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BS:  I think Max ends up with Liesel. I don’t think it happens right away, but as they grow up, I think he’s the only person that she’s got and she’s the only person that he’s got. Having gone through what the two of them went through, there’s a bond that’s unparalleled. It would be futile to look to establish something beyond t h a t between two human beings.

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rest-in-bees  asked:

takiun, jaeki and tododeku, if you have time wifey~💖💖💖

I GOT AN ASK FROM MY WIFEY~ speaking of which check your inbox gdi

OK so first.

Takiun - 

  • Take is the Werewolf and Kiun is the hunter
  • Take is the mermaid and Kiun is the fisherman (I mean can you imagine Take as a mermaid? Phenomenal.)
  • Take is the witch and Kiun is the familiar always cleaning up after Take’s stupidity.
  • Kiun is the Barista and Take is the coffee addict who only likes his coffee the way Kiun makes it.
  • Kiun is the professor and Take is the TA that makes Kiun feel things.
  • Kiun is the Knight and Take is the Princess who can save himself but well, he wants to see Kiun work hard.
  • Kiun is the teacher and Take is the single parent (cause Take as a teacher is weird but Kiun helping Take raise his child is the cutest though ever)
  • Take is the writer and Kiun is the editor.

Jaeki - 

  • Jaeha is the Werewolf and Kija is the hunter (great now I have ideas to write)
  • Jaeha is the mermaid and Kija is the fisherman. (Imagine Jaeha wet hair flip “You can’t have seen anyone more beautiful than me…well other than yourself of course.”)
  • Kija is the witch and Jaeha is the nosy, annoying familiar that constantly bugs Kija.
  • Jaeha is the barista who has been sending Kija signals since friggin forever and Kija is the coffee addict who only after fifteen visits realizes ‘well damn, my barista is sexy af’.
  • Jaeha is the popular professor that has TA Kija blushing down to his toes.
  • Kija is the Knight who thinks he’s doing a great deed and Jaeha is the sassy, ungrateful and self obsessed Princess.
  • Kija is the teacher and Jaeha is the single parent who pretends to have major parenting issues so he can talk to Kija.
  • Jaeha is the writer who misses his deadlines and Kija is his naggy editor.

Tododeku - 

  • Deku is the Werewolf and Todoroki is the Hunter who becomes smitten at first hunt.
  • Todoroki is the mermaid and Deku is the fisherman.
  • Deku is the witch and Todoroki is the extremely skilled familiar constantly watching over Deku carefully.
  • Todoroki is the Barista and Deku is the student that constantly has all nighters and Todoroki’s coffee is his lifeline.
  • Todoroki is the Professor and Deku is the nervous and jumpy TA.
  • Deku is the Knight out to save Prince Todoroki!
  • Deku is the teacher and Todoroki is the single parent who is just really scared he’s going to be a bad parent and Deku is always helping him out.
  • Todoroki is the Writer and Deku is the editor.

History of Québec:

I’m dead because Lucifer lives :’)

Two episodes ago Lucifer tried to get himself killed because he was so upset about Uriel. 

Right after he got hugged by Chloe, he suddenly wants to live and it’s amazing. (despite the fact that he’s still upset, see grave scene)

In episode 6, he would have totally taken the opportunity to be smited, and now he was almost pleading with Dan to live. I am so incredibly happy for him. This proves what I have been saying all along – Lucifer needs to be hugged. Chloe hugged him, and he was already so excited about it when talking to Linda. And then Ella hugged him, and was all-round his cute lil’ sister, and he feels wanted and respected and he wants to live :D 

The morale of the story is: hug Lucifer, make the world a better place

(No, but seriously. He must love Chloe so much to regain his will to live just because their relationship is moving somewhere :’)

ew what even is that graphic im so sorry it would help if i wasnt so useless when it comes to cursive fonts rip alright nerds, here’s the deal. i know i’ve been really absent lately (i’ve been on like a semi-hiatus since my spring break which was like three weeks ago) and i need to get back in the swing of things. i also hit 2k like a month back  (im damn near close to 2.5k now, i have no idea how that happened) and i want to take some to celebrate you all and all of your beauty and wonderful blogs and creations.

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