Guy throwing the tree: Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra.

“What is your problem?!?!?”: Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo, Aquarius, Pisces, Taurus.

The signs as things that happened at my highschool

Aries: a girl dropping her tab of acid and then picking it up off the ground and taking it

Tarus: being able to just walk right out of the building to skip class with no adult (not even security) questioning you

Gemini: the fucking spoon game

Cancer: a boy in my chem class trying to steal matches from our teachers desk right in front of her

Leo: my algebra 1 teacher telling us our class made him cry under his desk every day

Virgo: a different math teacher rotating one (1) calculator around the room during tests every 6 minutes

Libra: half of my class skipping psych every day

Scorpio: when someone got pushed down the stairs playing the spoon game

Sagittarius: spirit week

Capricorn: our mice problem

Aquarius: when we ran out of paper

Pisces: most of our senior quotes not being printed in the yearbook (thanks Al!)


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Yoonjin: @ask-humanoid-yoongi

2seok: @ask-planet-flower-vmin

Namjin: @ask-student-joonie

Jinmin: @askstarstruckjimin

Taejin: @askbongtan

Jinkook: @ask-chimchim

i tried to challenge myself with these art styles so sorry for messing them up))

The signs as cool people ive met

Aries girls: really funny and love telling stories. confident in themselves, does some kind of school activity, has a pretty big social circle

Aries guys: funny, has a good group of friends, shoot their shot

Taurus girls: pretty quiet at first, has close friends, really bubbly, “ok ok so …” stories

Gemini girls: pretty cool, when they tell stories, their stories are like short and it’s usually laughing or complaining at someone. We get along great, have bad days (not a lot but when they do it’s a classic bad mood bad day)

Gemini guys: really cool at first, laugh a lot, kind of agreeable, kinda cool with everyone, tries to make friends, easy for them, can have moods where they hate everything have bad days

Cancer girls: idk

Cancer boys: really funny, likes inside jokes a lot, has a pretty big group of friends guys and girls, knows people and what they’re like, that’s kind of a lot of their humor lmao “you would” “they would”

Leo girls: idk what to say

Leo guys: Leo guys are actually pretty quiet but not in a shy way. Can be mean trying to be funny or impress someone

Virgo girls: point things out you always say in your head or stuff they see on social media. Real about stuff and make it funny. Down to hang, always home, text back fast.

Virgo guys: feminine kinda vibe, probably have pretty eyes, have that look when they look at people

Libra girls: agreeable, light energy

Libra guys: I hate you guys bc you’re really mean trying to be funny in attempts to get close to people. You are funny tho and nicer when you get to know them. Can dish it out but can’t take it.

Scorpio girls: I love you guys so much and you guys are really cool and actual good friends. Make plans with you. Does their hw, curious about people.

Sagittarius girls: very talkative, makes jokes, likes fashion trends, very open, you can see when they’re trying to befriend you, shows people they care

Sagittarius guys: I love you guys so much as friends, probably one of the best guy friends you’ll ever have ( when I say guy friends I really mean friends with this one ), really friendly with everyone, will roast but genuinely no bad intentions, shows people they care, they’ll call you and talk and laugh with you for hours, real friends

Capricorn girls: no

Capricorn guys: cool at first then just all around weird

Aquarius girls: y'all are really cool, probably have a lot of guy friends, makes jokes, but also actually nice

Aquarius guys: “loners” in the sense that you talk to everybody you’re not really THAT close to anybody although you may have closer friends. Witty and quick, dress good, like people soon

Pisces girls: you guys are really real. We get along fabulously, love laughing with me and roasting people and each other, always down for stuff, coming up with ideas and stuff we could do, coming up with projects (not school projects), actually take action on ideas, once you set to change you guys really do change

Pisces guys: either a drug dealer, stoner type and pretty mellow but also clingy, or you’re the type that’s really on your grind in school and sports and you’re friends with everyone and you have close friends.

