tasha hunter

no but I can’t stop thinking about this.

the last we see of natasha in civil war is tony telling her ‘they’ll be coming for you’. 

kay well we all know she has nothing to worry about, she can take care of herself. easy.

but clint barton. he’s stuck in prison. i’m supposed to believe it’s JUST steve breaking him + everyone else out? 

nope. no i’m not behind that idea. 

nat is on the run. so are bobbi morse and lance hunter. this is natasha romanoff we’re talking about - she can find anyone she wants

i firmly believe that nat grabs bobbi and hunter. clint is nat’s person but wanda and sam - and, begrudgingly, scott - are her people. she won’t sit around idly waiting for captain america to twirl his way through. 

she will get to that prison, with bobbi and hunter. they’re cunning, they’re devious, they’re wild and fierce and feral and they will bust their people out.

cap is great and all. 

but when it comes to clint barton, there is no force in any universe that has me believing natasha romanoff will go into hiding  - or wherever the hell she went / whatever the hell she’s doing - while steve spangled pants rogers saves her own partner.