task 1

Let me RIP//Asumu//task 4//open

The moment that the party had been announced, Asumu snapped out of her slumbering state, before stumbling over to the party, still exhausted. She didn’t want to be here. No, she didn’t want to be anywhere, but still, duty called. With a small yawn,she arrived, before deciding to grab her own gift bag, which was a pile of muddy browns. before giving a small yawn.


ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN (TASK 1) - Ivy + Daniel + Eloise + Miles

As Ivy rolled off her bed she brushed her fingers through her hair and took a deep breath. She was going to go out and relax, she was going to have fun with Miles and accomplish what she’d been asked to do. Ivy never did things half way, it was all or nothing with her and it was far too late to turn back now.  Slipping her feet into her shoes Ivy looked at herself in the mirror. Of course she wasn’t as confident as she’s like to be, but she didn’t hate what she saw. She liked her plain looks, loose hair and small figure. She was just Ivy and that was okay with her. Making sure she had everything she needed, she slipped her bag over her shoulder and headed out the door. The brunette did her best to ignore the camera and Phil as she’d been instructed time and time again to do and made her way towards the rec room where she assumed she’d be meeting up with the others. As she reached the room she glanced around and forced a smile on her face. Ivy didn’t spot the others anywhere so she took a seat on the couch to wait for them. She was definitely nervous, there was no telling how the night would turn out.

Tossing up Loess [open starter]

Nabiki’s father had always taught her that the most vital tenant to living a happy life was versatility – that was, the ability to adapt to any situation with which one was presented, and to do so quite willingly, without falling prey to the alluring possibility of sulking through hardships from dawn ‘till dusk. It was necessary to upkeep a certain level of cerebral mildness, lest one did find the temptation within themselves to submit to such a weakness in character all too powerful to overcome. That old notion was all well and good when it came to eating nothing but dry saltine crackers and shriveled lemons for weeks, or being unable to bathe for upwards of twenty days on end… However, when those grim, almost unbelievably ghastly words fell from the tight-lipped, robotic mouth of what appeared to be an automated teddy bear, Nabiki saw her faith in the tried lesson falter.

Despite her apparent alarm at the situation, the woman was finding it a bit difficult to focus on the bear’s grisly speech. Instead, her gaze was fixed on the many faces of her fellow classmates, and she found herself growing more and more fascinated as the looks of surprise appeared, only to soon be grotesquely morphed into something more akin to terror. Nabiki had never been around many children her own age, and even her short amount of time spent around the young cabin boys who were oftentimes aboard her father’s frigate had very rarely dared to interact with her. It was interesting to her, observing their different textures of hair, the various styles of clothing, even each one of their unique postures. The navigator likely could have ogled all day – but the monochromatic bear was calling them to attention, now, and she supposed she had better listen up.

It took a good five minutes or so for the entirety of the situation to settle in Nabiki’s mind, and even then, she had a little trouble connecting the feelings to what appeared to be facts. When it came to understanding the stars and the sea, the woman was by no modern means slow. However, this situation was much different both in nature and in consequence. When the pieces finally clicked together, the woman felt her heart drop downwards like a brick. Though the response was lagged, it was by no means lacking in production. Nabiki’s eyebrows furrowed and she looked up foggily, and the pungent scent of filth, charmingly combined with low-grade cleaning solution, had never been more blaring.

“You… You fuckin’ kidding me?” she muttered incredulously, turning to look around at her fellow peers, who seemed to have taken to chatting amongst themselves about their current situation. Nabiki saw her vision turn red, and she had the sudden urge to grab any number of them by the collars and smack some sense into their absent heads.

