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To celebrate FINALLY reaching a thousand followers, I decided to make my first follow forever. I truly appreciate all of my mutuals, even the ones I don’t talk to. Y'all light up my dash and I love you all!

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🌷 hope you have a great day/night btw :')

thank you, anon ilu
fair warning, this is probably gonna be long and include blogs from a lot of fandoms, so!

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sorry if i missed anyone! <3

So this is actually a little late because I’m past 3k followers, but this still needs to be done as there are sooooo many of you that are just incredibly awesome! I love every single one of you and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And thank you to the lovely drunkroosters for the amazing banner!

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this is gonna be short and sweet and don’t think just because ur not on this list that i don’t love the shit outta u, okay? u guys are the real mvps and i love you all.

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can you believe it’s almost 2k16, y’all? i can’t. this year has been… hoo boy, and there are a bunch of people i wanna smooch on the cheek because they’re the fucking best, so without further ado; here we go!

special shout outs:

→  @madethemright - sally is honest to god one of my favorite people on the face of the earth. also not on the face of the earth. one of my favorite people in the cosmos. fuck every cool alien, sally is the best. 

→  @mattpeaked - rayla. how do i begin to explain rayla? rayla is flawless. i hear her hair is insured for $10,000. i hear she does car commercials… in japan. her favorite movie is something bruce green recommended. one time she met matt peake at a convention and he told her she was pretty. one time she punched me in the face. it was awesome.

→  @dontknowcats - kellie is the bestest even if she doesn’t enable and support my gay rainbow bear obsession. she taught me how to open ramune bottles and sometime in the future, i’m going to buy that yard long twix bar and a 5lb. gummy bear and we’re gonna eat them on camera.  

→  @mostlypoptarts - i like caroline more than i like breathing oxygen. i have no idea how i’m friends with someone as cool as caroline. i honestly can’t even fathom not being friends with her though, because she is the best and i love her.

→  @tiptoedlouis - JESS LET’S ME SCREAM MY FEELS AT HER AND I LOVE HER TO THE MOON AND BACK BECAUSE OF IT. Also, she’s just the best so… 

THE REST IS UNDER THE CUT because this got really long and i love a lot of people, okay…

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