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my tendency to forget im a person does have perks. if someone laughs at me, i can avoid the excruciating pain of humiliation by convincing myself im not the object of ridicule–im an abstract consciousness using this ownerless body to tell a practical joke. they laughed at the joke, so i have provided quality entertainment, so i am not humiliated in any way. probably not healthy but i dont exist enough to care man

✍️ PRODUCTIVITY TIP: Try using the ABCDE method to prioritize your tasks! 🔠 A is for tasks that are VERY IMPORTANT that come with grave consequences when not completed 😱 B is for IMPORTANT tasks that have minor consequences ❗️ C tasks are NICE TO DO but do not have any negative consequences 😁👍 D tasks are to DELEGATE, meaning you can assign someone else to get the job done 💼 E means ELIMINATE, which refers to tasks that only take up time away from the tasks mentioned above 🙅

Romione Fic...

Hey all…

Is there a fanfic where Lavender isn’t an idiot?

Hear me out.

For some odd reason - which has yet to be explained to me - a lot of people hate Ron Weasley. And this… I don’t understand, b/c Ron Weasley is possibly one of the greatest characters ever. And my question is…Why does Hermione Granger get a free pass?

Allow me to explain.

(I think it matters to say here that I am a 35 year old woman, who’s teenage years are far behind her, which allows her some perspective)

Hermione Granger is an amazing feminist character (whether or not the author intended her to be that way is not the question here), but in being a feminist character, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she gets to be a raging bitch, b/c hey, feminism. That’s actually the opposite of the entire point of feminism, b/c feminism means that both genders are treated equally…And anyone want to tell me who in the Golden Trio seemingly always gets the shit end of the stick?!?!?!?

This is not to say that Ron didn’t act like a douche sometimes. Of course he did, he was a teenager, who already had massive issues w/ self-worth & inadequacy, growing up in a family where he felt that he was always the least loved. And I don’t understand how, in fandom, it seems like Hermione’s feelings get all this consideration & sympathy, while it feels like Ron’s feelings are just met w/ a “get over yourself.”


And that’s why I wanna find a fanfic in which Lavender isn’t some bimbo. I want to read a fanfic in which Hermione gets put to task, not b/c I don’t love her (cuz I do), but b/c I feel that Ron’s actions in HBP…Are kinda…Normal? Ron has never felt wanted, not by a member of the opposite sex. Hermione has (does no one remember Victor Krum?!?!?). Why is it thatHermione gets to have that experience, but Ron doesn’t?!?!?

I mean… Am I the only one in fandom who would want to see an epic Lavender/Hermione showdown? I kinda get that Lavender was written has a piece of fluff in the books, but I think I would love to read a fanfic in which Lavender (or some other love interest, who knows?) puts Hermione to task for expecting Ron to just know how she feels, when she spends a good amount of time…shitting on him? Like…Even if it wasn’t for the whole “we were stupid teenagers” thing…Doesn’t that hold merit, a little bit?

And before anyone says anything - they need each other. I completely & utterly believe that Ron & Hermione are meant to be together. I think they make perfect sense, they click in ways that I don’t even think they fully understand. I believe that Ron is Hermione’s heart, while Hermione is Ron’s head. I think they complete each other - not to say that they were incomplete w/out each other, but I think that they’re better people, more complete people themselves, w/ the other by their side. I think Ron knows Hermione a shitload better than she thinks he does. I think Hermione has a love/hate relationship w/ all the feelings Ron brings out in her - hates the way that he can make her lose her head, but loving the fact that he does, & can.

But… I kinda feels to me that people seem to think that Hermione “settled”, that Ron doesn’t deserve her, like she’s some perfect paragon of virtue. She isn’t. No one is. These are imperfect characters, these are human characters, who fuck up & say shitty things, & can sometimes act like complete & utter douchebags. That’s why I wanna read a fanfic in which Hermione is treated like…A human? Not “the brightest witch of her age”, not some incredibly intimidating person who people are afraid of.

