Taryan: A Sketchbook

Taryn Gee


Whenever an artist with such a rich array of works online puts out an art zine and calls it a “Sketchbook”, I consider it to be a movie trailer for an epic future work. Taryan is a colour and black-and-white zine that is framed in a red velum over-sheet that is more fantastic than functional. Her sketches are pencil drawings combined with digital colour with a careful hand, never disrupting the organic quality of her work. The images and the line work are reminiscent of the sketchbooks of Chris Ware, and combine life drawings of friends and strangers with whimsical bears or blue and red halos. As a preview of her work, an even greater set of images can be seen on her website, as well as some of her completed commission work. And while the artist’s name is Taryn, the “Taryan” moniker comes from an incident described at the back of the zine: “Taryan \tahr-yan\ n. a misspelling of the name Taryn. An example of when this might happen could be when a lady whose name is Taryn puts some shoes on hold at The Bay and the sales associate can’t spell it properly. This sometimes inspires an alter ego.”