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Alvina August on Jared and Jensen

“Jared is a high-energy, goofball and king of the dad jokes. But he is certainly a southern gentleman, always making sure I was okay after every take of my more physically demanding scenes. The same goes for Jensen who I was lucky enough to act opposite. He was a generous scene partner who brought out my best work. Now, throw in Mr. Richard Speight Jr. who directed this episode and you have a hilariously entertaining combination and hands down, the most fun I’ve had on any set.” (Nerdalertnewsblog)

This just in: Dean has frequent and sometimes extremely long phone conversations with Sam (17 minutes, really?) even though they live in the same bunker. 

Mary does not know how to filter spam, but subscribes to Biggerson’s newsletter. Dean keeps her updated on the goings-on of their lives and also I wonder if Mary told Sam the name of that guy?