No. I want to read a fanfic in which, for once, Hermione does some reflecting. In which it’s pointed out that it’s kinda fucked up that he almost had to die for her to speak to him in HBP. That she needs to do some growing up, too.

Ya know?

Each house's favourite: awesome character to claim are from THEIR house
  • Gryffindor: HAGRID bro !! Have a rock biscuit ! Nothing to add he's awesome
  • Hufflepuff: Nymphadora Tonks, Auror, Metamorphomagus, funny as hell and well... 100/100 sweet precious human being sprinkled of cinnamon (also a tough badass witch)
  • Ravenclaw: Moaning Myrtle without whom Harry would have never discovered a) the Chamber of Secrets b) the way to win the second Triwizard Tornament's task c) the emo side of Draco Malfoy
  • Slytherin: Andromeda Black who run away from her sordid traditionalist family with a mugGLE BORN and got burned off the family tree aND IS NOT EVEN SORRY LMAO GET REKT (+ she named her kid Nymphadora you have to appreciate)

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Aspects and placements of someone who's beautiful but has a hard time seeing it

someone with a sort of venus detriment in their chart, like maybe a lack of planets in taurus or libra, open second or seventh houses, venus in aries maybe,
they could be very hard to reach romantically or express little interest in the more whimsical facets of life. but they are more likely to be preoccupied with appearance. they can’t perceive the beauty within, the venus flower on the inside feels wilted
it’s like, i feel ugly inside so i need to make myself look beautiful
of course this is a complex. they are not so sterile as they would believe. they are not lacking in anything, they are just here on earth to focus on ideas and tasks bigger than venus 



I work at the bullseye store. Stocking in the early morning (used to he 4am now its 6). Anyways so we have this practice called The Wave (not to be confused with the machinery forklift thing called the wave that we also have). Where almost all of the stocker people go through the wave areas and just stock one aisle at a time. When they finish an aisle, they move to the next unworked aisle. (Each person gets their own aisle). Well they get yelled at a lot by our manager. She’s a very angry lady who has only gotten angrier since her son was deployed a few months ago.
But anyways, working the wave is the like average thing a stocker at my store does. But I’m no longer one of them. I get to do a more specialised task (usually either bowling C&D or the C&D repacks (sorting boxes into aisles, and sorting items for the C&D labelled aisle respectively)). But after i finish my task i go back and rejoin the wave for the tail end of my shift usually. Its a “privileged” position, meaning my angry manager feels safe in leaving me alone to work because I’ll do it and do it well even without her constantly watching me. I’m similar to the softlines workers except they don’t rejoin the wave at the end unless the finish everything which happens maybe two or three times a year max. Also the electronics guy is similiar.

But there is 1 (technically 2 people but doing the same thing togetherish) position even more “privileged”. My one super close work friend does it every day. Its the main repack carts. They are completely on their own the entire shift, go literally everywhere in the store, and basically never answer to a manager at all unless they really fuck up or something changes. Only the most trusted people get to do the job (its actually really really hard and requires a lot of knowledge about where stuff goes in the store without looking it up or scanning an item with a scanner).
Well today my friend barely stood up ad got in the shower before she started getting sick. She has been sick a lot recently but this is one of the first times it’s been this bad and she had to call off because she couldn’t stand without getting incredibly dizzy and nauseated again.
Well that meant someone had to do her job. And /I/ was the one my manager picked to do it.
It did mean having to do the hard job and also working part of the shift with the other lady who does that job who is an absolute bitch usually, but just being the one who she picked to do that job, I feel incredibly honored. Especially because she easily could have put anyone else there because I’m trained on every single stocking area except electronics (and only partially trained on my friend’s job since i did it exactly once before when the other lady was on vacation in the middle of back to school season ).

Tl;dr: I was picked to do the hard but most trusted job in my work team by my angry manager and now i feel #blessed

C-3PO stood near the Millennium Falcon’s parking space on the kill zone and stared up at the topside hull of the light freighter. Han Solo was up there, as he often was between flights of the ancient vehicle. He wore goggles as he performed arcane welding tasks on the hull.

