Look at all these peeps whose blogs I enjoy looking at.

  1. tashskywalker: her company is even more fantastic than her blog but it’s easier (and less creepy) to follow her blog instead of her.
  2. timelordparadise: Doctor Who is but one of the many things she reblogs.
  3. amandaschronicles: fellow youtuber, redhead, whovian, and lover of my blog. We have a lot in common.
  4. nudityandnerdery: more nerdery than nudity but still a fine blog run by a man with a fine beard.
  5. whatbethsays: Australia represent. She’s the kind of blogger who makes her presence known on your dashboard when she’s online and is normally higher up on the list. She must have some sort of “life” outside of Tumblr I guess? Whatever that is?
  6. meladoodle: she’s not a nightblogger she’s just from New Zealand.
  7. ruinedchildhood: this is exactly as the title says.
  8. the-average-gatsby: runs a slightly better than average blog, old sport
  9. reallifeanime: best pal out there… somewhere… over the rainbow, way up high.