tashi's art

There is a grace approaching
that we shun as much as death,
it is the completion of our birth.

It does not come in time,
but in timelessness
when the mind sinks into the heart
and we remember.

It is an insistent grace that draws us
to the edge and beckons us surrender
safe territory and enter our enormity.

We know we must pass
beyond knowing
and fear the shedding.

But we are pulled upward
through forgotten ghosts
and unexpected angels,

And there is nothing left to say
but we are That.

And that is what we sing about.

Stephen Levine - Millennial Blessing 

Image:      Tashi Mannox via: pinterest


Tadahoney One Shot

Honey Lemon slowly walked through the cemetery. Her long, honey hair flowing along her back. She stopped. A lonely gravestone stood.
‘Tadashi Hamada
Loving brother and son
“Hi Tashi…” Honey sloped to the ground.“How are you?”…
“Aiko! Wait up!”
“Hey, Tadashi!” She drank her honey lemon tea.“You must really like that tea.”
“Yeah…” They walked into the lab.“I’m gonna buy some for your birthday…honey lemon…Honey Lemon! That’ll be your nickname!”
“What? Why?”
“Since Wasabi has one for-”
“That was one time! ONE TIME!” Wasabi yelled as they walked by, so they laughed.
Honey laughed at the memory.“You still owe me that tea.” Then she started crying.“I’m sorry this is late but…I love you, Tashi…”