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BS:  I think Max ends up with Liesel. I don’t think it happens right away, but as they grow up, I think he’s the only person that she’s got and she’s the only person that he’s got. Having gone through what the two of them went through, there’s a bond that’s unparalleled. It would be futile to look to establish something beyond t h a t between two human beings.

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I’m dead because Lucifer lives :’)

Two episodes ago Lucifer tried to get himself killed because he was so upset about Uriel. 

Right after he got hugged by Chloe, he suddenly wants to live and it’s amazing. (despite the fact that he’s still upset, see grave scene)

In episode 6, he would have totally taken the opportunity to be smited, and now he was almost pleading with Dan to live. I am so incredibly happy for him. This proves what I have been saying all along – Lucifer needs to be hugged. Chloe hugged him, and he was already so excited about it when talking to Linda. And then Ella hugged him, and was all-round his cute lil’ sister, and he feels wanted and respected and he wants to live :D 

The morale of the story is: hug Lucifer, make the world a better place

(No, but seriously. He must love Chloe so much to regain his will to live just because their relationship is moving somewhere :’)


Finally finished up the last of this expression meme here! Lovely friend said:

“Fae-Mob for E3, giving puppy dog eyes to Reigen, who has whichever expression fits best; I can’t decide between D2, E2, A3, B3, C3, or D3. X’“D
And if you’re up for drawing shadow-Teru…A1, maybe…?”

Reigen’s an experienced charlatan, but he stands no chance against those puppy dog eyes. None. Gonna cave any second now X’’D 

And heck YEA I’ll draw Teru with those awesome shadow wings of his 8D Sorry it got colored a little differently to emphasize the shadows O.o I can’t decide if he would wear black because sneaking and blending in with shadows would help his assassination job, or if he’d just stick to his blinding colors REGARDLESS because he’s just that confident in his abilities X’D I colored in such a way I didn’t HAVE to decide ayyyeeeeee

therealshootingstar  asked:

Ok uhh, Karai/Shinigami Drabble? Or just some platonic shenanigans involving the apparently unlimited amount of if black animals Shini has on her at all times

not quite what you asked for, but I couldn’t help myself. set during that Broken Foot episode I hated, here’s me making it better.


“Excuse me, Leonardo? Could I please talk to you for a minute?”

Leo turns his head, and sees Shinigami smiling pleasantly at him. He’s a little surprised, since the three of them are all getting ready to go out, and almost are, but he nods and follows her away from Karai and her soldiers.

Shinigami is still giving him pleasant smiles, and she leads him out into the hallway adjacent to the throne room. Leo crosses his arms as they exit, fishnets stretching with the movement as he leans against the wall. “Okay, I hope this’ll be quick, since we are on a bit of a tight schedule-”

The scythe blade, stabbing into the wall right next to his head, makes him swallow the rest of his sentence. Shinigami’s smile is no longer quite as pleasant as it had been, and Leo’s arms tense to reach for his swords. If he could even make it that far, seeing as Shinigami’s blade is dangerously close to the thin scales on his neck.

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History of Québec:

ok but like, another thing about gondorian culture? their language is pretty formal, especially with thee’s and thou’s and ALSO because (iirc its mostly the nobles/royalty) learn/have Gondor Sindarin, too- it was very formal but also seen as polite to strangers and stuff. like Aragorn comes from the line of isildur, and they’re gondorian, but he was raised by noldorin culture (which isnt too far off from gondorian). his westron is VERY formal because third-age sindarin was his first language, and westron his second, which maybe plays a part in how gondor’s westron dialect is shaped?

i think it’s easiest to insert Crea as a decent contrast to their culture. She’s very much raised in what might be considered ‘uncultured’ compared to like, noldorin standards, but surrounded by both westron and the irish gaelige tongue and depending on where you’re from there’s no actual standard pronunciation of . Her settlement speaks primarily a very informal westron, so crea uses contractions and phrases that might just like…sound weird to other people. it’s very relaxed. but! she does learn sindarin in her time with the rangers, and she struggled with it for a while though lol.

so crea, in gondor, (at least in her ranger verse) might accidentally offend someone and just kinda…lets her chieftain do the talking. even if she does know sindarin (and is at least able to communicate with them in that way), its not gondor sindarin, and there’s probably a lot of differences she’ll pick up along the way in her time there.

like a decent comparison is that she’s probably seen as like…backwater brandybucks compared to those fancy folks in the shire who would be the gondorians lmao.

ew what even is that graphic im so sorry it would help if i wasnt so useless when it comes to cursive fonts rip alright nerds, here’s the deal. i know i’ve been really absent lately (i’ve been on like a semi-hiatus since my spring break which was like three weeks ago) and i need to get back in the swing of things. i also hit 2k like a month back  (im damn near close to 2.5k now, i have no idea how that happened) and i want to take some to celebrate you all and all of your beauty and wonderful blogs and creations.

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It’s beautiful feeling when you get an unexpected message that He/she converted to Islam and He/she just want to tell that they are feeling blessed to be Muslim. May Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala make things easier for him/her. Allahu Akbar