Blood of Passage: Part Seven


The male was too bloodied to stand, his tendons cut so he couldn’t try to run. Any guilt she felt, Maze pushed it down as far as it would go. This would wreck her immortal soul, that is if she had one. A mixture of terror and burning hatred was deep in the male’s eyes; she couldn’t blame him. What she had done, what she was willing to still do to get to Adrien..Maze didn’t know if there was a line to be drawn.

The male’s screams had turned to hoarse whispers over the past few hours; his skin was in ribbons from rocks and stalagmites sharpened to points; the only thing left untouched were the male’s wings. His blood soaked the ground and her hands in pools of red. She sliced, “Where did Ezekiel take Adrien.” Zev had known both this male and Ezekiel; they were friends at the camp that Ezekiel lived at. According to him, this male and Ezekiel would be working together.

The male groaned, “I’m not telling you.”

She sliced again, blood seeped past her fingers. “Where is he?”

His scream came out as a dry groan, “Let go of me, you bitch.”

“You really should come up with more creative names than ‘bitch’.” She flicked her gaze to her friends; Zev’s crooked grin was replaced with a harsh line, his hazel eyes cold and unyielding. A faint smile was on Cyrian’s lips but his eyes were as cold as Zev’s, dark and mirthless. “Unbind his wings.”

The male tried to pull himself backwards. “No. No.”

“If you want your wings,” Maze began, shutting out the guilt. “I suggest you tell me what you know.”

“You don’t understand what Ezekiel will do to me-” So much for the bonds of friendship.

“I would worry more about what we’ll do to you if you don’t cooperate,” Zev said quietly.

Cyrain smiled, his teeth gleaming in the shadows, “I’ll take my sweet time and use a skillset I learned in the Court of Nightmares. Of course, if you just answer Mazakynn’s questions you’ll never have to know what I learned.” Cyrian had learned methods of torture in more ways than one; his scars were testament to it.

The male went silent. Maze stood up, “Cyrian, your turn.”

The male’s eyes widened at Cyrian’s growing smile, his fear flooding her senses. “I’ll tell you. Just don’t let him come near me.”

Cyrian snorted, crossing his ankles. “How pathetic.”

She ignored him. “Where is he.”

“Towards the center, there is a sectioned cave full of stalagmites. He took him there.”


“Because,” Zev finished for him. “that’s where the most damage to wings can be done.” Fear wrapped around her throat and strangled her. Adrien’s wings-The thought invoked images of nights flying over the camp together, to fend off her nightmares. If Adrien didn’t have his wings…he would want to die.

Cyrian smiled, “Thank you for your help. Too bad you need to die.”

“Why are you leaving me! What did I do wrong,” Bay sobbed, clutching to his mother. “I’ll be good, just don’t leave me alone. I don’t want to be alone.”

“My special boy, you are never alone,” Her scent was mixed with sickness. Her dark hair pulled behind behind her, her hazel eyes sad. She began coughing, wiping hastily at the blood on her lips. She brushed his hair back, “You didn’t do anything wrong, Love. I leave you to this camp so you can make a new family. Find the Commander. He’ll help you after I’m gone. I love you, Baylor.”

“Don’t leave me.”

The memory shifted.

His fist connected with the Kapriel’s face, he staggered backwards, clutching the already bruising jaw. Nate pushed him, “What the hell is wrong with you, Baylor? Why did you hit my boyfriend?” Bay shook his head. “Answer me!”

He kept shaking his head, “I don’t know-”

Nate growled, “Get out of my face before I return the favor.”  He flew away before Nate could see the tears of frustration.

Bay jerked awake, calming the rush in his veins. He was so tired. He just wanted to be able to sleep peacefully, just once in his life. He rubbed his face, forcing the ghosts in his mind far down.

His mind keeps shifting between his mother’s, Nesta’s and Nate’s faces. He rarely lashed out. He kept his emotions locked tight and used his mind. He didn’t want to be ruled by feelings. But still, he kept seeing their faces. The past few weeks are crashing down on him; Nesta’s death and Ash’s abandonment. They were crushing him and it was hard to breathe.

He just wanted to scream at Ash, he wanted to scream at the world. What did he do to deserve everyone abandoning him? Did Ash not realize he was breaking too? Did his best friend decide it was better to let him suffer alone so he could end his own pain? Why did you leave me alone, Ash?