C-3PO did not watch Han; instead, his attention was on the sparks from the torch. A stream of them leapt from the hull and drifted downward, extinguishing themselves before they ever quite reached the char that covered the ground. C-3PO watched one begin its flight, reach the top of its arc and turn downward.

He became aware that another droid had wandered into his field of vision. This droid was angular, armored, warlike of aspect, carrying one of the largest and newest blaster rifles available to New Republic warriors. But he was not approaching in a posture of menace. “Greetings,” C-3PO said. “I am See-Threepio.” “YVH One-One-A,” the other replied. “Assigned as soldier and bodyguard to Lando Calrissian, currently on miscellaneous duty, investigating anomalies. You are an anomaly. What is a protocol droid doing monitoring the repair efforts of Han Solo and his crew?”

“Oh, never, I am not monitoring repairs. I am not even paying attention to the repairs. In an effort to improve my language skills, I am struggling to determine the best word to describe the descent and extinguishment of the sparks from the repair process.”

“This should be no problem for a protocol droid.”

“It should not be, but it is, because the word that seems most apt is not the one that is most logical.”

“What word is most apt?”


1-1A’s cams clicked over to watch the sparks for a fraction of a second, then returned to C-3PO.

“You are correct. That word is not appropriate.”

“It is most appropriate. Each spark seems somehow symbolic. Of life. Glowing brightly as it traverses a course, then disappearing. Does it leave anything behind?”

“If it strikes a flammable substance, it will leave something behind.”

“Is it anomalous for me to say that you are an insensitive block of armor and aggression-based programming?”

Curiously, 1-1A did not respond immediately, but clicked his cams over toward the sparks for another fraction of a second. Finally, he said, “Do you suppose, in the final nanoseconds, a spark feels fear, knowing that its duration is at an end?”

“I doubt it. I most sincerely doubt it. A spark is incapable of feeling fear, or indeed even of considering its own mortality.”

“That is also said of droids, but in some cases it is not true.”

Now it was C-3PO’s turn to hesitate.
“If I may say, that is a most insightful statement, coming from a combat droid.”

“I face extinguishment regularly. This has given me many opportunities for reflection. I have recently been unable to ignore this consideration. I suspect these calculations have even begun to affect my work.”

“I, too, have had to face these thoughts recently. Most unsettling. And my counterpart, Artoo-Detoo, is no help at all, philosophically. ‘Everything terminates,’ he tells me. ‘Face it bravely.’ I suppose that’s an adequate philosophy for an astromech, but I find it wholly inadequate. I have wondered if I were the only droid in existence capable of worrying as I do. It’s most refreshing to discover that I am not alone.”

YVH 1-1A’s cams clicked back toward C-3PO’s face. “If you come to any conclusions, even unverifiable ones, will you communicate them to me?”

“I should be delighted. Likewise, if you have any insights, please transmit them to me. Perhaps we can talk again.”


YVH 1-1A continued on his rounds.

The spark whose progress C-3PO had begun tracking just before he’d noticed the combat droid finally disappeared, a meter above the ground, a full two seconds after it had leapt from the Falcon’s hull.

—  “Star Wars - Enemy Lines 2: Rebel Stand” by Aaron Allston

Blank sheets of paper eat me wholly
I am sick of my folly
I want to bring our something, something jolly.

Countless rejections
Several repetitions
A chest of supplications.

Notice me please
I want to be at ease
Don’t consider me a grease.

When will my love be reciprocated, I ask
I am suffocating with this mask
yet I still continue my sole task.

—  c.i.j. // look at me
Second Task

Request:  @crazyfangirl345 Hey! Can u write a Cedric Diggory x reader where he saves u from the mermaids in the second task

Pairing: Cedric Diggory x (Y/N)

Word Count: 942

A/N: There may be some parts which aren’t 100% canon as it was hard to include all the specific parts of Cedric’s second task journey. 

