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how do u know Tasha ???? This is so funny give the fans the scoop

she literally was in some cartoon fandom i was in and like constantly made hate blogs attacking me and my friends because we had more followers than she did?? she would be like “i hate the populars, i’m an edgy anti-popular” and really bizarre stuff like that and we thought she was just really weird at first but she began to get like obsessive it was so scary 

and she like has always been so racist and transphobic and just such a rude white girl, i remember one time she like got really mad at us and started trying to get anti sjw blogs against us, she’d @ them and be like “fucking slay these bitches, hunty!!!!!!” and she even created a fake account named stacey and bullied her and we all felt really bad for this girl but it turns out tasha just used it to collect information on us to get to know us better

tashalovesnirvana is this not true though?