1. You don’t need to break that kid to build yourself up
2. Love is a two way street
3. Aggression is not an act of love
4. Apologize
5. Intelligence is more stunning than a pretty face
6. That boy is not worth your destruction
7. Try with everything you have
8. Don’t give up your loves for another
9. It’s okay to be an introvert
10. Let go
11. Do not break yourself to fit someone else back together
12. Your dad can see a bad boyfriend before you can
13. Isolation never helps
14. Drink water
15. Read whenever you have a second
16. Friends can break your heart too
17. Your life is not inferior to others
—  17 things I’ve learned in my 17 years // t.f.

1. Learn to love the quirks of my body. How my hair doesn’t stay in place or how my wait is uneven. Unique is beautiful.

2. Listen to my mother. She has had more trips around the sun. She knows a thing or two and her opinion matters.

3. Always make time for friends. Companionship is one of life’s little miracles.

4. Don’t talk to that boy who only wants your body. You deserve someone who wants your pearly whites but also your clenched jaw. Someone who will hold your hand when you want to explore the world and hold you when you want to leave it.

5. Work and school are not your life. Make time for you. You matter.

6. Don’t worry thinking about who does and doesn’t like you. Make sure you like you.

7. Learn to smile at those who’ve wronged you. Staying bitter only empowers them.

8. Anger is not your friend.

9. Reach out to those you’ve wronged.

10. Make sure to leave a positive footprint in the lives you’ve walked through not a negative one.

—  Wishes for 2016 /// t.f.

February 7

You texted me about how I did on my physics test because I was so happy. You said fuck you when you found out I got one better than you.

February 8

You told me you still really liked me but that it’s high school and you just want to have fun.

February 12

You told me you were sorry you said anything when I told you I didn’t want to have sex.

February 18

We got into our first fight because you lied to me to get into my pants. (PS. It was me).

April 3

You’re going to prom with this senior girl who cheated on you. I haven’t heard from you in two weeks.

April 10

I saw you at prom and your face just fell. I hope you regret it.

May 8

Whenever you see me in the hallways you look pained and sad. Now you know how I felt.

May 22

It’s my birthday and you didn’t say anything. I hope you know I’m happier with him then I ever was with you.

June 1

I hope you’re happy with her recycled goods. He’s got what you threw away and he appreciates me.

June 4


—  The evolution of our love /// t.f.

Numbers do not define me
but the 73% in my physics class
tells a different story

Numbers do not control me
but the entrance act score
colleges accept recites a different tale

Numbers mean nothing
but that 2.9 gpa
sings a different song

Numbers are not the basis of life
but that 49% in pre-calc
decides whether you have friends

Numbers do not shape me
but the big 24/50 on your test
screams differently

—  numbers are the only thing that matter in life /// t.f.
You always said fate was written in the stars
I always thought our paths were written to intertwine
Till I realized
Fate isn’t written in the stars
It’s written by our hands
and I guess our paths weren’t destined to be together
Because you left without our fate ever being written
—  our paths intertwining was neither written in the stars nor your hands /// t.f.

What makes a woman?

Is it the complexity of her mind
Or the simplicity of her desires?

Is she a collection of leg and breast
Or a collection of innocent glances

What makes a woman?

Is it the aftermath of a painful hazy night
Or is it the content of the bottom of her heart

Is water and air the basis of her existence
Or is it passion and love that make her whole

—  is the creation of a woman as simple as everyone makes it seems /// t.f.