Today I randomly got Taschen Magazine in the mail.  It’s main purpose seems to be to promote books like this one about the Rolling Stones.  In the magazine was the picture above with that caption (which I find very interesting because I think Harry wants to be that sucker too).

Anyway, I bet the photo from Harry’s Instagram was also from that book.  I don’t know what the caption was beside it, but I’d be very curious to find out.  So if someone can get their hands on this $5,000 book, let me know.


Who remembers the YouTube flowchart I designed back in 2010? I just put up a new blog post about how it’s featured in an infographic coffee table book! I also made an updated version for 2015 in which I crossed out any channels who no longer upload content (blue) and well as channels who turned out to be run by sexual abusers (green). It’s amazing how much YouTube has changed in the past five years and how many thousands of new successful channels have been created since then that would make creating such a detailed flowchart like this today almost impossible. But make sure to check out the blog post for a look back at how I designed it!

If Henri Rousseau were alive today he’d be 171 years young. 

In my childhood home my father hung a poster of the above painting alongside a Frazetta viking battle. Both images are burned into my mind forever, and I cannot think of one without the other… but back to Rousseau and his special day. Wow, he was great. If he were alive I’d tweet an HBD at him. Can someone tell Taschen to put out a massive tome of this guy’s work, please?*

*(and maybe another Frazetta book for good measure too)  


One of the most famous films never made, Napoleon was a dream project for director Stanley Kubrick after the release of 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), for which he won an Oscar for Special Effects. However, numerous factors (particularly the perilous financial situation of MGM) meant that it would remain a dream instead of a finalized film.

The extensive documentation and other research from the project was later compiled into a lavish book, Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon : The Greatest Movie Never Made, edited by Alison Castle and published by Taschen in 2009.  

The collection includes various drafts of the script as well as a facsimile final draft, costume and location scouting research, and notes on Napoleonic research for the film. The deluxe version was printed in a limited edition of 1000, with copy 0399 held at the Margaret Herrick Library