He tried to shove it down but it was already building in his throat, tears welled in his eyes and a sob almost escaped him. Get it together, Bay. Now isn’t the time to have an emotional breakdown. He took a deep breath, forcing the tears away, forcing the grief back down, the numbness returning. He just wanted it to end.

He left Zev and Blake because he knew this was coming. He didn’t want them to see him break down. He was an Illyrian for Cauldron’s sake. He was a warrior not some child who couldn’t hadle pain and needed his mother. What mother, his mind betrayed. Both your mothers are dead.


He cleared his throat, “Kapriel? I thought you would be out of here by now.” Of all the people to run into, the Cauldron was playing a cruel joke on him. His dream flashed through his mind, his fist connecting with the male’s jaw. Guilt pooled in his stomach.

The male gave him a wary glance, most likely remembering the same thing as he. “No, I got turned around.”

“Where are your friends? The two that are always with you?”

Kapriel’s face broke apart, “They’re dead. Ambush.”

“I’m sorry.”

He nodded, clearing his throat, “I’m surprised you aren’t with Nate.”

He rose his brows, ignoring the heat rushing to his ears. “No, Nate is, uh, I don’t know where he is.” He hoped Nate did what he asked and headed for the exit of the mountain. He hoped that Blake told him to leave him alone. He doubted the stubborn male would listen to his brother.

Kapriel nodded, turning to leave. He didn’t want to be around him. He didn’t blame the male. He stopped and looked over his shoulder, “Be good to him, Bay.”

“How long have you been in love with Aurora?” Tarus asked, his eyes trained forward.

Blake snorted, “I’m not in love with Aurora.”

“Then why are you fighting so passionately for her?”

“That is a long story.” Blake said, scratching the dried blood on his face. “No offense but I barely know you, I’m not going to just tell you my business.”

Tarus laughed. “Fair enough.”

His life was so screwed up. First he finds his mate and then he has to leave her to his father. Then he almost gets banned from the Blood Rite by Cassian; now his entire family knows she is his mate; Then he writes her a letter telling her about the bond and the Blood Rite. He doubted that she actually cared about the Blood Rite or the bond. He wouldn’t actually act on it, didn’t want to. He just wanted her to be okay and, fine, maybe be her friend.

Now he’s in the Rite and almost dies by falling from a wall, like a complete idiot. Lets himself get captured, lets Adrien get captured, lets Bay leave and Nate go after him. Perhaps he didn’t deserve a mate; not if he couldn’t even help his little brothers. It was his job as the eldest to help them. He held off on the Blood Rite when he was seventeen so he could protect them in the Blood Rite. He stopped. “Tarus, I can’t leave.”

Tarus smiled, “Then neither can I.”

Pain exploded in his head as consciousness brought him back. His arms were tied down and he couldn’t move.“Where am I?” He groaned, “Where’s Maze?” A breeze brushed against his wings. He froze. “Why are my wings unbound?” He almost begged to let his wings be left alone. The only thing he loved more than flying was Maze. They had spent countless nights flying when she couldn’t sleep.

Ezekiel pulled his hair up, forcing Adrien to look at him. The wry humor was nowhere to be seen on his face. THe only thing that was there was there was brutality and hatred. He knew this was coming, that Ezekiel would try to get some kind of justice for his father. “You shouldn’t be concerned about Maze. You should be concerned for yourself.”

“Did you kill her?”

His laugh was mirthless, “Wouldn’t you like to know.”

“I’ll kill you,” he snarled. “Maze doesn’t mean anything to you.”

“No, she doesn’t.” he said. “But it’s clear she means alot to you. Even if your brother tried to hide it. It is clear you love her.”

She couldn’t be dead. Maze was everything to him, even if they fought all the time. It was more than love. It was something deeper. He would know if she was dead. But still he said, “Please tell me you didn’t kill her.”

He released his hair, Adrien’s head fell, too weak to stay up on his own. “No, I didn’t kill her. I can’t say the same for the rest of the ambush. She’s probably dead.”

