tasama uhuru

Instructions for Emergency

All Black families should have emergency raid drills. listed below are some of the things you should practice for your family’s safety. 

  • the minute you get  a rumor of a possible outbreak gather your children off the streets. 
  • prepare a room in your home with few or no windows for the family to stay in. 
  • keep your medical and food supplies in that room, or near it in a safe place. 
  • prepare a place on the floor to sleep, (in case of gun fire during the nights). 
  • keep your lights out at night. 
  • refrain from smoking as much as possible. (don’t risk setting yourself afire or causing a light to give the police an excuse to shoot into your home). 
  • teach your children to hit the floor whenever they hear anything that sounds like a gun shot. 
  • teach your children the quickest and safest way to get out of the house in case of a fire. 
  • keep a first-aid book within easy reach. (if you have children from nine years up, teach them first aid). 

Medical Supplies to have on hand:

  • aspirin
  • vaseline
  • baking soda & cornstarch (can be made into a paste by adding sterile water, used for burns and open sores. 
  • mineral oil
  • cotton and gauze pad
  • Spirits nitre (for high fevers)
  • alcohol
  • tweezers (in case you have to remove a bullet)
  • Epsom salt and table salt
  • large clean rags (to be used for slings)
  • sanitary napkins
  • Lysol disinfectant 
  • plenty of sterile water (store separate water for medical use)
  • whiskey & Gin
  • scissors
  • castor oil

Food Supplies to have on Hand:

  • canned vegetables, fruit, juices, soups, milk, and canned fish such as sardines, salmon, tuna, fish. 
  • dried beans and cereal
  • honey & sugar (honey can also be used for medical purposes)
  • Hershey bars (chocolate for quick energy)
  • coffee & tea
  • nuts (for protein)
  • sterile water (enough for three months at least)
  • vitamins
  • rice & potatoes 
  • (it is best to have food on hand which can be eaten without cooking in case your gas & electricity is shut off)

Household Items to have on Hand:

  • flashlights and plenty of batteries 
  • candles and plenty of matches
  • kerosene lamps and plenty of kerosene
  • can openers (at least four)
  • soap and toilet paper
  • Lye (don’t forget the molasses) [??]
  • Sterno heat
  • paper plates, cups and plastic forks and spoons
  • disposable aluminum pots and pans
  • disposable diapers (if you have small children)

-Instructions for Emergency by H. Rap Brown from Tasama Uhuru, Chicago based newspaper. article publication September 1, 1968 vol. 1, iss. 1, pg. 4.