At First Sight

Rushing off the ice, Meryl stepped into her blade covers and hurried to her dressing room to change. It was a special event tonight, the company sponsors were mixing Ice dancing with ballroom. The ice dance went on first and now they were covering up the ice so the dancers could take the floor. Meryl really wanted to see them, so she changed into some ballet flats, threw on a infinity scarf and sprinted back to the show.
Bouncing up and down on her tip-toes, the small ice dancer looked for Kristi and Charlie in the packed crowd. Finally spotting the head of blond curls waving her down, Meryl made her way to her friends as the lights dimmed.

“Ladies and gentleman, please welcome to the floor…the Dancing With stars pro’s…” The intercome announced causing the crowd to cheer. The spotlights lit up different sections of the wood floor as latin music blared, the dancers sashaing out, capturning Meryls attention. All the females came out in sparkling leotards with tasels decorating the red fabric, the males followed them in high waisted dance pants a black button down that formed a V.
They movesd so fast to the advanced latin beat. They all twirled in sync, the males dipping the females in dramatic stunts that wowed the crowd. Meryl watched in awe as the females cleared to the side lines and the males stole the show, although one male in particular caught Meryls attention. He was the tallest, yet the fastest. He moved with so much grace especially for a male. She was so engrossed in his movements that she forgot about the other dancers as she watched his hips roll. Her eyes traveled up his chisled chest, his black shirt whipping around him as he spun. Landing on his face, Meryl gasped when he met her gaze, causing her to blush furiously and look away.

“Let me guess.” Kristi laughed. “The Russian.”

“What?” Meryl gasped looking at her friend.

“The one you are drooling over is Maksim Chmerkovskiy.” Kristi smirked. “Better known as "The Bad Boy of the Ballroom.”

“How do you know him?” Meryl asked confused.

“He’s a pro on DWTS. He’s pretty popular in the dancing world and…he’s your type. Russian.”

“I don’t just date Russians.” Meryl glared jokingly.

“Yea but Fedor was born here. Maksim wasn’t aaaandd…he has the accent.”

“Really?” Meryl blushed


Meryl watched the group peformance come to an end so she picked up her gym bag and headed out, only stopping to find a few autographs along the way.
Walking through the peformers hall, Meryl accidently slammed into a hard chest while digging in her purse for her keys.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry…” a heavily accented voice said hurridly, literally picking her up from the floor and setting her back down on her feet. Looking up, Meryl could barly contain her gasp when she was met with the man from the dance floor. He was more handsome in person she couldn’t help but think.

“No…I mean it was my fault, I wan’t looking where I was going.” She mumbled nervously. “I was looking for my keys and th-”

“Hey…"He said softly bending down to pick up her keys from the ground, "It’s fine. I am Maksim by the way.”

“Meryl.” she said returning his hand shake, volts of electricity shot through her arm when their skin made contact, causing her to pull away as if she had been burned.

“You skate beautifully.” His thick accent complimented, sending shivers down her spine.

“Thank you…I loved watching you dance.”

“Maybe we could go dancing sometime?” He offered.

“Oh I can’t dance…on wood I mean.”

“I can show you, I am sure you’ll be great.”


“I’ll walk you out.” He said grabbing her gym bag from her shoulder with out permission. Following him out the door, Meryl led him to her car where they exchanged number.