TAS2012 Wall of Fame and Shame

Almond Croissant
Sweet Envy, North Hobart
Dishonourable mention: The French Quarter, North Melbourne

Sweet Envy, North Hobart
Quark, Quiche Jelly, Lemon Curd, Dacquoise special

Honourable mentions:
Burch and Purchese Sweet Studio, South Yarra
Mango, Milk Chocolate, Ginger cake

LuxBite, South Yarra
Meringue Monster (Watermelon and Strawberry version, June 2012)

The Brezel Bäckerei, Sandy Bay

Raspberry Danish

Chez Dré, South Melbourne

Passionfruit Tart

Honourable mention:
Maxims Cakes, Melbourne
Egg Tart

Savoury Dish
LuxBite, South Melbourne
Ciabatta of the Day
(Pulled Pork, Miso Mayo, Chinese Cabbage, Pickled Carrot, Spring Onion. 09 June 2012.)

Honourable mentions:
Gumshara, Haymarket
Pork Spare Rib Tonkatsu Ramen

Akita, North Melbourne
Saikyo (Miso-marinated Patagonian Toothfish, grilled) 

Dishonourable mention:
Top Catch Fish & Chippery, North Melbourne.

Special Mentions
Gelato Messina, The Creative Department (Laboratorio and Patisserie); Darlinghurst.
City BBQ Restaurant, Melbourne.


#TAS2012 Trip Blips 8, 30 May to 01 June 2012

A bready sort of time in Hobart town and now back up in Launceston this evening.

Just some of the wheaty items I picked up over the past few days just from bakeries and patisseries alone:
- Wholemeal sourdough Vienna loaf and Almond Croissant from Zum Bakery.
- Hazelnut Caramel Brulee, Framboise; and an unnamed new item that was lemon curd, dacquoise, basic mousse, quince jelly; all from my first visit to Sweet Envy. Top photo.
- Raspberry Danish, Lagerstick (sp) just the phallic version of their Breadzels, Hazelnut Horn, and Bienenstich from The Brezel Bäckerei.Sorry, no mobile phone photo of my German bakery stash, silly HTC Wildfire S again had low internal memory problems. My snacking at Marieville Esplanade got rudely interrupted by an I presume hungry Great Dane.
- Just today after checking out from my accommodation, made another trip to Sweet Envy before boarding a bus from Hobart to Launceston. Had an Almond Croissant and Banoffi tartlet there, and picked up a Focaccia with garlic cloves, sliced onion, pumpkin, granular salt and rosemary baked in. It’s pictured above in the foreground of the bottom photo, in front of a pizza from Italian Pizza House in Launceston. *Nudge nudge* the focaccia is better quality and value than the pizza.

Onto a different flavour; I haven’t done the touristy thing and had fish and chips or oysters in this coastal region, but I’ll see how things work out tomorrow morning at Harvest Launceston market for ‘em oysters.

On a different note again, I’ll be using the standardish web version of tumblr to post Trip Blips. The mobile web pages and smart phone apps are a little flaky when it comes to posting more complex items and formats.

Even though Day 3 (Windermere Hut to Pelion Hut) is regarded as the toughest day on the Overland Track, the first day has 560 metres of climbing and 410 metres of descending over 11 kilometres. On an average slope of +8.8% and -7.3%, with a maximum of a dizzying +46.1% and -20.6%; oh sexy, 46.1% upslope with full haul of rations and water. To add to that is 9.8 kilometres to get from my accommodation to Ronny Creek where the Overland Track starts.

Learning to make the most of the Google Earth KMZ from the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Sevice. Instead of trying to pull data from simplified maps and gradient profiles, now I can seek and plan accurate GPS coordinates for the huts, and more importantly the waypoints to keep me on the right path even if the Overland Track is well marked, signed and defined.

Original post: 03MAY2012, 2214. Edited: 03MAY2012, 2227.