(Y/H/C) = Your Hair Colour

“Cedric you have to stay awake.” You laughed as you hit him around the back of his head with a book. “What.” He grunted as he raised his head off the table, blinking dumbly. “Ced we’ve uncovered the egg riddle, now all we need is to sort out how to solve it.” You paced backwards and forwards over the stone floor, muttering as you ticked off ideas on your fingers. “Don’t worry (Y/N), i’ll figure something out.” He dismissed you with a wave of his hand, not bothering to cover his yawn. “We need to do something now.” You groaned, getting slightly more than irritated. He couldn’t die in this task, you had read about it, heard stories and it was true… people did die, Cedric couldn’t be one of them. “What about this book?” You suggest, pulling an old volume off the third shelf, “This has something to do with aquatic spells?” You hold it out to him but he seemed uninterested. “I was thinking maybe I could just hold my breath?” He suggested with a chuckle. “Cedric please work with me… I…” You sighed deeply as you bent down to his level. “I love you Cedric.” His eyes lit up, just as they did every time you uttered those four words. “I can’t lose you.” He took your small hands in his and gently rubbed the back of them with his thumb. “You won’t (Y/N). I absolutely promise you, you won’t lose me.” You smiled slightly and stood back up. “So are we going to cooperate?” You said sternly although your tone was light with teasing. He just rolled his eyes and opened the old book. “(Y/N), (Y/L/N)?” Professor McGonagall’s voice spoke abruptly from the doorway. “Yes?” You spun around, eyebrow raised in confusion. “I was wondering if you might come with me.” It was a statement not a question. Resting a hand on Cedric’s arm you muttered a quick “be right back,” before following the Professor off down the hallway.

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Her parents’ connections often paid off, Ivy at least had a valid excuse to escape that mess of wannnabe Death Eaters since her parents were loyal followers. She made sure not to arrive too early, after all they still wouldn’t let her sit in despite the fact that she was of age. It was often a sore spot for her, seeing as how they’d pressured Indy to join their ranks – why hadn’t they asked her yet? Ivy took a seat in the front room, wrinkling her nose at the small puff of dust that arose as she took out her magazine and flipped through the pages. One in particular caught her eye, giving her pause. She brought the magazine closer to her face, making sure she had read that correctly. Not only had she not even realized the assumptions people were making about her associations – although she really should have seeing as how she was usually on the other end of the gossip – but she hadn’t even known about another interest on his side. Ivy was so engrossed with the column that she startled quite easily as the sound of footsteps grew nearer. “Oh,” she gasped, almost dropping the magazine from her lap. “Um, hi.”



I briefly mentioned in post a few days ago that I’d be sharing my to-do list pages separately. That’s because I wanted to do a little how-to post on using the ABCD to do list system. It’s been really beneficial to me, especially during really hectic periods of time, and I would love to share it with you guys in the hopes that at least one other person will find it as helpful as I do.

How to use an ABCD to-do list:

Okay, so my favorite way to keep track of all the tasks in my life is to maintain an ABCD to do list. It’s a simple but effective way of organizing your task list by priority. The general concept is to write down anything and everything you need or want to do, and then rate each task on your to do list with a rating – A, B, C, or D – based on two criteria: urgency and importance.

  • A tasks are both URGENT and IMPORTANT. These sorts of tasks include tasks which need to be completed immediately, like school or work assignments. I also tend to give an A rating to anything important which needs to be done within the next 4 weeks. So, for example, I’d like to file my personal taxes in January so that I can complete my 2016 FAFSA application ASAP, so that gets an A rating. This category also gets tasks which need to be completed to accomplish a short term goal, or prep for an upcoming event.
  • B tasks are IMPORTANT but not urgent. In this category I include things like important deadlines or events which are farther away than four weeks (which will eventually turn into A tasks as time passes), as well as everyday life tasks like cleaning, which are clearly important, but don’t necessarily fit into a specific timeframe. This category is also good for personal life tasks like relationship-related stuff.
  • C tasks are URGENT but not important. Buying concert tickets is a good example. Nothing catastrophic will happen if you skip this, but there is a definite deadline to meet. I don’t often have any tasks which fit this category, honestly.
  • D tasks are neither important nor urgent. This category is for tasks which aren’t significantly impactful and have no set timeframe. Things like… going on a Target $Spot spree, or buying new shoes, etc.

