Commissions, anyone? 

I’m feeling really homesick, and would like to visit, but my plane ticket would be $400+!!!! And it wouldn’t be much cheaper to drive either. So I thought I would try my hand at commissions. I’m not positive on how much I should charge, so I figured I’d do a “pay what you want/can” And I will draw something to match your payment. A piece like this would be $10, though would include some basic shading. This is an older piece, mind you, but does show that I do more than just silly scribbles.

All proceeds will go towards sending me home to see my momma c: 

Tala'nynn talk [sure 99% of you dont know what that is]

i wanna design a taschevah like nakia, except not fat. she’d be the owner of either an orphanage or a day care thing, taking care of children. thing is idk what kind of taschevah would fit the best for that role.

i dont know her name either, probably omething that sounds tribal + food together!!