly calm?

[how can the man with the least chill in the world ever remain calm-]

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

It was the dead of night. You were halfway to helping Frederick put out the last of the camp’s fires. Then there was a strange-smelling cloth over your mouth, and the world went black.

The lieutenant thought little of your absence at first, until you failed to show. He decided to look around for you, realizing very quickly you were nowhere to be found.

Quite literally, he couldn’t have alerted the camp any faster. Frederick sprinted to Chrom’s tent, rousing the prince and informing him that-

“Robin has been taken-!”

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[ARTICLE] BIGBANG’s T.O.P And JYJ’s Kim Junsu Finish Training, To Leave For Respective Assignments

BIGBANG’s T.O.P and JYJ’s Kim Junsu have finished their training and are preparing to leave for their new assignments.

The two singers were admitted into the Nonsan Army Training Center back in February 9, but will now be leaving the center to start their new roles on March 9.

T.O.P and Kim Junsu received four weeks of basic military training and now the two are scheduled to perform their military service as police men. They will be going to separate police stations for more training. They will also be meeting their family members and acquaintances at the Nonsan Army Training Center completion ceremony before heading off to their respective training sites immediately.

T.O.P will be serving at the Seoul Metropolitan Polic Agency and will be trained at the riot police training center located in Gyeonggi province. Kim Junsu, who is set to serve at the South Gyeonggi Police Agency, will be trained at the task group police training center in Gyeonggi province for two to three weeks.

Meanwhile, the two singers are scheduled to discharge from the army on November 2018.

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[x] - REQUESTED BY ghostleewritings 

Waller: I want you to join a group, called Task Force X.

Y/N: Do you know what I’m capable of? What makes you think I’ll join your little group of psychos? I don’t know who you are.

Waller: I am very familiar with your abilities, which is why you will join the group, or else I’ll hurt the people you love. And you don’t need to know who I am. All you need to know is that you work for me. 



(Y/N): Hey Stilinski! What ti- Wasn’t your locker on the other side of the school?
Thomas: What do you mea- Who are you?
(Y/N): Very funny, Stiles! (Y/N)? We have English together? Does that ring a bell?
Thomas: Ohhhhh… Yes, just kidding.
(Y/N): What time shall I come to your place for the group task?
Thomas: Uhm… I have lacrosse practice af-
(Y/N): Great! I’ll watch you… that sounds weird… I mean… uhm…
Thomas: It’s okay. See ya!
After your leaving Thomas takes his phone and sends a message to Stuart.

