tarzan la rencontre


Tarzan, La Rencontre (2000-2009, 2011-2012)

Tarzan The Encounter was a 25 minute show staged at the Chaparral Theatre in Frontierland (next to Frontierland Station) from April to September in the years above. It’s sorely missed by DLP fans as it really was a wonderful show. There were some rumours last autumn that the show might return this year, but this seems to not have happened yet. My fingers are crossed though! 

The show featured amazing acrobatics, including some great aerial routines from Tarzan and Jane. Watch their main duet HERE, it’s really wonderful! There are full versions of the show on Youtube, so have a look for those if you want.

It utilised Phil Collins’ original songs from the Disney Tarzan soundtrack. Phil Collins recorded these songs in several languages for the movie’s release and these were mixed together to give multi-language versions for this show.

The main show didn’t feature any spoken lines at all, choosing to tell the story through actions and the movie songs. This made it understandable for all guests regardless of their language. The only exception to this was the “Trashin’ the Camp” song with Turk, where children were invited down to join in by bashing pots and pans. In this section Turk would speak in both French and English.

Did you know…?

The sets for Tarzan La Rencontre were designed by the same person as the sets for Legend of the Lion King.


Tarzan La Rencontre - Tarzan & Jane