tasha bartons

  • Peter: Why is Clint walking around like someone just drilled a bat in his ass?
  • Wade: well the perks of dating Black Widow
  • Peter: But Nat's a girl ho-...
  • Wade: Baby boy you do realize that this is Black Widow we're talking about.
  • Peter: Oh. You're right.

While everyone was getting their Laser Packs on you walk up to Clint.

“Hey Birdie, your aim is good right? Wanna team up?” 

“Nice try, (Y/N), I know you will always say that and then shoot me repeatedly,” pulling out his gun he walks out towards the door.

“So, you have to shoot the packs? Does it hurt the person?” Steve questions Tony.

“Yes and no it doesn’t hurt. It will hurt all of you when I am the victor,” he stares at everyone, “Sure thing Stark but we all know who is going to be the real winner here.”

Looking over at Natasha you see a smirk on her face, she mumbles something indecipherable under her breath. 

3…2…1…. Lights off!

no but I can’t stop thinking about this.

the last we see of natasha in civil war is tony telling her ‘they’ll be coming for you’. 

kay well we all know she has nothing to worry about, she can take care of herself. easy.

but clint barton. he’s stuck in prison. i’m supposed to believe it’s JUST steve breaking him + everyone else out? 

nope. no i’m not behind that idea. 

nat is on the run. so are bobbi morse and lance hunter. this is natasha romanoff we’re talking about - she can find anyone she wants

i firmly believe that nat grabs bobbi and hunter. clint is nat’s person but wanda and sam - and, begrudgingly, scott - are her people. she won’t sit around idly waiting for captain america to twirl his way through. 

she will get to that prison, with bobbi and hunter. they’re cunning, they’re devious, they’re wild and fierce and feral and they will bust their people out.

cap is great and all. 

but when it comes to clint barton, there is no force in any universe that has me believing natasha romanoff will go into hiding  - or wherever the hell she went / whatever the hell she’s doing - while steve spangled pants rogers saves her own partner. 

Clint’s reaction to Natasha blowing her covers.. (」゜ロ゜)」

what some people don’t seem to be understanding is that most fans aren’t pissed because “my otp didn’t become canon the whole movie is shit!!!”

They’re pissed because Natasha’s main purpose in this film was to look after Bruce and aid his story

They’re pissed because the one glimpse into Natasha’s past we got was dominated by the horribly misogynistic idea that a woman who cannot have children is a ‘monster’ (Whedon’s words, not mine)

They’re pissed because we hoped for Clint 'the human disaster’ Barton, and instead got a perfect nuclear family with the white picket fence which came out of nowhere and was clearly used as a filler because Joss fucked Clint’s characterisation up.

They’re pissed because for the three films she’s been in, Natasha has held her own just fine as an arse-kicking manipulation extraordinaire, and age of ultron reduced her to a doe-eyed, persistently flirtatious out of character presentation of Natasha.

So yes, I will admit, Brutasha is a main source of dissatisfaction from the film. And shipping does come into it, I will not deny that. But the true reasons why fans are pissed is because one of the only leading women in the film was forced into a poorly executed and cliche romance, and the characterisation of both Natasha and Clint was so poorly done they were barely recognisable as themselves.

Yes, I’m pissed that Clintasha was disregarded

Yes, I don’t like Brutasha

But my anger about Age of Ultron is about /so much more/ than just a ship.

 When ever Natasha gets knocked out, she has trained herself to pretend to still be unconcious so she can figure out where she might be, if she is wounded and if there are enemies or allies in the area. Part of her method has been creating a system of key words to listen out for that range from something a civilian might say (“Miss?” or words conveying concern), what enemies might say ( “The widow” “the girl” or “The famous Black Widow”) and things those she works with might say (“Ms. Romanoff,” “Agent Romanoff,” “Natasha” “Nat” or “Tasha”). The closer she is with her fellow agents and leaders, the more informal the name they use for her is.  Agents she isn’t as familiar with are only allowed to call her “Agent Romanoff.” Director Fury, Coulson, Agent Hill, and Steve are allowed to call her “Natasha”, but Clint has been the only person who gets to call her “Nat” or “Tasha”.