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me: *watching an unnecessarily long intro on a netlfix show

me:* watching the OITNB intro



“When he is so intimately close to your body in that way, he’s seeing all of your scars, all of the things you deem beautiful or all of the things that you don’t like, there’s a part of him that he’s also sharing with me, the things that he’s writing on my body are a part of his culture.” 

Done with S4 of OITNB

1) Poussey and Soso’s relationship was the most beautiful romantic relationship this show ever created, and they had to kill Poussey for shock value. Soso is now alone without her “person” and I am pissed as hell.

2) Poussey deserved better, no respect was shown for her and I am disgusted.

3) My Nicky is back and I was the happiest girl ever!!

4) The Nicky/Red reunion was beautiful and I’ll watch this scene over and over again till season 5.

5) I still hate Piper with a freaking passion, she’s still the annoying self-centered bitch from the previous seasons, but of course, that was expected. I wish she’d be gone once and for all, she’s the least interesting character from this show.

6) I still don’t ship Piper and Alex… And to think we’re sticking with this abusive, annoying couple while we could’ve keep the beautiful and healthy romance between Poussey and Soso is pissing me off to no end.

7) Poussey deserved better.

8) Thank god, Sophia is back, and now I hope she’ll try to get the sister out as well.

9) Humpthrey is way more disgusting than Pornstache and he needs to die!

10) My precious Tiffany is way too precious for this world and needs to be protected (thanks for taking care of that, Boo).

11) Bennett didn’t come back and I’m sad.

12) The “baby mouse” scene was disgusting, poor Maritza (and poor baby mouse).

13) We got more Cindy this season and that made me happy!

14) Taystee and Caputo was brotp AF this season and I liked that.

15) Poussey deserved better.

16) I need the old guards back!

17) I can’t stand most of the white people on this show and I am freaking white!

18) Taystee crying over Poussey’s body was the most heartbreaking part of this season and I’m not over it.




In a world where Piper, Alex, Nicky,& Taystee get out of prison..I feel like this is what their instagrams would look like ;)

Honestly, finding out the OITNB writers are white is deeply concerning considering:

  1. That means WHITE PEOPLE are telling POC stories with a confidence that they know what its actually like.
  2. That means WHITE PEOPLE have used the n-word several times (and had non poc characters say it)
  3. That means WHITE PEOPLE had a black character say there is such a thing as reverse racism and black people are just as racist.
  4. That means WHITE PEOPLE used terms like ‘ape’ and ‘animals’ to describe the black inmates 
  5. That means WHITE PEOPLE had Black Cindy call Abdullah ‘jihad’ like it was a term of endearment.

That’s messed up. Even if they have the best of intentions, you cannot say their race doesn’t play a factor in their characters. The show and the prison is divided by race. So directly or indirectly, these writers are genuinely not writing with anything but what would [enter race here] say?  


In this scene I felt like one of them. Amazing , I love the way that show  the different bands and how they come together when something happens and That mobilizes all of them. This ending exceeded  all my expectations.