“…Why in God’s name are the lot of you actin’ so goddamn calm? You may be perfectly fine with sittin’ here an’ lettin’ a fuckin’ teddybear toss you around like a ragdoll, but I won’t take that sort of thing sittin’ down. Not for a minute. Now, I don’ fancy myself as heartless, but somethin’ has got to be done. Oy, any takers? Who’s willin’ to help me rip its ugly goddamn head off?“ she shouted, taking no reservations in raising her voice, which rang out quite deeply throughout the circular room. It was atypical of her to be acting so brusquely, really – but this situation was rather atypical as well, wasn’t it? In Nabiki’s mind, there was simply no place for introductions under circumstances such as these. She felt her shoulders shake, hands balling up into fists in record time. They needed to leap into action. Quickly.

{task 1} suisen - a new beginning

It was… cold. Even with all four layers of shirts on, they felt cold. It was more like an eerie chill but they couldn’t help feeling that way. Eiji didn’t like it. At all. Sitting up and holding their head, they looked around, more confused than ever.
Although not the smartest, Ei had deduced that they’ve never been here before. Slowly making progress… The place seemed to be… moving. A vehicle of some sort, they thought.

“A… train… I did it. I figured it out.”

In all honesty, Eiji disliked trains. And planes. And taxis. And… all forms of public transportation, really. They don’t ever take those kinds of ways to get around, it’s too scary, they prefer to travel by foot.
Just as they were about to literally pat themselves on the back for solving the first mystery, a strange voice echoed throughout the carriage. As soon as the only thing they could hear was the clacking of the train tracks and the quiet static of the speakers, That sure was… something.

While waiting for the ride to end, Eiji sat in the corner, away from everybody. They needed wide open spaces and fresh air and–! Sleep. They already fell asleep. As bright lights filled the room, Eiji opened their eyes drowsily to find the open door. They hopped off and were met by… a cat?

“Kyoo– C-Cute…!”

None of it’s words managed to get in the florist’s head who was focusing more on the physical features of the cat. It was called… Nyanburu? And it left as soon as it appeared. Strange.
Eiji didn’t bother looking at the pass in their hands and rambled around, finding themselves in front of the water fountain. Wow, doing absolutely nothing sure is hard work. Were these automatic? Time to find out.
Eiji leaned in close and… accidentally hit the button, making water splash all over their face.


Hopefully, nobody was watching.

||Task 1|| ✂ Crops and Bobbers || Open ||

    Darkness. Something she hardly ever called a friend, more or less something to send her into unanticipated panic. Holding onto such a burdensome sentiment would come back to bite her in the ass in tenfold, that she was well aware– yet this fear was a fear she seldom felt in such magnitude, rendering it almost futile to even breath. 

   Fortunately, it wasn’t very long for the tangent of emotion to lessen..at least.. to some degree at a shadow’s expense. But if the eerie darkness and the bolted door behind her contributed to her awe, the voice certainly did a good job in proving it all too false.
  So she held fast onto that sliver of hope carried by the mere glimpse of the figure just threatening to slip through her skeletal digits like silk, leaving a ghost-like memento of what could have been.

  But it was though the shadow caught wind to her paralysis-like state, the lights flicked on granting Jiang-Li passage to breath, the blissful sound of relief. Let there be light.

  Her eyes fell to the plush-like figure and the immediate glint of blue cast from wall to wall, floor to ceiling, had become an unbearable sight for the hairdresser. Churning waves emulating the churning terror wrenched deep inside her, she felt utterly sick to her stomach.
Using the rabbit’s verbose spiel to cope with her suspended distress, as their unorthodox teacher declined with the claim, she turned on her heels to face the terrors that lay ahead for poor, rabbit-hearted Jiang-Li de la Rosa.
   What stood before her were a colorful variety of people, whom she’d soon call her peers, but it wouldn’t be very long until Jiang-Li considered them an intimidating lot.

  Confusion streaming through her veins, she looked hastily as if it would muster up the gall to speak. But with cardiac fluctuations pulsating in her ear like a lambeg drum, it was a telltale sign that no good would come of it. But for the others’ sake, she would give it her all.

“Ah, um..I-I guess this is usually the part where we introduce ourselves?”

