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Another cosplay from this past weekend at the D23 expo! ✨

My father and I decided to cosplay as Jane Porter & her father Professor Archimedes Porter from the Disney movie Tarzan! 🐒🔍🌴

It was so much fun to share a part of my life with my father he had and absolute blast and swears that he will be cosplaying again next D23 expo! 😅


Happy Father’s Day to all fathers, step-fathers, adopted fathers, grandfathers, and father figures, who teach us to be strong, to be ourselves, and to love. This is for the hugs and kisses, for the support and encouragement, and for the love our fathers give us.


The Crypt

Perhaps in the castle there could be a crypt that basically is a grave site for deceased Disney parents…but only the minor ones. Mufasa wouldn’t end up here due to being remembered and having a large role in the story, whether they died off screen, or only had one scene.

Characters would include:

  • Snow White’s Mother and Father
  • Cinderella’s Father
  • Tarzan’s Parents
  • Quasimodo’s Mother
  • Kida’s Mother

and more.

They would appear on tombs with glass, similarly to Snow White. Since they are toons, they do not rot.

Unsung Heroes of Disney Movies

They’re everywhere, Disney characters who do not nearly get the credit they deserve, whether it was because they played a minor part or nobody simply acknowledged them. Starting with: 

The Bookseller (Beauty and the Beast)

The BookSELLER, not ‘The Town Liberian’, the Bookseller. This man is the proprietor of a shop; he is running a small business, one that probably doesn’t do very well. Books were expensive as all fuck back then and the villagers don’t exactly seem like the kind of people who want to spend their hard earned money on reading material. 

(Not when there Gaston’s frat shack* tavern right down the street)
            *please note that I’m a sorority woman and when I say such thing it’s with no disrespect to the Greek system. 

Still he allows Belle to use his store as a lending library and even gives her, her favorite book for free!  


(Imagine if Barns and Noble just handed you a free hard cover one day)

All this from the goodness of his heart, and perhaps the joy of finally having someone else who appreciates books the way he does. It’s entirely possible that the towns folk find him almost as odd as they find Belle, which is why he’s the only one of them to be friendly towards her. 

Lady Greystoke [Tarzan’s Mother] (Tarzan)

Yes, I know, she doesn’t have a name in the movie, but she does in the books so that’s what I’m going with. In the original stories Tarzan’s mother’s name is Alice Rutherford Clayton, Lady Greystoke. Yeah, Clayton, you read that right:

(They’re cousins in the books, go figure)

Anyway, back to Alice. So after surviving a shipwreck with her husband who she saved from the ocean, in the middle of a storm, one handed, with a baby in her arms, then making it to shore in that same storm, in a tiny lifeboat, still with the baby in her arms, this epitome of BA mothers helps to build THIS:

When her incredibly strong husband is struggling with a beam, she jumps right in to help. 

(That look on her face is everything ever) 

Here’s more scenes of her completely pulling her weight, despite being brought up a privileged English Lady.

(They don’t exactly teach construction/survival 101 in Victorian finishing schools. Also, please note that the baby is on her back in the first two stills)

And all the while she’s still caring for her son; feeding, washing diapers, playing with him, rocking him to sleep, all on an uninhabited stretch of coastline next to the African jungle. That sweet-ass tree-house pimp-crib wasn’t constructed overnight. They would have been out there surviving the elements for a long time while they waited for things to wash up on shore that they could use. (I’ll be it an awful lot of things considering the ship was on fucking fire, but it’s an animated film and those things looked pretty in the still frames)

  Now we’ve come to the part of our story that gets a little bit sad. So we all know that Tarzan’s parents were just too cool to live and therefore were killed of in the first three minutes. But if you look at the details, the picture it paints is unbelievably moving. 

And Now for Some CSI Disney: 

So Sabor burst in through the window:

The shotgun and two shells means that someone was shooting at the jaguar. 

But look at the position of the gun. It’s in the center of the room and facing the bodies in the corner. 

Now look at the position of the bodies. See how Alice’s foot is still on the platform? It logical to assume that when Sabor burst in John Sr. (Tarzan’s father, Tarzan’s birth/English name is John Clayton Jr.) grabbed the gun while Alice did everything she could to draw the cat away from the baby. When Sabor attack his wife, John discard the gun and tried to rescue her. And, we all know the rest. But it brings me to our next unsung hero:

Lord Greystoke [Tarzan’s Father] (Tarzan) 


If we’re going to talk about his wife, then we also need to acknowledge John Clayton, Sr., Lord Greystoke

First off, the Hulk has nothing on this man when it comes to sheer physical strength. He manually lowered a lifeboat containing his wife, child, and basic provisions, into a storm tossed ocean, by himself (it would normally take two men to lower a lifeboat in those days) and kept it balanced the whole way down while the fucking ship was on fucking fire. 


He then dives into the turbulent waves and manages to swim over to the lifeboat. The athleticism that would have taken is extraordinary, Olympic swimmers would have found it difficult.  Then, once again with the rowing to shore, the survival, the taking care of the family, and building a tree-mansion that make Ty Penenting and Pete Nelson look like birdhouse builders.

            Seriously, real talk here: 

Not only is the thought of the sheer process of construction with only two adults in that kind of tropical heat without any basic amenities mind boggling, but the engineering behind it is nothing short of genius. I honestly believe Disney created the first in a new breed of super humans just to kill them off.

And again, the last moments of his heroic life were spent protecting his wife and child. Because in addition to being in addition to being physically adept, incredibly intelligent, emotionally strong, and ridiculously good looking, these two where wonderful parents. Their’s was a beautiful, loving family. 