(Y/N): Stiles, I thought- I didn’t know you wear glasses.
Stuart: Hey (Y/N)! Uh… yes, sometimes.
(Y/N): Okay… Uhm… I thought you have practice now… What the-?
You see Thomas, who disappears around the next corner immediately as he sees you. You blink your eyes a few times.
Stuart leans against the locker to block your view.
Stuart: Uhm… no! I’m not in the mood.
(Y/N): Okay… Do you still want to work or should we-
Stuart: No no! Come, we drive right now.
He pushes you to the exit, so you don’t realize Thomas, who hides behind lockers and gives his brother Stiles’ keys of the jeep he had stolen as you pass him.
You drive to his house. During the drive you didn’t talk much because he always changed the topic. As you enter his house you see the Sheriff.
Sheriff Stilinski: Hey, I need to go to the station. Can you tell your br-
Stuart: Hey Dad! That’s (Y/N). (Y/N), my Dad, the Sheriff. We really need to work, so…
He pushes you upstairs slowly.
(Y/N): Hello, Mr. Stilinski. Nice to meet… met you.
Sheriff Stilinski: Hello… Wait, St-
Stuart: Bye Dad!
He pushes you to a door.
Stuart: I need to go to the bathroom. You can go to my room. It’s this one.
You nod and go to the room, while he enters the bathroom. You enter his room and see him sitting on his bed.
(Y/N): Stiles? But- I- you- I mean- you…
Thomas: (Y/N), you okay?
(Y/N): The bathroom…
Thomas: Oh, my room also has a door to the bathroom.
(Y/N): Where?
Thomas: Come, we go to the living room!
(Y/N): But we-
Thomas: I changed my mind.
(Y/N): Just like you changed your clothes? And where are your glasses?
Thomas: You’re alright? You should go to a doctor. That doesn’t sound good.
(Y/N): What?!
Stuart enters the room. He changed his clothes and doesn’t wear his glasses now, so he looks like Thomas.
(Y/N): Oh god! What the- I think I’m going crazy…
Stuart: What’s wrong?
(Y/N): I- I think…
Thomas: I think I know what it is. I read about it. Do you see me twice?
(Y/N): Stop that! Please!
Stuart: Hey, it’s okay! Everything’s alright!
Stiles: Ey, dumbasses! Who took my jeep?! You know I had practice and I just wanted- (Y/N)?
(Y/N): Oh god oh god oh god oh god…
Stiles: What’s going on here? And why you wear my clothes? And where are you gla- Oh, you didn’t…
Stuart: Hey Stiles!
Thomas: What’s up, bro?
Stiles glares at his brothers before he goes to you and put his hands on your shoulders.
Stiles: (Y/N), hey… everything’s okay. You’re not going crazy.
(Y/N): But- but- but…
Stiles: We’re triplets.
(Y/N): You’re…
Stiles: Triplets. These are my really stupid brothers Thomas and Stuart. You’re not crazy. I’m sorry, I never told you…
Stuart&Thomas: Hey (Y/N)!
Stiles: What have these idiots done to you?
(Y/N): They acted like they were you… and said I should go to a doctor… because I’m going crazy…
Stiles: Wha- You’re gonna die! I thought we’re to old for that!
Stuart: Calm down, Stiles! We only wanted to know who she is.
Thomas: We wanted to find out why you have a crush on her.
Stiles: THOMAS! Really?!
Stuart: Idiot…
Thomas: Oh…
(Y/N): You have a crush on me?
Stiles: No! … I mean… yes… No… What I want to say is… maybe?
Stuart: Uhm… bye (Y/N)! It was nice to meet you!
Thomas: Bye!
Stiles: I’m gonna kill you!
(Y/N): Stiles?
Stiles: Yes?
(Y/N): Maybe I like you, too…
Stiles: Maybe?
He comes closer.
Stiles: Maybe I don’t like you maybe… but for real…
(Y/N): Maybe me, too…
He puts his hands on your cheeks and kisses you.
Stiles: I like you.
(Y/N): I like you, too.
Stuart&Thomas: You’re welcome!
Stiles: Shut up!


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o1. monkey tree // mother mother
o2. andromeda // gorillaz
o3. take me up // coleman hell
o4. something big // shawn mendes
o5. believer // imagine dragons
o6. aftermath // caravan palace

━ ( MAKING MUSIC // or just a racket. )


Title: Anticipation

Athlete: Andre Burakovsky

Word Count: 3,504

Requested?: Yes

Request: I received two requests like a day apart so I’m combining them, Can you do an Andre Burakovsky one? And the other request was Can you write an Andre Burakovsky one? Maybe about your wedding day or something?

Author’s Note:  I hope you both enjoy the story!

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Snickering on either side of you is what pulled your from your sleep.  You fully stretched out as you attempted to wake for the day.  “What are you two laughing about?” Your best friends were in the bed with you and still amused by something which occurred before you woke.

“We were just wondering if Andre woke up in bed with two of his groomsmen.” You couldn’t help but let out a soft laugh.

“I bet the long lost roomies stayed up all night gossiping.” You turned to your left looking at Nina.

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Credit to @j1ny0ung

Insomnia| Park Jinyoung

Prompt: You have insomnia/sleeplessness and you are trying to avoid Jinyoung finding out but when he sleeps over for the first time you end up telling him everything.

A/N: Long time no see! Please take this scenario for my ultimate bias as an apology for not posting any original stuff for a while. I do suffer from an inability to sleep sometimes and so I based a lot of this off of my personal experiences. Please excuse any mistakes while reading.



  1. habitual sleeplessness; inability to sleep. synonyms: sleeplessness, wakefulness, restlessness

The most beautiful things are often the most deadly. The most beautiful flowers are often the most poisonous. The most beautiful animals are often the most dangerous.

The most beautiful night is full of terrors.

The most beautiful night is full of things which twist their way into the mind. Things which sink their tendrils deeper and deeper until you’re thrashing desperately to prise them loose. Things which have no place in the day but seek you out relentlessly every single night.

These things are what have you staring at your ceiling night after night. They never give you up, unwilling to relinquish their hold over you. A tired huff escapes your lips. Tired because you are sick of ending up in this situation again and tired because while your body wants to rest your mind won’t let you. Small thoughts flit across your brain, coming into focus for a second before leaving only to be replaced by another soon after. Again and again, over and over, never stopping.

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