“I…I’m sorry I’m jus’.. still in shock ya could say– Hh, what a horrible impression to make on your classmates. R-really, that I-I do apologize dearly..!”

[TASK 1] Abrasion

Silver Station?

No memory of how she got on that train?

A bizarre talking plush toy offering exposition?

Okay, what the fuck was going on here. Toragesa stared at the transit pass that had been handed to her as if there was some sort of answer to any of the questions that had been raised hidden within it. Unsurprisingly, there wasn’t, but the maps and rules set a certain type of official tone to it that felt better, somehow. Still nothing made a lick of sense, and she was starting to feel a flicker of panic from inside.

“…Fuckin’ hell.”

Angry mumbling as one of her hands went to her backpocket where the familiar packet of cheap brand cigarettes lay, feeling the dented cardboard and then changing her mind. You weren’t supposed to smoke in a public place, after all. What if one of these kids here had a problem with it?

…Right, these kids here. Toragesa glanced over, frowning intently. None of them really stood out to her as someone she recognized, but there was a vague familiarity over most of their faces, like she’d seen them in the news or in the papers once. The weird cat plush toy thing had said they were classmates, though, so they must be other Hope’s Peak’s kids, right?


With a sigh more linked to frustration than the exasperation that it came out sounding like, Toragesa approached one of the other… Gamers? Warily, pulling downwards on her bandana and focusing her eyes elsewhere.

“Oi, uh. Shit.”

Shit. She hadn’t approached with a plan, and now she was fumbling.

“What the fuck- What the fuck is goin’ on- here- huh?”

task 1 : maitake
For a moment, it seemed as though no time had passed at all.

The regrettably familiar scent of mildew and damp, eroded minerals wafted from every direction, sickeningly pungent, and yet undeniably soothing nonetheless. The sensation wasn’t terribly unlike coming home for the holidays, only to be greeted by that particular scent that is so specifically home. For Kaho Tsukuda, however, it wasn’t the smell of roasted duck, or that of freshly brewed tea made from cardamom and five star anise which made her heart swell with a feeling of warmth and comfort. It was the piny, cavelike smell of moss and of limestone that seemed to be blanketing her present surroundings.

It was no wonder, then, that when the girl first awoke, her first instinct was to hop up, head home, and promptly apologize to her mother for being out so late past curfew. The furrier sat up groggily, taking note with mild irritation at the crick in her neck and the throbbing headache that seem to have graced her with their presence. She reached for her satchel of tools and handy-dandy bottle of formaldehyde, wondering offhandedly where on earth the stars and the moon had gone off to. That was when she remembered.

Hope’s Peak Academy, of course. Kaho felt her expression grow grim as she leaned forward, legs crossed, brow furrowed in deep concentration despite the overwhelming darkness which has settled over the room. Or perhaps it wasn’t a cave at all? A shiver ran up the girl’s spine as a glimmer of candlelight brought a few of the thick, rusted steel bars into view. Suddenly, the slight dampness of the stone underfoot and the smell of fungus and mildew were no longer quite so charming. Nature’s many vices no longer come to her as virtues, instead being foul resurrections and false apparitions brought on by mankind’s slovenliness. There was no real life in this dingy cell. It was… unsettling. Dirty. And most of all, it reminded her of…

“A dungeon…?” Kaho asked to no one in particular, perhaps if only to hear her own voice; to make sure this wasn’t all some dream brought on by her typical her nerves and jitters. As the two simple words echoed throughout the room and furthermore down what seemed to be some sort of corridor, the girl’s stomach turned. It was quiet, too quiet. Where on earth had she been taken?

A scowl on her face, Kaho struggled to a stand, quite alarmed to notice that only a small distance away from her lay another human form. She backed away from the body rapidly. Her steps were frantic, albeit almost graceful even in the apparent state of panic. Although the other pink haired girl appeared to be asleep, there was always the possibility of danger in a situation such as this. The unexpected had become the expected, and vice versa: it would surely be foolish to approach the stranger without a clear path of escape.