No she wasn’t. He knew that she was alive. She was one of the best warriors in the camps. She or Nate would come after him. He knew it. Her voice whispered to him, Stay alive. He could briefly smell her rain and lilacs.

He forced his head up, “You don’t know what you’ve done. She’ll come for me and you will die. Painfully.”

Ezekiel’s lips twitched, “Not before you do.”

“Why didn’t you just kill me. Why drag it out.” You know why, his shadows whispered. He wants you to pay for what happened to his father.

“My father is a broken mess because of you,” he snarled. “Rhys broke his mind and shredded his wings and it’s your fault.”

“Your father,” he spat. “Was working with rebels in the Night Court. It’s his fault for leaving information out where a child could get to it. It was his own stupidity that got him turned into a living ghost.”

“Well,” He said coldly. “It’s your stupidity that cost you your wings.”

Ezekiel nodded to the males behind him and Adrien screamed. He felt the membranes in his wings be pulled apart, the slashes went completely through them. “Please.”


His legs had turned to jelly and he almost collapsed to his knees, the binding on his wrists prevented him from dropping. He looked up at Ezekiel. “You’re my friend.”

“I was.”

Slashes started again and he screamed louder. His shirt was ripped off of him and he knew what was coming. He braced himself as his skin began to scream, rocks and talons slashed through his back and arms. Stay alive, Maze’s voice said.

“Not male enough to torture me yourself,” He panted, grinning at him with a bloody smile.

He just rose his brows, “I don’t enjoy torture. I’d rather keep my hands clean.”

“Don’t you mean your conscious? You want to punish me for an eight-year-old’s deeds. You will never have clean hands again.”

Fury flashed in Ezekiel’s dark eyes, “Again.”

“Baylor,” Nate whispered. “Wake up, you’re having a nightmare.” Bay whimpered, still locked in his sleep. Nate climbed onto his bed and gently shook Baylor’s shoulders. “Baylor, wake up.”

Baylor snapped open his eyes; the warm hazel was filled with terror as he squinted, “Nate? What are you doing here? Why aren’t you in your room?”

“I heard you scream for your mother. Are you okay,” he whispered. “Do you need me to get Nesta or Cassian?”

“No,” he whispered, the fear plain in his face. “I’m okay.”

“You know you can tell them about your nightmares. They won’t kick you out or anything. They would be happy to help you. They love you, you know.”


He sighed. “Fine, then I’m sleeping in here until you fall asleep.”

Bay froze, “What?”

“It’s okay. Adrien crawls into Blake’s bed when he gets a nightmare too. Just scooch over some.” As Baylor moved over, Nate curled up beside him, resting his head on his pillow. The smell of cinnamon and apples filled his nose. “Good night, Baylor.”

“Goodnight Nate.”

Nate opened his eyes, the scent of cinnamon and apples fading back into his mind. That dream..they were eight and Baylor and Nesta and Cassian were visiting his parents in Varalis. He heard him scream and just..moved.

He had slept in Bay’s bed, over the covers, until they were eleven. Bay refused after then, saying something about needing to sleep alone and learn how to manage to sleep through the nightmares. They fought about it but..it wasn’t until the year before that he realized why he would sleep outside Baylor’s door just to make sure he was okay.

He shook the thought from his mind and stood. He needed to find him and knock some sense into that pretty head of his. He sighed.

The corridor was dark, bodies strewn across the floor. He wasn’t sure how he knew where Baylor would be. But he just followed his instinct. He stopped. “Kapriel?”

The male stopped. “Nate.”

“Where are your lackeys at?”

“They’re dead. We were ambushed and they got their throats slit.”

“I’m sorry.” And he was. “They seemed like good friends, despite being stupid.”

“They were,” he said quietly. “You’re trying to find Bay…aren’t you?”

He crossed his arms. “Maybe.”

“Look, Nate.” He ran his fingers through his hair, “I know we didn’t end things on good terms but-”

“No, you ended things on good terms. I didn’t.”

“Look me in the eye and tell me you feel nothing for Bay.”


