Having only recently gotten to know the truth about Goku’s identity, his mind was reeling with thoughts of him. Holding the power of both gods and youkai, being born of the earth, and the fact that finding him had a bigger meaning than what the three aspects could admit to understand. 

Sanzo only saw a child. A starving, lonely empty-headed child that could not be left alone. Goku seemed to only be happy when he was attached to his hip, and that was the only time he could truly keep him from causing trouble too. 

However, this night he had seen who he truly was. Seiten tasei. Even Sanzo had been terrified, but even as he stared a monster in the eye, he saw that child, and that was how he’d managed to bring Goku to the floor and reform his diadem. 

His hand fell down as he stirred awake, right into Goku’s bushy head of hair. He was still unconscious, sleeping with his head in his lap like a puppy. How long had they been sitting here? Would Goku remember lashing out at him and the other priests? He couldn’t help to wonder.

“Oi..saru. Wake up.” @itslikethesun