At that precise moment, a small flash of motion crossed Kaho’s line of vision. A vaguely familiar squeaking followed, and as if on instinct, she felt her shoulders relax a bit – the cold lifelessness of this dingy place was suddenly not quite as severe. The girl bent at the knees and leant down towards where the rodent had scurried, suddenly oblivious to the other person who was passed out on the floor. Her attentions had been further captivated by something much more important.

“Hey, you. Why are we here? You haven’t got any information for me, do you?” she asked the rat inquisitively, sticking out one finger, at which the creature took a few apprehensive sniffs. It stood for a moment and stared at her with trembling, beady eyes, before bolting off into one of the darker corners of the cell. “Take care, Nezumi-shi,” Kaho called after it quietly, offering a small smile into the direction which it had fled.

The girl stood once more, the smile which had been on her face quickly being replaced by a look of stoicism. She headed for the door to the cell, still paying her cellmate no mind, wary, though hardly intent on rotting away in the grimy old place. After roaming the short corridor for a short time, she was greatly displeased to find that the only door in sight was thoroughly closed, and didn’t seem to be opening up anytime soon. Only a moment later, though, another shadowy figure appeared before her. Kaho held up one hand defensively, feet planting heavily where she stood. 

"You there. Are you in charge here? You and I need to have some words. Isn’t it’s a bit rude to greet incoming students by drugging them and taking them to some creepy underground HQ against their will? As cool and cryptic as this is, I’m sort of hungry. So, any news? Come on, I'm asking nicely.”

task 1:

Darren looked down at his award in the car. Best replacement in all of Broadway. His name was written close to the bottom and everything. It was almost too much to handle. He had amazing fans and it was almost enough to make him want to cry. Darren exited the car and waved at the paparazzi outside as they snapped their photos. He posed with his award and headed inside to the after party.

He was back in LA, a long commute from New York where he was just hours ago, hosting the show and meeting new people, as well as catching up with his How To Succeed cast mates. He looked around the room and smiled at more photographers before walking to the bar and ordering a mixed drink. He sipped his whiskey and soda and headed off to find someone to talk to. He wished he had a place to put this thing. He realized he could put it with his coat in the coat room, so he did just that. Besides, now he could dance more comfortably. He wrapped the award in his jacket and told the man that ran the room to just be careful with it and he’d be back around 3 or something.

Time to party.

[Task 1] Through The Looking Glass || OPEN

When Himeko opened her eyes, it was dark.

It should have been light; every image of Hope’s Peak Academy she’d summoned, both in reality and in her head, had been bright, welcoming; a pinnacle of hope.

But here, in this room, it’s dark, and it’s cold, and her head hurts she doesn’t know where she is and the first delirious, dizzy thought that rises to her head before she drifts back into darkness again is a plain and simple ‘I never should have left’.

She only passes out again for another minute or two, before her headache reluctantly drags her into consciousness again and, after a few seconds of fervent hope, forces her to open her eyes. 

It’s still dark. It’s still cold. She’s still somewhere she shouldn’t be – and, worse still, not alone.

The presence of another next to her catches her notice suddenly, and her breath catches haltingly in her throat; wide eyes scan the other with a terrified urgency as she draws her hands inward to her chest, clasping her hands together instinctively, so hard her knuckles go white.

A girl? A girl. Asleep? Maybe, maybe not. Himeko thinks her clothes might be traditional (save for, perhaps, the cloak), but she can’t tell. It’s too dark, it’s too cold, and then a drop of water falls on her nose and she lets out an involuntary sound; a quiet whimper of fear.

This is a nightmare. It has to be. So she has to wake up. And that’s not going to happen if she stays here. With a rustle of petticoats and another frightened sound (because she could have sworn something, Oh God, ran over her foot) she rises from the poor excuse to a bed she found herself on and tries the bars to her cell. 

