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Tarzan & Jane || Open Starter

         Anna did not have any idea if the strange man understood a word she was saying, but it was as if her tongue could not stop moving, her lips could not stop forming words. Was it the closeness of him? Or his bare silouette that took her smart thinking away? ( Not that she didn’t take a peek. )

         “This is very peculiar.” Anna spoke in a soft, yet surprised tone, not daring to move an inch as his nose trailed across her hair and her temple, down her cheek, sniffling as if enjoying her scent. She wondered what it was that he found so enticing about her - the slight touch of perfume? The rose scented soap she used-

         “Hey!” Anna gasped, lips parting in shock as she felt the tip of his nose pressing against her skirt, right over her sex and taking in the scent of her womanhood. She took a step back, gazing at the way he looked at her in surprise and she could not deny the fact that - despise the sudden shock - she became a little turned on by his animalistic, Alpha-male tendencies.

          “T-that was not proper, sir.”


Name: Jane Porter
Character: Jane from Tarzan
Age: 25-35
Occupation: Up to Writer
Suggested FCs: Alicia Vikander, Alexandra Park, Cobie Smulders, Lauren Cohan, Sarah Bolger, Rutina Wesley, Natalie Portman, Gal Gadot, Chyler Leigh, Emily Blunt (FC Negotiable)
Status: Open


- Up to Writer
- Up to Writer

Content Warnings:


"Once upon a time..."

Following in her parent’s footsteps Jane is a very bright young woman who has a thirst for understanding the world around her. She often observes the things around her though it’s mostly animals and people. 

Jane has a talent for sketching though she would rather focus on academic pursuits. Being creative is good and well, but she views intelligence to be more important. 

She has her reservations on those from the other side of town. She knows first hand that you can’t judge someone off of appearance but she also knows that people were placed there for a reason and she’s not going to forget that fact.