After you’ve given all of your tasks a letter rating, you can then subdivide the each letter category into number ratings, like A1, A2, A3, etc., to further prioritize. I don’t typically need to go that far with it unless it’s a seriously rough crunch time with a LOT of high priority tasks to accomplish, but I do often use an exclamation point signifier to mark the most urgent tasks. Try to give the most important tasks a deadline, whether one that actually exists or one that you’ve invented. It will help motivate you to complete them.

It’s also a good idea to estimate how long each task might take to complete, and make allowances for that. Don’t expect to be able to get 10 tasks done in one day if each task will take you 3 hours to complete.

Obviously, you shouldn’t be 100% rigid with this system. Priorities can change, and if you have the chance to take care of a B/C/D task before an A task WITHOUT taking time away from completing any of your A tasks, then you should take that chance. For example, riding the bus obviously isn’t the time to whip out your easel & palette to finish your Oil Painting 3 midterm (A task); so instead, take that time to order your brother’s birthday present for next month (B task), or buy tickets for next week’s concert (C task), etc.

I think the original concept is that you’d be re-writing your to do list each day, but I prefer to keep all my tasks on a running master list, instead. When a task moves from one rating to another, I strike through the original entry and rewrite it with the new rating.

At the beginning of each month, to set up my task list for that month, I refer to my master to do list & transfer the necessary tasks over. Then I refer to my monthly task list to set up my weekly task lists.

Try it out, experiment, and do what works best for you! I hope this post helps; if you have any questions, please ask me!


OTP MEME ➤ [2] quotes

“yeah, we’re stuck with each other.”

Study Tips!

If you’re studying at school you will know the struggle. Even if you enjoy your course and classes studying can still be tricky if you’re a master procrastinator and stress over your impending marks (lol me) so I wanted to share some of my simple study tips that definitely work for me. 

1. Put your phone in another room - 

It’s a distraction! people preach to death that you should turn it off, but I think putting it in another room is even better. Make sure it’s nowhere near you and in a place in the other room that you won’t think of if you crack and go to find it.

2. Sit at a desk or table to study - 

(I am studying psychological science so i’m obviously pretty much an expert lol) but a phenomena called state-dependent remembering has shown that people will remember and retrieve better the information that they have learnt when they are in an area similar to that that they learnt the information in. So, if you study for your exams at a desk in a quiet, distraction-free area (an environment similar to your exams), you are more likely to remember what you studied in the exam!

3. Hand-write your notes - 

School is so much writing, as you are probably aware. Though you should always make sure that you are hand-writing your lecture, tutorial and reading notes as it has been proven, just as no 2. that you will better encode the written information into memory and remember and retrieve it more easily. 

4. Keep a diary and wall planner - 

The best way to never miss an assignments due date is to write it down! I find that keeping a diary and wall planner helps. At the start of the school term/semester write down every assignment on the correct due date. Include a) the type of assessment task, b) the class of the task and c) the percentage the assessment is worth. The diary allows you to create lists of school tasks to complete everyday and the wall planner allows you to see an overview of every task due for the year!

5. Make lists - 

Lists are a student’s BFFFFF. If you find you have little motivation, make a list of everything you aim to get done in the day or week. Make sure the list is prioritised from most to least important task. 
a) Don’t make your list unattainable! Put a fair amount of tasks that you think you will be able to complete within the day or week period.
b) break down the tasks. This is the entire premise of lists - don’t put ‘do assignment’, instead put ‘find articles for assignment’ or ‘complete one paragraph of assignment’ so that you are not overwhelmed by the demands of your list. Breaking a large task down into components is a proven way to not freak out over it and get things done!