They open, much to her surprise, with a little force; she chooses to interpret this as a good thing, despite the fact that no nightmare would make it that easy to escape your prison. From her cell, it’s only a short jaunt left past some others (and she isn’t going to think about that, if she sees their faces too closely it might make it more real) to another gate, and this one–

…Doesn’t open. Oh. Oh, dear.

At a loss for anything else to do, Himeko tentatively grips the bars, and gives them a half-hearted shake; but not for long, not when she hears footsteps exiting a cell and approaching in her direction, and her heart seizes and she whirls round, backing up against the locked gate keeping her here. Eyes lock on the stranger in front of her, and they could be anyone, and she tries to say something and can’t, opening her mouth and getting only a high, tremulous gasp, becoming aware her hands are shaking. 

A nightmare, a nightmare. Eyes closed. “It’s– it’s only a nightmare." Hands clasped tighter, voice addressing more herself than her company. "Only a nightmare– a nightmare, a nightmare–”

Yet when she opens her eyes, the other person – other people, really – are still there, and she’s still here, and her terrified gaze takes on a tinge of defeat. Unable to deny it any longer, Himeko falls silent, her wary eyes fixated on the person across from her as if they’ll turn into a demon before her very eyes if she lets them leave again. 

This is a nightmare, yes, she wasn’t wrong – but she’s very much awake.

Noise | Task 1 [Open]

The scurrying and shifting of fifteen other teenagers who supposedly were also just waking nearby was more than enough for Jinya to follow.

“Hrrk–” he wasn’t usually reluctant to wake up but the back of his head hurt and he felt his back ache on top of that. He got up, rotating his shoulders to try to stretch out the pain. He squinted as he looked around the room.

He was missing his glasses for the moment but he wasn’t particularly concerned. He could see across the room, a metal hatche guarded by possibly remote operated machine guns, or automatic, pick and choose. 

“Well I guess I can’t say I’m surprised–” he was cut off mid-grumble by an overhead announcement. New classmates? Right, he was headed to Hope’s Peak. Guess that invitation wasn’t fake; bait theory was wrong after all. He walked over to the desk that had these IDs ready for them. As soon as he got close enough though, there were already a few others crowded around the desk. He looked for his glasses on his person in case he was in luck- and he was. They were sitting in one of his shirt pockets.

He put them on, adjusted them slightly and addressed the person in front of him. He tapped them on the shoulder.

“Hey, excuse me.” He wasn’t great with tone. It didn’t matter however, the person in front was preoccupied. Not too patient with the situation at hand, Jinya decided to reach around the person but with movements a little too harsh. He borderline shoved the person to the side. This could cause early aggressions… not what he wanted. He turned to the victim of his impatience without knowing how exactly to respond to what he just did.

“…” Good job, asshole.

Task 1 / Japanese Yōkai: Ubume / Open

Ubume: When a woman dies just before, during, or shortly after childbirth, her spirit is often unable to pass on out of anxiety for her child.


They were having one of those dreams again, apparently.

They didn’t want to open their eye. Even when they heard shuffling inside the train, they kept their eye closed until they heard an announcement that made them flicker their single blue eye open.

“Next stop is Silver Station. Exits will be on the right and left.”

Silver Station?

Where on earth was that? Still on the cold floor, they finally pushed themselves up to a sitting position, watching the occasional red and white light fly through the window. It was dark, so there was no telling where they were. The two best options were that they were underground, or in a very long tunnel. They figured that the former seemed more likely, as a tunnel should not be carry on for such a length.

’..What’s going on?’

Izumi Kurosawa, a renowned ghost hunter and paranormal investigator, mostly known from their television show ‘PHANTA5M’. 

Light poured through the windows, temporarily blinding the only eye capable of seeing at the moment, as the other one had been covered by a black eye-patch. Bringing a jacket sleeve up to shield their eye, the doors slid open, and they remained in the train, listening to what their.. host had to say. Despite being very suspicious of the entire set-up, they managed to keep suspicions to themselves, figuring any question they could think up would be answered by the mascot character.