He sighed. He wasn’t mad, just tired. “You need to get to him. He’s about two miles back by the ravine. Nate..he’s in bad shape. He needs you.”

“Why are you helping him? He punched you in the face.” He was livid. Bay just punched Kapriel after seeing them kiss. He didn’t see the confusion or fear on Baylor’s face, he just knew that he was mad and…but now, it is so clear and he reacted so badly to him and pushed him away for weeks. He felt like an idiot for not seeing it sooner. Maybe if he had, Baylor would be able to be open about everything instead of so far inside himself he flat out lies to everyone.

He shrugged. “He kept my secret. So I’ll keep his. If I were you, I’d hurry.”

Nate hugged him, “Thank you.” He ran.


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Signs as Talking Heads Lyrics
  • Scorpio: SAME AS IT EVER WAS
  • Sagittarius: SAME AS IT EVER WAS
  • Capricorn: SAME AS IT EVER WAS
  • Aquarius: SAME AS IT EVER WAS
the signs as twenty one pilots songs

{pt. 2 BLURRYFACE edition}

aries: ride // I just wanna stay in the sun where I find || I know it’s hard sometimes || Pieces of peace in the sun’s peace of mind || I know it’s hard sometimes || Yeah, I think about the end just way too much || But it’s fun to fantasize || On my enemies I wouldn’t wish who I was || But it’s fun to fantasize

taurus: hometown // Put away, put away, || All the gods your father served today, || Put away, put away, || Your traditions, believe me when I say, || We don’t know, we don’t know, || How to put back the power in our soul, || We don’t know, we don’t know, || Where to find what was once in our bones.

gemini: fairly local // I’m evil to the core || What I shouldn’t do I will || They say I’m emotional || What I wanna save I’ll kill || Is that who I truly am? || I truly don’t have a chance || Tomorrow I’ll keep a beat || And repeat yesterday’s dance

cancer: doubt // Temperature is dropping || temperature is dropping || I’m not sure if I can see this ever stopping || Shaking hands with the dark parts of my thoughts, no || You are all that I’ve got, no.

leo: tear in my heart // The songs on the radio are ok, || But my taste in music is your face, || And it takes a song to come around to show you how || She’s the tear in my heart || I’m alive || She’s the tear in my heart || I’m on fire || She’s the tear in my heart ||  Take me higher || Than I’ve ever been.

virgo: the judge // You’re the judge || oh no || set me free || You’re the judge || oh no || set me free || I know my soul’s freezing || Hell’s hot for good reason || so please || take me.

libra: polarize // I wanted to be a better brother, better son, || Wanted to be a better adversary to the evil I have done || I have none to show to the one I love ||
But deny, deny, denial || Help me polarize, help me polarize || Help me down,
Those stairs is where I’ll be hiding all my problems || Help me polarize, help me polarize || Help me out || My friends and I, we’ve got a lot of problems.

scorpio: heavydirtysoul // Can you save, can you save my, || Can you save my heavydirtysoul? || Can you save, can you save my, || Can you save my heavydirtysoul? || For me, for me, uh || Can you save my heavydirtysoul? || For me, for me, uh || Can you save my heavydirtysoul?

sagittarius: we don’t believe what’s on tv // I need to know that when I fail you’ll still be here, || 'Cause if you stick around I’ll sing you pretty sounds || And we’ll make money selling your hair || I don’t care what’s in your hair || I just want to know what’s on your mind || I used to say, “I want to die before I’m old,” || But because of you I might think twice.

capricorn: not today // You are out of my mind || you aren’t seeing my side || You waste all this time trying to get to me || But you are out of my mind || I’m out of my mind, || I’m not seeing things right, || I waste all this time trying to run from you, || But I’m out of my min

aquarius: message man // You don’t know my brain the way you know my name, || You don’t know my heart the way you know my face, || You don’t know what I’ve done || I’m wanted and on the run. || I’m wanted and on the run. || So I’m taking this moment to live in the future

pisces: stressed out // I was told when I get older all my fears would shrink, || But now I’m insecure and I care what people think. || Wish we could turn back time, to the good ol’ days, || When our momma sang us to sleep but now we’re stressed out. 