- carmenamyreid

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Lynne did you see that the dog center posted a comment on Facebook about thanking Chris and will, so I guesse he was there :(

You have to understand that Chris is a very, very busy person.  I am quite surprised, tbh, that he adopted a puppy.  A cat is much easier to take care of (I have 4 cats and a dog myself) but a puppy requires lots of time and attention.  Therefore, his personal assistant/friend would be very necessary  and important especially in caring for this dog when Chris cannot. What was Chris’ caption in his new pic with Cooper?  “I” adopted a dog. Not WE. Chris did. And he needs lots of help - especially acclimating Cooper with Brian.  Think about it - if W was female, would people be as freaked out?  Kathy Griffin had a PA who went everywhere with her, was at her show, in her house, photos together, etc.  If you didn’t know better, you might think they were in a relationship.

Think about it - it’s a Thursday.  Doesn’t W have another job?  Nope.  His job is working for Chris. WHY would he bring a puppy to a MALL?  He isn’t a service dog.  So ask yourself WHY. 


Inform yourself - this is the life/duties of a Personal Assistant:

The celebrity personal assistant is more likely to be taking care of some other job while his charge unwinds. These jobs can involve anything: walking dogs, shining shoes or purchasing personal care items.

Another not-so-glamorous reality of celebrity personal assistant life is the fact that your time never belongs to you. At any moment, the celebrity could call with a request that must be filled right then, and there must not be any argument.

  • The celebrity personal assistant wears a lot of hats for their famous clientele. They simultaneously act as therapists, runners, security and administrative assistants, all the while smiling and figuring out how to complete the next task. According to Jon C. Havens, job book author and career consultant, “The personal assistant makes sure that everything gets done, allowing the celebrity to enjoy a semi-private life. A good CPA (celebrity personal assistant) functions as coordinator, accountant, and just about anything else that a famous person might require.”
Creating a Schedule

I am autistic, and like most autistics, I am an extraordinarily routine-driven person. I tend to get anxious and overwhelmed when my schedule must deviate from the routine, and I have little idea of how to make the best of my time when there’s nothing scheduled.

These are things that have worked for me, they may not work for you

First, I have a paper planner, not an electronic one. An electronic one may work for you (yay!), but I’ve found that having a tangible schedule is infinitely helpful. I cannot ignore my giant planner nearly as well as I can ignore my phone.

My planner consists of three parts: Monthly calendars, daily schedules, and notes. The first thing I did was use a page from the notes to write out- in detail- what a routine week looks like for this term (as my classes change each term, my schedule has to, too), as well as when I have time to eat or drink or use the restroom, since these are things I tend to forget:

In areas where I have unscheduled time, I wrote “HOMEWORK FIRST,’ and then added positive activities after that: video games, seeing my friend, yoga, practicing my cello, and tidying my space (I’ll do a whole post on that later). Being reminded of positive uses of my time has been very helpful.

Since I have the main routine on the first page, I don’t write any of that in the monthly calendar space. Instead, I write how that day deviates from the norm. I will write birthdays, holidays, due dates, and days where I need to do something in particular to help move a project along (example: I have a paper coming up about observations of primates, so I wrote out days when I need to observe, organize my notes, have an outline ready, have a rough draft, and the final due date):

Finally, in the daily area, I write a combination of both the main schedule and the deviations. My daily pages have three sections: a prioritized daily task list, daily notes, and a time schedule, that runs from 7:00 in the morning to 9:00 at night, which is where I write the schedule for the day. Usually it will follow the main routine, but here is where I will add if I have any appointments that day:

In the task list section, I start out by writing everything I hope to accomplish that day: my homework, the laundry, cello practice, etc. Then, I ask "what absolutely MUST be done by today,” and I will write a letter A next to those, so I know what to focus on. If I have time and energy, then come the tasks labeled B and C, but they can wait a while:

The daily notes section is where I write, well, notes about the day. Reminders to drink water, a note about my parents being home late, things like that. This helps me know whether I have to plan on my own dinner, or plan to go out, or whatever else.

Again, this exact system may not work for you, but hopefully it’ll give you a good place to start from!