Okay, not really, but it’s all good. Let’s just ask someone else, shall we?

Not thinking twice, Izumi went up to a random “player” as well, tapping them on the shoulder before pulling out their white-board from a small white bag that hung to their side. Grabbing a black marker as well, they started to write on it, turning it so the person could read it.

The handwriting was very neat, and definitely readable. Almost looks like it was typed, so freakin’ neat man.

<“Hello. What is your name? I am Izumi Kurosawa.”>

Congratulations Mr. Ryan, You have pass Senior Operations Task Toledo Panic Button. Limits must be tested before fully becoming a Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Sometimes SHIELD needs agents who will shoot as told and not waste time talking or thinking it through. Sometimes, SHIELD needs people who will do anything to protect those relying on us, even if it means losing there ranking. Not every agent passes the test, showing more valor and gentlemanliness by deciding to not shoot, but every successful agent stays and tries to be apart of SHIELD. Being an agent is more than pulling a trigger. You have proven to fit into one of those categories, Mr. Ryan.

Your task grade was broken into four categories. Following regulations, adhering to the three task basic, task completion, and out of character regulations.

Following Regulations:

A+: Mr. Ryan followed all regulations set forth in the mission outline and completed the assignment within the 96 hour time frame.

The Three Basic Tasks:

A+: Mr. Ryan showed exemplary skills in regard to following directions, following clues and hints and successfully checking to make sure that any and all traps leading in and out of the building were cleared before proceeding forward with his mission.

Task Completion:

A-: As the point of this task was to follow directions, which clearly stated that Mr. Ryan was simply to shoot his target, Mr. Ryan passed this portion of the assignment. However, because of his hesitation he has had points taken off for there is no room for hesitation or emotion when in a life or death situation or when given an order to follow.

OOC Regulations:

A+: Mr. Ryan followed all OOC regulations to the letter. He remained in character, detailed and his word count came to 1612 for all parts of his assignment which was well over the 1500 count minimum.

- Congratulations, Mr. Ryan. You are now one step closer to becoming an agent, and are now permitted to join missions with a qualified Agent until cleared for active duty without supervision.

Task #1 | Secret Santa

The task for today is a secret santa task, basically what you’re going to do is type out letters in someone’s ask box. It can be a friendly letter, a romantic letter, or anything in between but we ask that everyone participates in this. When sending the messages, make sure they’re on anon so that it can be a surprise and they won’t know who it’s from. The task begins now, so you may begin sending out letters and you have until December 17th to complete this task. Good luck and happy lettering.

[Task 1] ...a princess woke up in the wrong part of the castle || Open

Chiyoko shot up with a screech before she was even fully aware of what was happening. The feeling of a rat – of all the things, a rat – on her hand was more than enough to convince her that someone had a hell of a lot of explaining to do. She took a deep breath in preparation to start screaming bloody-murder-what-the-hell-is-going-on-here-do-you-know-who-I-am, but hesitated, wrinkling her nose. God, this air was disgusting. She’d make a fuss once she got out of this stagnant mess.

With only a cursory glance at her cellmate, she stalked out of the room and into the hallway, brushing off her dress as she went. She was going to leave, then someone was going to hear about this, and when they did there would be consequen– oh what the fuck. That was a locked door. She gave the gate an angry shake, just to be sure, before whirling around to face the rest of the cells with a huff.

There were others here, obviously, but could she trust a person she couldn’t even see in a situation such as this? Although… now that she thought about it, the situation was absolutely ludicrous. She was supposed to be at Hope’s Peak, wasn’t she? And now she was in this… this grimy dungeon. Everything about this was wrong. She could hardly make it worse by conversing with strangers, she supposed.

She spotted another figure coming out into the dim hallway. She called out to them, remembering at the last second to be cordial – after all, in such close quarters, it might be worth her effort to make a good first impression.

“Ah - you there, excuse me? You wouldn’t happen to know why I’m here, would you?”