tasha jefferson

Honestly, finding out the OITNB writers are white is deeply concerning considering:

  1. That means WHITE PEOPLE are telling POC stories with a confidence that they know what its actually like.
  2. That means WHITE PEOPLE have used the n-word several times (and had non poc characters say it)
  3. That means WHITE PEOPLE had a black character say there is such a thing as reverse racism and black people are just as racist.
  4. That means WHITE PEOPLE used terms like ‘ape’ and ‘animals’ to describe the black inmates 
  5. That means WHITE PEOPLE had Black Cindy call Abdullah ‘jihad’ like it was a term of endearment.

That’s messed up. Even if they have the best of intentions, you cannot say their race doesn’t play a factor in their characters. The show and the prison is divided by race. So directly or indirectly, these writers are genuinely not writing with anything but what would [enter race here] say?