So you go Lord and Lady Greystoke. We only got to spend a few minutes with you, but you were arguably the greatest characters Disney ever created. 

Wendy Darling (Peter Pan)

Wendy Mora Angelia Darling

Is having none of your patriarchal bullshit. 

This girl, this wonderful, amazing, courageous, girl is what? Ten? Eleven years old the most? And has balls of steel bigger than most grown men. Take note:

 Wendy had been taken prisoner by pirates, grown men with weapons, who are about to kill her and are taking every pleasure in it, but she doesn’t cry. Not even so much as whimper. She just holds her head high, tells her little brothers to do the same, and walks forward towards what seems to be certain death.

A part of her hoped that Peter would turn up and save her, but at that point things seemed hopeless; look at the genuine surprise on her face that he was there to catch her.

Wendy was Disney’s first badass leading lady. A feminist heroine in a time of simpering, swooning, damsels in distress and certainly was more use than twenty boys. 

Oaken (Frozen)

Yoo-hoo. This gentleman is a hero to anyone who has ever worked retail, (or any other customer service oriented job for that matter), doing what each of us secretly wished we could do to that one particular ass-hole customer. Kristoff in this scene is the personification of that very ass hole who barges in like a jerk, cuts in front of the nice person we were all ready helping, slams things down on the counter, takes his bad day out on us and then argues about the price because he doesn’t have enough money. All this before deciding that the best way to improve the situation is to hurl an insult our way. 

But instead of muttering under his breath and then crying in the break room for ten minutes, Oaken DID THE THING!!! 

And maybe next time Kristoff will remember this simple truth: If you’re getting bad customer service, it’s probably because you’re being a bad customer.   

Yao, Ling, and Chien Po (Mulan)

We all can agree that Mulan kicks ass, but so do her three buds. Sure, they picked on ‘Ping’ in the beginning, but can you really blame them? ‘Ping’ came strutting into camp like a douchelord, started shit, and got everyone sentenced to a nights worth of tedious labor on their first day. Then in classic playground mentality, the kept it up because ‘Ping’ was the only guy there who was less capable than them. Observe: 


(I’ll give you a minute to finish singing)

The cool thing about the four of them becoming friends is that they all sucked at the beginning of training, but when Mulan was able to concurred the seemingly impossible challenge, it inspired them to be better.

Then when Mulan’s true identity was revealed they were right there, ready to defend her. 

That was everything. They were willing to stage a mutiny against their commanding officer and risk their own lives to save Mulan, not due to some far fetched notion of chivalry, but because she as still their friend and they respected her as such. So much so, in fact, that they followed her without question in her plan to save the emperor. 

(That’s a true test of loyalty there)

Yao, Ling, and Chien Po stood by Mulan’s side no matter what, not caring that she was a woman, disregarding every idea they had been brought up with about gender roles, and accepted her for what she was, their comrade and their friend. 

(Welcome to Feminism gentlemen, we’re glad to have you) 

[continuation of]

So here’s a progress shot of this one.

I’ve been thinking about people swapping characters’ sex and then naming them weirdly…? =/

So some pointers for specifically Tarzan & Jane:

  • both are named for a parent (Tarzan [birth name] for father John Clayton, and Jane Porter is kinda obvious, eh?)*
  • the names John and Jane have the same origin so you could just switch them (there are also plenty of other forms, e.g. Johanna or Ivan)
  • or use each one's other parent’s name (Alice and Archimedes)
  • actually no reason to change ‘Tarzan’ — it’s said to mean 'white skin’* and Kala probably would have called her pale hairless foundling that no matter the sex

* Read the book/s — full of stuff the movie doesn’t bring up but doesn’t contradict either. Actually, read them even if you take my word for it, ’cause they’re good.


The DailyMail has a preview of Alex in the August issue of Men’s Health UK.

From the Dailymail.co.uk:

‘I didn’t want to look like a bodybuilder’: Alexander Skarsgard reveals how he bulked up to fill out his loincloth for The Legend of Tarzan


He famously set pulses racing with his shirtless scenes in True Blood.
And Alexander Skarsgard has now revealed how he bulked up to fill out the famous loincloth for upcoming action adventure The Legend of Tarzan, in which he stars opposite Margot Robbie.

The 39-year-old actor opened up about his new physique, as well as his desire to impress his famous father Stellan Skarsgard in a new interview with the August issue of Men’s Health magazine.

Alexander posed for a rooftop photoshoot in the accompanying editorial spread, displaying his bulging muscles and ripped upper body in a series of tight T-shirts.

He explained: 'I wanted to get bigger than I was. But I didn’t want to look like a bodybuilder.

'It was important that every single fibre and every muscle was there for a reason. In the wild, everything has a purpose, otherwise nature gets rid of it.’

The Hollywood hunk revealed his main motivation in accepting the role of Tarzan in David Yates’ fresh take on the classic story was his desire to impress his father.

Alexander explained that Thor star Stellan has always loved the character was was 'more excited’ than he was about the film.

'I just wanted to impress my dad – he was more excited than I was. My dad loved Tarzan. When he was a kid he’d go to the local cinema and watch the Johnny Weissmuller films’, he enthused.

'So my introduction to Tarzan was through my father. Tarzan was my hero; he was the coolest guy.’

Despite being a household name, Alexander insists he won’t let his ever increasing fame change his every day life.

The down-to-earth star said: 'I take the subway, I ride my bike, it’s never been a problem. It’s so important to me to be able to do that stuff. I don’t think that’ll change.’

The full interview is available in the August issue of Men’s Health, on sale Wednesday 29th June.

Source:  Article Dailymail.co.uk(x), Photo credit:  Dylan Coulter