Annoying Lil Things Your Witch Friends Will Do Because They Love You
  • Force feed you tea that tastes like grass clippings when you get sick.
  • Bind/banish/hex your shitty ex even when you’re trying to get back with them.
  • Respond to every random event in your life with “Mmm. Good omen.” or “Mmm. Bad omen” without further explanation.
  • Surprise you with delicious baked goods and just smile toothily when you ask them if these cookies are charmed.
  • “Ugh that’s such a Tarus thing to say.” “Calm down, Scorpio.” “I get that you not responding the texts is just because of your Aquarius moon, but I’m going to need you to try a little harder”. 
  • Almost burn your apartment down with candles at least twice.
  • Text you at two in the morning to tell you in detail the way their tarot cards have dragged you so you can grow more as a person.
Signs in Love
  • Aries: Needs and exciting partner that will never bore them. Needs more affection from a lover than any other sign in the zodiac. Excited by new challenges and experiences. They want their partner to be as interested and enthusiastic about their dreams and goals as they are.
  • Taurus: Important that their partner shares personal tastes and desires. If a partner does not possess a similar love of comfort, there will eventually be a parting of ways. When in love they are kind and gentle. They are natural and earthy in bed.
  • Gemini: Enjoy surprises and lighthearted romance. They enjoy humor in a relationship, but they prize communication. Rarely jump into a relationship without first understanding what the results are likely to be. Their mental gyrations can be exhausting and they sometimes fear the fact that there are at least two distinct people inside of them. Their partner must be comfortable with this and ,ideally, love them for it.
  • Cancer: When with a partner they should feel at home and have no need to be anywhere else. They are sentimental and enjoy showering their lover with attention. They show affection freely, but may restrict kissing and cuddling to private time.
  • Leo: True romantics of the zodiac. They can enjoy all kinds of fun things and creative expressions together with their partners. It is rewarding to actively pursue creative projects with a love interest.
  • Virgo: Most practical romantic in the zodiac. They are shy and slow to love because self-doubt and low self-esteem make them resistant to believing that someone could love them. Not interested in anything less than the kind of true love found in fairy tales. When they fall in love, they will love intensely.
  • Libra: Tends to fall in love with love itself and is eager to share life, with all its ups and downs, with their partner. Will do anything to avoid hurting their loved one. Can become extremely emotionally dependent on their partner.
  • Scorpio: Deeply attached to their loved ones. They can be possessive and dominating, but they are also very faithful when they are in love. Attract their loved ones like a magnet, and have an almost psychic insight into the motives and secrets of their mates.
  • Sagittarius: Enjoy the physical pleasures of love. They are inventive, very generous, and good-natured when they are in a relationship. Are totally honest with their loved ones. They will make it exciting for their loved ones in other ways like: deep philosophical discussions and good intellectual compatibility.
  • Capricorn: They are realistic and down-to-earth and may worry about their emotional aspect of the relationship. When in a relationship that feels secure, then they are caring, considerate, and committed.
  • Aquarius: Can be afraid of a deeply emotional involvement but genuinely want a real friendship with their loved ones. Guards their independance and a partner that makes too many demands, becomes jealous, or tries to put limits on them is sure to be dropped quite suddenly.
  • Pisces: They are romantic, eager to please, and adapts to the demands of the relationship. They can sometimes appear to be delicate, helpless, or vulnerable, but being loved enables them to cope very well with a rage of difficulties, problems, and tragedies and allows their spiritual nature to blossom.
The signs as tattoos they'd get

Aries- tribal tattoos
Taurus: mom heart tattoos
Gemini- tattoos of anything you’d find in a meadow
Cancer- song lyric tattoos
Leo- whatever they find pretty
Virgo- ankle tattoos
Libra- infinity sign tattoos or just something “deep”
Scorpio- mantra tattoos
Sagittarius- testament tattoos to loved childhood fiction characters
Capricorn- capricorns wouldn’t get tattoos
Aquarius- philosophy quote tattoos
Pisces- astronomy tattoos